Bathmate Featured on Tosh.0 - Full Clip Here

For those who don't know, Tosh.0 is a television series hosted by the stand up comedian Daniel Tosh. He comments on viral videos using his unique style of comedy.

Tosh heard about the bathmate and saw an opportunity to poke some fun at the device in his traditional "skit" style performance. It looks like an infomercial in the beginning, but it quickly becomes apparent its satire.

Since he featured the Bathmate on his show, hundreds of thousands of people got online and started searching for reviews and before and after photos. The skit was making fun of how the bathmate works, but it sparked a lot of interest. The bathmate is a water based penis pump- only two different pumps are made to work this way, and its extremely effective.

Using the Bathmate you can;

  • Add up to 2 inches in length
  • Increase girth by up to 40%
  • 250% more efficient than air pumps
  • Uses the remarkable power of water
  • 95% success rate
  • Increase the whole penis
  • Used by adult industry pro's
  • Works in the bath, shower or air

Tosh.0 had to obtain legal permission to use the bathmate logo and name in his skit- and bathmate was okay with that because they know the product is popular, and publicity with young people is never a bad thing especially when you have something that's already insanely popular.

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