7 More Penis Tattoos That Made Me Laugh

Here are seven more penis tattoos I felt were worthy of being showcased. The first two are actually pretty badass, I wouldn't be embarrassed of them at all. If you have a penis tattoo share it with me @ tattoos (at) averagepenissize (dot) com.

Unrelated Self-Promotion: If you want to get a bigger penis, theres a cool new water based pump available that seriously kicks ass.  I have my own pics showing how well it works. Okay enough of that, on to the tattoos;

I will do my best to get them added as soon as possible.  

-Click to see full size image, and to browse through the gallery.

Penis Riding A Nuke
Best Looking Penis Tattoo I Have Ever Seen
Wizard Penis
Penis Hanging Out From Pants
The Best Gay Pride Rainbow Unicorn Penis Tattoo Ever
A Completely Awful Lower Back Penis Tattoo
The Majestic Erect Flying Penis

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