How To Perform a Basic Manual Stretch- 2 Simple Steps

Before perming any manual penile exercises you always should complete a warmup. Penis stretching is the oldest form of male enhancement in the world, its been around for centuries and its still one of the two key aspects of any effective penis enlargement exercise routine. Here is simple guide to the basic stretch to be performed while 30-50% erect.

Step 1: Grip your penis directly behind the head (gently) and pull downward. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds.

Step 2: Re-grip your penis, and repeat the stretch for 30 seconds while pulling right, left, up, and straight out.

Always follow every exercise routine with a warm down.

Basic Stretching- Straight Out Grip
Basic Stretch - Pulling Straight Out

Safe Penis Stretching Tips

  • You can stretch while you are standing up, sitting down, or laying down.  Just ensure that you are comfortable, and in a place you wont be interrupted.
  • While you are stretching it is no uncommon to feel fatigue in your penis shaft or near the base. Some men also report feeling a tingling, or itching sensation - this is normal and shows you are stretching your penis properly.  If you feel nothing that is alright as well, its all dependent upon your body and how it reacts to the stress.   Just remember, you should never feel any type of pain, even if its a slight pinching that does not bother you - stop doing the exercise, massage your penis and retry.
  • If you find you lose your grip, adding baby powder or using rubber gloves is acceptable.

What to Avoid

  • Never grip your penis by the head. Grasp your penis behind the head, but never pull from directly squeezing the glands of your penis.  If you do you risk serious injury and loss of sensation.
  • Never pull so hard that you feel any type of pain. The goal is to achieve a feeling of "stretching". It may take a couple tries to find that sweet spot.

5 Minute Routine

This is a basic beginners stretching routine that takes five minutes to complete. There are much more advanced techniques, and different stretches that put focus on different parts of the shaft. But for beginners, start with this simple 5 minute routine for the first week.

  • Day 1 - 5: Stretch your penis left, right, up and straight out for a count of 30 seconds each. Repeat this for a total of five times. 
  • Day 6: By this time you should have a good feel for what stretching is how to perform it properly. Your penis should also be fairly well adjusted to the tension, and you can move move into the more advanced stretched like the V-Stretch or the JAI Stretch. You can also visit the exercises section to browse them all.


    1. Roll over the head of your penis? Are you uncircumcised? If yes, you have to pull back your foreskin and grip the glands of the penis.

  1. Hi, I'm a beginner here, can you please recommend me a regime I could follow to increase girth and length? More to girth but I don't want to forego length either? Anything? And the duration too. Thanks

  2. Thank you so much for this site! I'm about 6.5", and I really wanna hit the 7" mark, and I think this site is helping me 🙂 thanks so much!!!

  3. hello I was wondering how you keep yourself motivated I have a 6.25" penis and I want to get to about 7.5 to 8" but I often find it difficult to stick to a routine any suggestions? I also was wondering is my goal reachable with just exercises or is there anything I need to purchase? thank you for your time your answers will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Jordan - Sorry I am late replying dude! I have been working my ass off for a couple months. Christmas time for me means buying gifts for a ton of extended family. I keep a journal of my progress, and take pictures weekly or bi-weekly. Motivation is a huge part of penis enlargement, You gotta be a guy who will keep chipping away even when results slow down. My best advice for a routine is to actually HAVE ONE. Most people just keep a routine in their head and thats no good man, you gotta have one written on paper.

      Secondly you gotta spend a few minutes everyday before going to sleep thinking about what having a bigger penis means for you. Personally, I imagined the giggly smile on my lady's face when she's really into it. I also watch porn with my woman, and I purposefully put on porn with larger than average guys. It was a way to help me visualize and keep the image of a larger penis in my head without actually going out of my way to google a bunch of penis pictures.

      Dont get lazy with your goal, The time is going to pass anyway so you might as well spend some of it bettering yourself. I am sorry again for the delayed response. Any other questions, I am here to answer them.

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