4 Ways NOT To Enlarge Your Penis

Since I spend a lot of time talking about which penis enlargement techniques actually DO work, I thought I would share some of the funniest ideas I have seen that I do NOT recommend anyone try. This is meant to be part humor, and part real advice - So I'll throw the real advice in here now;

Only used Medically Certified Penis Enlargement Devices and never make your own homemade devices unless you really know what you are doing.

1. The Car + Rope Penis Enlargement Technique

Don't need it to Brian, don't need it to haha. It only needs to work once guys, but I highly doubt its going to - although if one of my friends did this and it worked, I would be VERY tempted to try it myself. You can lie and say you would never do it even if it worked, but when you see a guy like Jonah Falcon walking around you gotta wonder what you can do to improve your size.


2. Weight Hanging with Stones and Large Rocks


This one is actually a real method used for penis enlargement in poor third world countries. Weight hanging works, but dont go using rags and rocks to go about it. You have Internet access, so you have access to things like SizeGenetics or exercise techniques that can accomplish the same thing as this guy is aiming for, without risking ripping your dick off like a celery stock.


3. Pulling Cars Using Your Penis

This actually would give you a pretty good stretch, but explaining to your neighbors why you are pulling your vehicle around in your cul-de-sac using only your penis might be difficult to explain. This is the censored version, but you can find the uncensored version on YouTube - Its not NSFW but its definitely weird, and 9 minutes longer than this clip.  This guy takes a lot of pride in his skill-set.


4. This Growth Stimulating Device from Japan

Stimulator PE


I hope someone fluent in English and Japanese can translate what this exactly is used for. I mean common guys, if these things worked the world would be filled with huge buff guys who got their muscles by using that ab-stimulator thing that was on TV awhile ago.  Yes, I admit it, I bought one from the drug store when they were a featured end cap just to see what it felt like. I imagine this device feels like using one of those gag hand buzzers on your dick.

So out of these four Radical techniques, assuming each carried a 25% chance of complete success, which would you most likely to try and why?  What order would you try them in?


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