The SizeGenetics 16 Way Comfort Strap System Explained

The 16-way comfort strap system is made up of five interchangeable gripping materials, which can be used in a total of 16 different variations. They call it the comfort strap, but in reality it is a comfort system that you can customize to fit your needs.

The ability to mix and match different materials allows anyone to find a unique and comfortable fit regardless of if you're circumcised, larger or smaller starting out, or the size of your penis head.

The Comfort System Includes:

silicon-noose Silicon Noose - The Silicone Noose wraps directly underneath the head of your penis. It fits snug, and uses the difference in height from your shaft and penis head to create friction.
silicon strap Silicon Comfort Strap - The wider, comfort strap, is attacked below your penis head like the noose. The strap creates a wider area for the friction to be applied, creating a more comfortable and evenly distributed pull.
padding Foam Rubber Protection Pad - The foam padding is used beneath either of the above. It eliminates skin contact with the noose or strap, ensuring there is no pinching or skin tugging for those with a smaller flaccid penis.
latex grip Fabric Covered Latex Head Grip - The fabric covered grips are silicon rubber on the inner side, and fabric on the out.  Minimal padding and maximum friction and squishy comfort. This is best suited for long hours of use.
matte slip Non-Slip Protech Matt Slip - Used to reduce slippage (when your penis head slips out from the extender). This is essentially a small rubber sock, that fits snug around your shaft and head. Reduces all slipping completely.


These small five additions allow you to completely customize which combination is best for you.  These extenders have been proven to work effectively, the only reason results wont show is failure to wear the device for 5-8 hours per day.  That comes right back to comfort - if wearing SizeGenetics isn't comfortable you aren't going to wear it. The same goes for how easily it can be hidden in your trousers, and whether or not your penis is slipping out during the day.




What's The Range of Motion

16 Way Comfort System

MDA Technology is short for Multi-Directional Angling, a fancy way of saying it can be worn comfortably at any vertical angle. Some of the earlier devices would only allow a man to wear at a single angle- pointing straight up, down, or outward. They still worked, but required constant adjusting to accommodate erections, body movement, and general comfort.

SizeGenetics allow for any vertical angle, meaning a full range of motion up or down.  There is no horizontal movement for obvious reasons (and no device offers horizontal movement). This allows for wearing the device during work (general walking around and standing movement) as well as sitting on the couch at home (upwards behind elastic band on your boxers) while your watching TV.

MDA also opens the door to night time usage - although it is not recommended by the company, there are men who safely wear the device at night. The general idea is to reduce the time you spend wearing the device during the daytime by completing 3-4 hours of traction while you rest.

If you can comfortably wear the device while resting, instead of marking that time off your eight hours of daytime usage, you could instead add that time to your total. Putting your daily usage, after resting periods, at almost 12 hours!


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