REAL GUY Compares the Bathmate and Penomet Side-By-Side

Penomet Premium Edition compared along side all three of the Bathmate models, the Bathmate Hydromax x30, x40, and Goliath.  (I also included the old Hercules model at the bottom). Lets begin… The Penomet vs Bathmate Comparison.

First id like to share that everyone who previously owned the Bathmate Hercules had to upgrade to the x30 or x40 because the gaiters are affixed. Meaning everytime bathmate decides to change or upgrade their penis pump to stay competitive, their customers have to buy the new pump at the full retail price if they want the better product.

Penomet on the other hand has removable gaiters, making it forever upgradable. When Penomet releases a stronger gaiter – you can buy that gaiter for 30-40 dollars instead of buying a whole new pump.  (JUMP TO 8 KICKASS FACTS ABOUT PENOMET)

Additionally, when you buy the best Bathmate pump- that’s it, you own the pump.  Penomet has a customer loyalty system in place, giving everyone who purchases the premium edition 50% off ALL future purchases – Meaning Penomet is not only upgradable, but a better value long term.  BUT – With that being said they both do have advantages and disadvantages.

First, Lets share all the sizes of the Bathmate Pumps up;

size guide bathmate

These sizes are when the pump is fully compressed against your body, meaning this is the largest erect, pumped penis the Bathmate series can accommodate.

Size of each pump by volume;

  • Bathmate Hercules – 22 oz
  • Bathmate Hydromax – 23 oz
  • Penomet – 30oz
  • Bathmate Goliath – 45 oz

Winner – Largest Size: Bathmate

HydroMax x30 HydroMax x40 Goliath Penomet
Max Length 7.08’ 8.46’ 9.84’ 9.00’
Max Girth 1.81’ 2.20’ 2.59’ 2.46’


The Bathmate Goliath is the largest penis pump in available today. However it does not use the same Gaiter system as the Hydromax editions of the Bathmate pumps. The new gaiter system was developed because the one in place on the Goliath left ring marks on the penis shaft and was painful to use- Something you do NOT want in your pumping session.

The NEW HydroMax gaiters do not cause this issue, So this should not count against the newer model Bathmate pumps. If you have an old Hercules or Goliath, or you want the Goliath due to your starting size then you can follow this guide to using pumping sleeves to fix this issue. Cost is like 5 bucks, and it works great.

Bathmate Goliath Lines

Moving onto the Gaiters of each pump- The Bathmate goliath and HydroMax editions use a hard rubber gaiter, while the Penomet uses Medical Grade Silicone Gaiters.   The HydroMax x30 and x40 both have the new Bathmate Swivel system implemented into them.

Penomet vs Bathmate Gaiters

The swivel system is a cool feature that allows your to turn the pump an entire 360 degrees while using it. The grey ring you see in the image blow acts as the base, and the rest of the pump turns.

Penomet is the only pump on the market with removable gaiters.  The premium edition comes with five strengths, making the Penomet upgradable, and uses soft silicone rubber so you never have discomfort while pumping.

I award Penomet the first place in this category because it is the only penis pump you can own for a lifetime.  Bathmate is always releasing new “amazing” products making your old pump obsolete, and they charge you full price for a new one.  Although the HydroMax swivel gaiter was a CLOSE second because of how cool it is.


Winner: Best Gaiter System: Penomet

HydroMax x30 HydroMax x40 Goliath Penomet
Material Rubber Rubber Rubber Medical Grade Silicone
Upgradable NO NO NO YES


Finally lets compate the valve system on the top.  The bathmate valve system cannot be used while standing up despite the claims you have read.  Using it standing up causes water to drip out of the top- decreasing pressure and then falling off your penis.  It works excellent in the bathtub, but stand up with it on and the suction is lost quickly unless you purchase the bathmate shower strap.

Bathmate Shower Strap for using the pump standing up

The Penomet penis pump valve system functions standing up or sitting down in the tub, without any additional purchases needed.  Penomets release button is also easier to depress than the bathmates which requires a significant amount of pressure.

The Bathmate x40 and x30 HydroMax editions attempted to remedy this issue with a new “Super Flow Lock” valve system that promises to maintain an even pressure at all times. It does while sitting in the tub, however you still have to wear the shower strap to use it.

That equates to more moving parts to store when its not in use, and a bit of an annoyance in the shower. I think wearing a harness to use a penis pump is rather dumb, and renders the swivel system useless.


Winner: Best Valve System: Penomet

HydroMax x30 HydroMax x40 Goliath Penomet
Leaks If No Strap If No Strap If Standing No
Multi-Directional Use NO NO NO YES


The Bathmate and Penomet are both great pumps. I always lean towards a long term solution vs a short term one, and because the Penomet is upgradable and provides huge discounts to its existing customers (everyone who orders the premium edition gets 50% off ALL future orders) I will always recommend the Penomet.

However the Bathmate is a great pump as well, and can enlarge your penis just like the Penomet can. I think they also have that cool marketing angle down, making their pumps look impressive.

First Place: Penomet

8 Awesome Penomet Facts

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Second Place: Bathmate HydroMax x40

Bathmate- All Three Sizes

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More Detailed Specifications…

I left out all the little marketing talk and benefits lists because I wanted to offer a completely candid comparison of the two pumps, for what they are without all the “Our pump is used by celebrity x” jibber jabber.  You can view the table below to see more information about the pumps and what they offer in a more “benefits oriented” style.

Penomet Bathmate Hercules
Package Reviewed Premium Hercules
Complete Review Penomet Review Bathmate Review
My Rating  Awesome! 5 Stars  Good, but has some shortcomings. 4 Stars
Which One Fits You Penomet Bathmate
Max Girth 7.67 inches (19.5 cm) 5.9 inches (14.9 cm)
Max Length 9 inches (23 cm) 8.5 inches (21.5 cm)
Who It’s Suited Best For Are you a long time pumper? Dedicated to long term results? Penomet is for you Are you a Newbie to pumping? Don’t plan on pumping more than twice a week? Bathamte is for you
Gaiters Removable and Interchangable gaiters Fixed gaiters
Strength 10/10 – strongest hydro pump on the market 8/10 – hercules is equal to the base model penomet in strength
My Personal Experience Penomet Bathmate
Comfort 10/10 – based on gaiter flexability 9/10- based on gaiter flexability
Blistering None None
Fluid Retention None to Very Little None to Very Little
Ease of Use 10/10 – you can use it while sitting, or standing in the shower with no loss of suction 8/10 – pumping must take place while sitting in bathtub or the top valve leaks in air and suction is lost
Limitations None
  • Limited in how large you can grow due to smaller tube
  • Cannot use standing up due to air leakage
Customer Support Penomet Bathmate
Email Support support(at) [email protected]
Phone Support 888-350-8243 877-896-1755
Discounts / Coupons Activate discount. 50% off all upgrades for Premium Customers Activate discount. 25% off when you order from this page (dynamic coupon code in link)
Moneyback Guarantee 365 Day 100% Money Back GuaranteeSatisfaction GuaranteedNo Questions Asked 30 Day 100% Money Back GuaranteeNo Questions Asked
Complete Review Penomet Review Bathmate Review


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  1. fern

    Not bad to say the penomet stole the design and gatior off the bathmate ;)

  2. Kane Geldhof

    I have been using the phallosan extender for four months now with very good results . would I benefit from using the penomet system and are the results from it permanent. Thank you.

    • Gregory Lancaster

      Phallosan is awesome man, I just got done using it myself for the first time. I don’t like it better than anything, but it’s def a nice change form the extenders. Penomet focuses more on girth than on length, I recommend both. Penomet or Bathmate both are excellent choices.

  3. Jeff

    Hey! OK – help. Starting size 6 inches erect. Can only use in the shower…best option?

    • Gregory Lancaster

      Jeff- Both the Bathmate and the Penomet are amphibious; meaning you can use them submerged in water, or out of water. Six inches is a good starting size, if you have never done PE before you will see some fast initial gains. Your first 0.5 – 1 inch is always the fastest. If you plan to use it outside the shower checkout the Bathmate Xtreme – its pretty expensive but damn man its the best bang for your buck for sure.