Bathmate Accessories and Replacement Parts

bathmate-accessoriesThe Bathmate has a broad selection of accessories to use with their pumps, from cleaning supplies to vibrating cock rings to assist in maintaining an erection while pumping.  Here is a list of all the accessories offered for the Bathmate line of pumps. The replacement pads and travel bags are for the older style pumps (not the hydromax series).

The Cleaning Kit:

The cleaning kit comes with a brush specially designed to fit inside the tube and clean out any soap residue around the inner valve at the top. It has a sponge head to prevent scratching. It also comes with two towels, a carrying case to keep your bathmate in and a replacement head for the brush.

Goliath Travel Bag:

A waterproof travel bag designed for the Bathmate Goliath. It is zippered, and semi hard shelled with the words ULTRAMAX embossed on the top. Nice case, recommended if you own the Goliath. capsule bag

Cleaning Brush & Sponge Heads:

The same cleaning brush from the cleaning kit above, but with two replacement sponge heads. When you need a replacement this is available, a good tool for keeping your penis pump clean without using harder brushes for dishes.

Goliath Comfort Pads:

These are the comfort pad replacements. You have one on your current Goliath or Hercules model Bathmate.  Its made of foam rubber, and aids in more comfortable pumping when using the older style gaiter (pre-hydromax).  The set comes with three.

Hercules Travel Bag:

The same waterproof style bag made for the Hercules. It has the same zippered style, and the same imprint of ULTRAMAX. Fits Hercules Model.

Shower Strap:

The shower strap is required for using the Bathmate (any model) while standing up in the shower. It attaches to the valve area and wraps around the neck of the user. Its comfortable, and made of durable fabric.

Pleasure Rings: replacement bathmate pads

Vibrating pleasure rings to aid in bloodflow and erection while using the pump.

Hercules Comfort Pads:

Replacement foam rubber pads for the old rubber gaiter on the Hercules. 3 in a pack.

Measuring Gauge:

A movable ruler to track your progress while pumping.  A useful tool, but can be replaced with a regular ruler from the store.   These are sold separately from the bathmate pump, however they are gift packages available that offer a better deal for the pump including a bunch of accessories.

All the parts are shipped from the united kingdom along with the bathmate. While these tools are excellent, and you will likely require replacement pads - the cleaning brush is completely optional.  You can follow this poor mans cleaning guide to keep your pump looking and functioning like new if you are strapped for cash. Otherwise, you can visit the accessories store and shop for whichever replacement parts you need.


    1. Hey Mark - I dont sell them myself, but you should not be needing any. The bathmate xtreme comes with a really good warranty, just email support and tell them something broke. Should be covered!

  1. While recently traveling TSA searched my checked bags and somehow lost my bottom pad on my HYDROMAX X30. I having trouble finding a replacement pad for it. Could you please tell me where and how I can order a replacement pad. Thanks

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