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Helix SYN (Synergy)

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November 15th, 2018
The Aneros Helix SYN is one of those products you don't really hear about unless you are seeking it out. It has strengthened my ejaculatory control, rid me of dribbling urine after peeing, and given me an entirely new view on my sexuality. I highly recommend this massager to any man who is interested in learning more about his sexuality, or who is interested in experiencing a different type of sexual gratification.

The Aneros Helix SYN (Synergy) is a unique pleasure tool/toy for every guy who isn’t afraid of his prostate. It is the top-selling prostate stimulator in the world, and is used by all types of men.

helix syn with lube

Who is the Helix SYN best suited for?

  • Older guys who are experiencing prostate pain. Several older dudes like myself (40+) have shared reviews highlighting how their prostate pain and discomfort have been minimized as a direct result of using this prostate stimulator.
  • Anyone working to improve their PC Muscle strength with kegels. The SYN stimulates the PC muscle while kegeling, making the exercise more effective.
  • Guys who are looking for more stimulation and excitement in the bedroom. This will be the fastest orgasm you’ve ever experienced.

Who won’t benefit from this particular massager?

  • Guys involved in the more extreme side of anal pleasure. (ex. Fisting, Gaping, DP)
  • Guys who are unwilling or afraid to learn more about their sexuality - All prostate stimulators are inserted into the anus, you need to be comfortable with that fact.

How the Helix SYN feels

The Helix Synergy is smooth, slides in easily, and immediately touches your g-spot. The sensation you feel right before you cum, the sensation that alerts you that cum is at the flood gates - that’s similar to the feeling you get from the Helix SYN, but it’s unique and different at the same time.

That feeling is connected with an electric tingling right behind your testicles almost reaching the base of your penis that radiates through your body. You feel the tingling pleasure in pulses, and the feeling is intensified by any movement. Walking around can be a sexual experience with the Helix SYN.

During Sex: Thrusting with this prostate toy in definitely transforms it from “means to an end” to “end in itself”. All the extra stimulation is almost to much to handle, but over time I have found that I have been forced to practice the squeeze and hold, and last longer now than I did a month ago, and so do my orgasms. The Helix edition aggressively presses up against the prostate gland, and every body movement can be felt directly on the g-spot. This encourages muscle control, and ejaculatory control.

Foreplay: This is my favorite way, I love the SYN for this specific use. Getting my dick sucked while my prostate is massaged perfectly gives me almost immediate release. You get the same tingling pleasure sensation, but with more awareness of what you’re feeling because you are not moving the rest of your body. Everything is intensified: throbbing, clenching, even slight position changes add to the whole experience.

Solo: My personal eye-opening experience was after playing around with the placement for a few minutes, and finding my “g-spot”. It felt like I was ready to blow my load just from applying pressure to the right spot with the handle. A minute of stroking and I had half an erection, and I was “leaking” semen. Another minute and I actually fully ejaculated, without touching my penis at all. I learned a lot about my body using it by myself, and have improved my ejaculatory control by kegeling with the Helix SYN inserted.

Probably the most common use of a prostate massager is solo, at least in the beginning. Men don’t have many options when it comes to sex toys, it’s either a flashlight, or a prostate massager. But experimenting with a prostate toy can be an enlightening experience for every man, and I highly recommend it. Overall I love the Aneros brand, they make high quality stuff and so far I have yet to find a position or sexual act that is made worse by their massagers.

Comparing the Helix SYN to a Generic Massager from Amazon


Before spending the money for a good massager, I went the cheap route and got a hard white plastic prostate stimulator from amazon for something like 15 bucks. It got the job done, but I was unable to ejaculate from the massager alone because the plastic was to rough inside my anus. It felt swollen (but not sore) and became difficult to move at all.

visit the Official Aneros Helix SYN website

The curly handles (Perineum Tab) was also hard plastic, and scratched up my perineum pretty badly while sitting for a blowjob, and during solo use it would become too tender to achieve orgasm comfortably.

The silicone coating on this Aneros massager is really what sold me on buying it. It’s a much higher quality product, and was well worth the extra few bucks. Avoid the generic / knockoff Aneros crap, to much risk of injury with low quality materials.

Some notes about the material and lifespan of the Helix SYN

  • The plastic in Aneros toys are made from a non-porous, FDA approved plastic called acetal. The materials are approved for both body and fluid contact.
  • All Aneros products have no guaranteed lifespan, but the company does say it will offer years of pleasure. To maximize the lifespan on massagers coated in silicone, wash promptly after use and store in a dry location.
  • If you are over six feet tall, the Helix will probably not hit your G-Spot adequately (4 inches insertable). Try looking at the Progasm (4.5 inches insertable)
  • Read over my other pages about how to get the most from Aneros products. Your prostate plays a role in ejaculation, orgasm, urination, and overall health. This is more than just a toy, it’s a tool to improve your sex life.

My conclusions after two months of use

If you are open to new experiences and are willing to invest some time into exploring your body, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. You will learn how to achieve and enjoy a different type of orgasm, much different from the orgasm you know today.

With continuous use, an awareness of your body and the way you experience sexual satisfaction will develop. I highly recommend the Helix SYN, and at $70 dollars it won’t break the bank, and the benefits you'll gain far outweigh the sub $100 price tag.

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