ACTUAL SizeGenetics Clinical Study Results

I read over the clinical trial medical documents from a study conducted which attempts to prove if the SizeGenetics device works at all. It was kinda tough reading for a regular guy like myself, and rather long. I read it over a few times and put it into regular terminology anyone can understand, and shortened it quite a bit. I also made the full document available. (*Full Medical Sheet Available Here) So here it is, in all its scientific glory;

Source: British Journal of Urology (International) (March 2009, Volume 103, Issue 9, Pages 793-797)

The study was called, “A pilot phase-II prospective study to test the ‘efficacy’ and tolerability of a [SizeGenetics] penile-extender device in the treatment of ‘short penis’.”

SizeGenetics was created by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, as well as Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen and Dr. Michael Carter. All doctors are board certified Urologists.

At-A-Glance Summary of SizeGenetics Trial
At-A-Glance Summary of SizeGenetics Trial - For The Lazy 🙂

The SizeGenetics Medical Study: Shortened and Simplified

The Study Objective:  To assess the most common brand of penis extender marketed to increase penis size.  It also states that despite their widespread use, there is very little scientific evidence to support its effectiveness in treating men with inadequate penile dimensions.

Starting Characteristics of Patients (Average)
Age 45.7 Years
Penis Dimensions
Flaccid 7.15 (cm) 2.81 (in)
Stretched 9.62 (cm) 3.78 (in)
Circumference 10.4 (cm) 4.09 (in)

The Patients: Of thirty potential patients twenty one qualified to be involved in the study. Those excluded either refused to wear the device for the required time per day, or could not due to sexual counseling.  Their penis sizes had to be greater than 0.8 inches to fit the extender. The patients were then told to wear the extender for six hours per day (recommended), but for at least four hours per day. The duration recommendation was for six months.

Their penis size was measured at a baseline (starting size), and after 1, 3, 6, and 12 months of use. 12-months marked the end of the study.  They were give a five item questionnaire before and after the study, both inquiring about their satisfaction regarding their penis size.

The Results: All patients were included in the intention-to-treat analysis, but only the 16 completing the 6-month treatment period were evaluable for the primary endpoint. The average time each patient used the device at the checkpoints were recorded; 5-Hours at 1 month, 5-Hours at 3 months, and 4-Hours at 6 months.

Did They Grow? The Actual Numbers...

Patients penises were measured flaccid, stretched, and around the circumference. The average changes measured in centimeters (which I converted to inches);

Average Changes in Penile Length at Each Interval
Stretched Penis
1 Month 0.94 (cm) 0.37 (in)
3 Month 0.44 (cm) 0.17 (in)
6 Month 0.38 (cm) 0.14 (in)
12 Month 0.06 (cm) 0.02 (in)
Flaccid Penis
1 Month 1.13 (cm) 0.44 (in)
3 Month 0.71 (cm) 0.27 (in)
6 Month 0.41 (cm) 0.16 (in)
12 Month -0.09 (cm)
1 Month 0.13 (cm) 0.05 (in)
3 Month 0.16 (cm) 0.06 (in)
6 Month -0.09 (cm)
12 Month 0.0 (cm)

These measurements are not the "total gained to date", they measured how much growth occurred between each period of time. I converted all the centimeter measurements to inch measurements to make it easier to understand.

The Study Conclusion: Effective in producing penile elongation after 6 months of treatment with an extender device. The results seen were less than the effects achieved in a market study where the extender is prescribed for 10 hours of daily use for 6 months. The results are still impressive being that the patients studied wore the device only 4.5 hours on average, per day.

The results achieved are more than a man can expect to achieve using penile enlargement surgery. The study also explains that the decrease in length gained over longer periods of time is due to the patients wearing the device for a shorter period of time daily.  The recommended time to wear your extender is 8 hours per day, which like I shared in my review, requires motivation and dedication to yourself.

From The Clinical Study Discussion:

In conclusion, the penile extender device provides an acceptable, minimally invasive method that can produce an effective and durable lengthening of the penis, both in the flaccid and in the stretched state. There were no measurable changes in penile girth. If these results are confirmed, use of the device should be proposed as a first-line treatment option for patients seeking a penile lengthening procedure.


Thoughts About The Results

The results show the penis extender works, and extremely well. A man who is disciplined and who wears the device for the required 8 hours per day has the potential to achieve twice the results seen here even faster.  The study is much more in depth than I summarized here, and I left out a lot of information about the psychological therapy these men were required to attend because of the amount of insecurity they had surrounding their penis size (I felt that information had zero importance to the facts of the study)

On average, approximately 2.3cm (~1 inch) in the first 6 months.
On average, approximately 2.5cm – 5.1cm (1-2 inches) over 12 months.

I wrote a comprehensive review on SizeGenetics as well as some other popular traction devices. They are real, reviewed by me, personally, and I cover a lot of bases. I encourage you to check it out, and read the entire thing.  If you already read it, and are ready to start your own clinical study, you can buy the sizegenetics system through the button below.

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