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I always wondered how I stacked up against other guys, but its hard to compare yourself to anyone in these days of domestication and clothing. So I conducted some research of my own, gathered up all the numbers, and compiled this list of average penis sizes based on country, and race.  The racial stereotypes are true for the most part, but if you are unhappy with your penis size there are proven ways to enlarge your manhood over a period of months.  Take into account this first list shows you the average penis lengths only, based on race and country;

The Penis Size Olympics – Top Three

  • The Republic of the Congo takes home the gold measuring in at a whopping, porn-star sized, 7.1in (The Congo is located in Central Africa, and is made up of over 200 African ethnic groups)
  • Ecuador takes second place with 7.0in (Ecuador consists of mixed Amerindian and white 65%, Amerindian 25%, Spanish and others 7%, black 3%)
  • Ghana and Columbia are tied for third place with 6.8in (Ghana is 98.5% black african tribes)

Penis Sizes Around The World via TargetMap

TargetMap Penis Sizes
This TargetMap created by @onionSlayer (twitter). Check out the active map here
Region  Length (in)
 Republic of Congo  7.1
 Ecuador  7.0
 Ghana  6.8
 Columbia  6.7
 Iceland  6.5
 Italy  6.2
 South Africa  6.0
 Sweden  5.9
 Greece  5.8
 Germany  5.7
 New Zealand  5.5
 United Kingdom  5.5
 Canada  5.5
 Spain  5.5
 France  5.3
 Australia  5.2
 Russia  5.2
 United States  5.1
 Ireland  5
 Romania  5
 China  4.3
 India  4
 Thailand  4
 South Korea  3.8
 North Korea  3.8

Compare Your Size

Listed to the right is a list of penis sizes by region. If you’re from the USA like me theres a good chance your penis isn’t in the porn-star sized range.  Thats alright, but before you assert you have a small penis ensure you are measuring your penis right. A lot of guys measure their penis incorrectly, so I put up a guide to help. If you take part in the poll make sure you use your BPEL as explained in the guide.  I am a 27 year old white male living in the state, and my starting size was 5.5in, which I was completely proud of until I researched into penis size more.  Six months later and I measure like I was born a native Columbian. 

Penis Enlargement Calculator

Regardless of your current size, you can always grow your penis longer, thicker and healthier. There is no upper limit on how large your penis can grow using a traction device for a few hours a day. Even if your dick originates from the Congo you can add 2-3 inches without surgery, it just takes some time dedication. Entering your actual penis size to see how much you can gain in 3-6 months time. It might sound silly, but growing my penis over an inch boosted my confidence though the roof. I doubt there is a guy on earth who wouldn’t take an extra inch, am I right?

Penis Calculator

Erect Size:

Months used:

What Size Do Women Want?

The most obvious answer is “a big one”, but thats not always the case. Here are the charted results from an anonymous survey conducted to determine what penis size women actually preferred.
The Average Womans Penis Size Preference

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