Bathmate HydroMax Gift Sets - What's Included

The Bathmate Gift Sets include everything you need to begin pumping with the new HydroMax pump.  The set is really more of a gift for yourself, I cannot imagine gifting this at Christmas/ Holiday time to a friend unless you two are really tight.

The gift sets are only available for the new HydroMax series of pumps, if you want the additional extras for the Goliath or Hercules you are out of luck.

* Here is a look at what you will get with the gift set- I'll break down the value below.

Bathmate HydroMax Gift

What's Included In The Set:

  • Hydromax X30 / X40 Hydropump ($159.90)
  • Bathmate Shower Strap ($30.53)
  • Bathmate Bag ($48.00)
  • Bathamte Condoms (??.??)
  • Bathmate Lube (100ml) (15.23)
  • Bathmate Towel (Included w/ BAG)
  • Bathmate Cleaning Brush ($15.28)
  • Bathmate USB Stick ($22.47)

Total Cost Bought Separately: $276.18
Gift Set Pack Cost: $240.00


The gift set can be ordered with either the x30 or the x40 pump, nice they offer it to men of all sizes rather than package it for just one size. The kits are available in RED, BLUE and CLEAR.

  • The shower strap is ESSENTIAL, and if you are ordering a Bathmate pump as your first, second, or 100th pump you are going to need the Shower Strap.  Without it you will have a hard time using it standing up in the shower.  So buy this accessory even if you don't go with the whole gift set.
  • The bag is just a storage bag to keep the whole kit in, its not essential but its nice to keep all your things in one area. Nice and organized is how I like to keep my stuff so I make good use of this bag.
  • Bathmate branded condoms can be used inside the penis pump to minimize water retention later when you start pumping with a much higher suction and for longer periods of time.  A lot of people buy regular brand condoms for this as well, they work great - Bathmate just decided to throw in everything you need here.
  • Water based lubricant - the only kind you want to use with any hydropump. It washes off easily, leaves no smudges, and is one of the more slick lubricants.
  • The towel is just a towel haha, but again they wanted to include everything a new user will need in a complete package.
  • Their cleaning brush is actually a pretty kickass tool to keep the tube looking new.  Its basically a kitchen scrubber but with soft foam rubber in place of the bristles on a normal scrubber.  I use this a lot, its pretty durable- but not really necessary if you don't mind taking some time to clean the tube.  Its similar to cleaning a deep drinking glass, so it can be a pain without the tool.
  • The USB Stick is added as a bonus, and can be used as a personal stash for your progress pictures.  It has a key-chain hook on it, so you can keep it with you at all times, and if you're tech savvy at all you can PW protect you files like me.

The HydroMax pumps are the best quality pumps available. Look around at what else is out there, try and find anything that looks this cool, has a swivel system, a great warranty, and proven to enlarge your penis with long term use.

The Bathmate water based pumps (hydropumps) are;

  • 250% more efficient than air pumps
  • Have a 95% success rate
  • Increases penis length & girth with instant visible

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