18 Real Tattoos OF Penises That Rock

I think tattoos are a cool way for a person to express him or herself, but some of these penis tattoos are the opposite of what I think most people would deem "cool".  Either way, we love our penises - and some so much they got work done.  Here is a gallery of some of the best and funniest work I found online.  If you have a penis tattoo share it with me @ tattoos (at) averagepenissize (dot) com.

I will do my best to get them added as soon as possible.  

-Click to see full size image, and to browse through the gallery.

Ballsack Under Armpit Tattoo Butterfly Illusion (Its Actually Two Women Licking A Dong) Classy Old Penis Gone-Fishin Penis Some Kinda Flying Zombie Dick on Acid Looks like a Hatchet Maybe - Not My Favorite NFL Penis - This Penis Plays Pro Ball She Girl Knows What She's Good At War Mongering AK47 Wielding Penis The Penis in its Natural Habitat - Chasing Vaginas Penis Swinging from Swingset Badass Scorpion Penis (Hint: Scorpions Strike) Shark Penis Out For Blood The Holy Penis (Is This The Popes Dong?) The Unicorn - Or UniPenis? Red White and Blue Penis - For America! Some Weird Penis Man Thing The Worst! YOLO in Penis Lettering


  1. The first comment is nothing but hate. May you get held down and a penis be tattooed on your cheek, both of them and entering that nasty hole.

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