MY Bathmate Before & After Results w/ Pictures

Below is my first set of before and after pictures I ever took. The frontal is when I first got my bathmate hercules.  I had a pretty good increase in size there.  After owning and using that pump for 4-5 months they released the hydromax xtreme.  I went all in and bought that one.  The second set are my before and after from pumping with the hydromax for 15 minutes.

My penis was much larger for several hours after vs when I pumped with the hercules it was larger for 30 minutes or so.  I like the second picture, I gained about half an inch in girth there.  That half an inch is almost permanent now.  Once I upgrade to the x40 I will post more pictures.  My dick hits the top of the x30 now though, which is cool because it was nowhere near there four months earlier.

The before and after photos in the gallery have been gathered from various places online, references cited where available. I wanted a place to show the results in one place rather than searching across the internet on 30 different forums and blogs to get what you're looking for.

My girth is always WAY fatter after pumping.  I would like to share more, but there are not a lot of folks willing to share their before and after pictures, so in the interest of providing additional *PROOF*, here are some reference links to other places on the internet where you can hear more about the pump here.

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Other Peoples Photos

These are some pics I gathered from around the web,  also before and after photos - but It's difficult to find people who actually have real pictures and aren't just blogging about bathmate because they want to make money selling it.  Those people have no photos, and that is of no use to anyone if you want to see actual results from pumping with the bathmate.

Here are the pictures I could find though:


I hope own before and after pictures help you make a decision.  If you have not read my review yet, check it out.

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