Increasing and Adjusting SizeGenetics Tension

Adjusting and increasing sizegenetics tension is the most misunderstood aspect of the extender. The tension rods on SizeGenetics is very simply done.  You twist the bars near the base of the extender, and rotate them inward. Increasing the tension adds length extension to the extender WHILE YOU'RE WEARING IT.

As you are working up to wearing more bars for longer periods of time via the beginners routine- you should be aware of the tension rods and how to use them. This will improve how well you adjust to the next set of bars, and ensure you aren't over stretching yourself to much at once.

Note: The tension is measured in grams, but this is inaccurate because the amount of tension any one man will experience is dependent upon the size of his penis. So don't aim for a specific measurement of tension, rather make use of the rods to prepare yourself for the next size.

Increasing Tension and Adjusting Screws

Start with the extender in the default position shown above with no additional tension applied. Wear the device this way, extended to the size of your penis, no stretching at all.

Once you become comfortable wearing the device at your starting size, rather than begin with the first bar, instead rotate the bars inward to increase the tension.  This extends the rods outward up to one full inch.

This allows you to SLOWLY adjust to what will become your base tension level when you add more extender bars.  

For example: you adjust yourself all the way out to the full one inch extension provided by the tension rods.  Then you reset the tension back to its starting position, and add the smallest increment bars. Once you are comfortable wearing the extender again, begin to twist the bars once again to slowly adjust your penis to more and more tension.

The key to using these properly is to go slowly, not to rush and see how much you can handle.

Adding Additional Length:

You can also use the thumb screws attached to the base to add more length. You rotate those the opposite direction, outward, and they will extend longer.

This is not the default purpose of the thumbscrews, they are actually used to tighten the extender into one place and to ensure no friction will prevent the vertical movement.  However, regardless of the default purpose of the thumb screws - you can make use of them intelligently by screwing them outward and giving you even more tension, which will come in especially useful once you reach the longer extender bars.

Safety Notes:

  • Most guys while flaccid wont fill up the base of the extender, however if you are thick enough to the point that your girth touches the bars its important you DO NOT remove tension while wearing the device.  You will end up pinching yourself and be really pissed off you did it.
  • Stop twisting the tension bars when you see the indent around the bar- that marks end of the bar and any further you will be unscrewing them off the device.
  • Stop unscrewing the thumb screws when you see the teeth (the part that looks like a wall screw).  Unscrew to far and it will come off, and you'll have to start over.

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