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Bathmate review:Fun to use submerged and out-of-water, Bathmate is a great product that produces fast results

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The bathmate hydromax has a very strong vacuum pressure, and has added over an inch to my flaccid and erect girth. It works, and I endorse it with complete confidence.

Im going to review the bathmate x30 and x40, as they are the exact same pump, minus the size.  There is also an x20 version now too, for smaller guys – this review applies to that model as well for the same reason. This bathmate review is based on my own experience using it. Im not a professional writer so apologies in advance if my review isn’t “polished” enough.

So I started using the bathmate hercules like four years ago now. The hercules was, at that time, the only penis pump bathmate manufactured.  It was a lot of fun to use, and as promised, my dick was thicker in 15 minutes.  At first the pump only lasts about an hour before penile blood flow returns to normal, but pumping everyday over a period of time changed my penis from a grower into a shower and added some girth and length to my penis.

A little relevant info: The current models are the Hydromax and the Hydromax Xtreme.  The primary difference is the strength of the vacuum, and the size variations, and how much more comfortable the new pumps are vs the old pump.  The hercules is still available for sale though, and its still a great pump for the money.  I currently use the hydromax x40 – so let me continue my review from here.

Upgrading to Hydromax

My girth gains I talked about earlier, it was 1cm of permanent girth expansion.  That took me about 90 days of pumping everyday. Im not complaining, I think any size increase is worthy of the effort required to achieve it.

Bathmate then came out with the Hydromax pump, which they claimed to have a stronger vacuum, and come in larger sizes to accommodate more growth. They hyped up the new valve, softer pelvic bone padding, bla bla..

I bought the x30 in blue, it was delivered in under a week.

Here is my first before and after picture from 4 years ago, taken after using the Hercules pump.  See more here

What I liked right away

  • The hydromax pump is a lot more comfortable (pelvic bone padding), which translated into longer pumping sessions.
  • Stronger vacuum makes taking a shower while pumping possible, plus the pressure lock switch frees up your hands.  (The hercules model didnt lock, so over time the pressure would decrease- requiring additional pumping)
  • The ruler on the side of the pump, makes it easy to mentally log your progress.
  • Removable comfort insert stops your balls from being sucked in.

I used that pump for probably 6-8 months religiously with the occasional weekend or long work day off.  I gained 3cm in girth and almost 1.5cm in length in that time.  My pump sessions were about 15-20 minutes long.  Longer if I had coffee, since that caused some shrinkage for me and I usually tried to offset that.  I was dating my (now) fiance at that time and she even noticed and asked me about it.

“why is your penis so much bigger today?” and “you feel thicker” are two that I am particularly proud of.

The story so far…

So just under a year of pumping, and I have gained a little over an inch in girth, and almost an inch in length. I am feeling so confident with my body, confident that I can take my dick out anytime without this anxiety I used to have about being a “grower not a shower”.  A subtle but huge confidence boost that affected me deeply.  It’s like that feeling of preparedness. being ready to go.

Tip: Jelqing works as good as the bathmate does, and I recommend you do it too.

About this time I read about jelqing on some forum.  A lot of guys recommended jelqing before and after pumping sessions, so I started doing that too.  I was starting to hit the walls of the x30, so I ordered the x40 and continued my routine, now with some exercises thrown in.

Other positives I experienced:

  • Using the hercules, I was able to hold off ejaculation longer than I could before (about a minute or two).
    • This side effect was much more dramatic with the hydromax series. (at least 6-7 minutes longer)
  • Dick is more veiny, and feels heavy and warm almost all the time (fiance loves this)
  • Random erections like when I was in high school (I noticed this right after I started jelqing)
  • Taking rest days knowing the enlargement is permanent (after 3 month mark)

Now the negatives…

  • If you pump to hard, you’re gonna get red bumps (burst capillaries)  all over your penis shaft.  (happened when I upgraded, both times)
    • They itch, and take a couple days to disappear
  • Difficult to hide and keep private if living in close quarters with another person
  • Price wise, these pumps are not made for the clearance rack.

The different sizes of bathmate

Here is a chart I borrowed that shows the penis size each pump is designed to accommodate.  So you add 2.5 inches to your current size, and select the pump closest to your goal size.  Going to large is bad- your balls will get sucked into a tube that is to wide for your penis.  This is painful, and dangerous- heed my advice.

ModelHerculesHydromax x20Hydromax x30 + XtremeHydromax x40 + XtremeGoliath / Hydromax x50
MAX Length7 inches7.5 inches8.5 inches10 inches10 inches
MAX Girth6.5 inches5.5 inches6.7 inches7.9 inches9 inches
Learn MoreLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn More

A couple more things to know about bathmate

  • Bathmate does what it does so effectively by using hot water and a quality certified (evenly distributed pressure) tube
  • Bathmate pumps are fully amphibious, and do not leak or “squeak” in air
  • Cleaning is almost never necessary, and only takes a minute
  • Addons like the shower strap make it easier to use (see addons)

My opinion on bathmate and some thoughts

I still using the bathmate almost every day.  I feel completely confident naked, with the lights on.  I’ve read a lot of self-help books trying to achieve the same confidence I have now.  Less in my head during sex and fourplay, which I attribute to feeling more comfortable in my body.

Bathmate is just one of those products that, once you buy it, you just use it. It’s stupid simple, and it works. I recommend every guy who wants a thicker penis to buy one. It works faster than air pumps do, and the results become permanent over time.


So, I suppose my official opinion is the bathmate has been a really smart purchase for me.  It’s fun and easy to use, and having a bigger dick has increased my confidence by double at least. I don’t think I could have put a price on that, but if I did it would be a higher price than I paid for the bathmate.

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This was the second penis enlargement device I ever tried, some crappy extender on ebay was the first. And this gave me the pump that lasted for a while and over time that remained. Even though uses something in the tub was kinda weird it is worth it

Gregory Lancaster

Any questions or comments talk to me directly here. I am happy to help with anything I can.

jeremy williams

how long do u think it is to grow a inch or 2


Hey GLL, I recently bought the bathmate x40 about a month ago and Ive been very happy with it. Although when I was using it today, midway through my routine when i was about to increase pressure, my x40 split into (body, grey ring and suction). I was able to put it back together but the whole setup seems a little loose. Ive tried using it again and it still works, im just worried what will happen to the product integrity in the long run. should I send it back? or this is something that commonly happens? Also if i decide to return this to bathmate themselves for repair how do i go about it? I would really appreciate a reply regarding this matter. thanks!


I have a question not a review…you mentioned “maybe” for correcting curvature of the penis? Is that because you had no curvature to correct? Or did it not work, or partially correct some curvature?


How is compared to the penomet? You rank the penomet against the hercules and recommend penomet over the hercules. But what would you recommend between the x30 and the penomet? This would be my first time pumping or doing strecthes and I am currently about 7 – 7.5 depending on where you measure (near base or balls.. idk) Any advice would be great.

D. F.

Hello Greg,

Thank you for the reply. I am still being undecided. I went to the penomet side, but decided to look into the goliath, and it seemed a bit too big possibly? Well while I was on the page I saw that bathmate just came out with a bigger (same size as the penomet) size x40. However, there are no reviews and its basically the same price as the penomet. I really do not want to make a bad decision as throwing away 200 isnt something I would like to do. I will follow up and let you know what I decide. possibly after some reviews for the x40 as I can be a little more sure in my decision. also I will definitely try to update you and the community to help people in the same situation.


Greg, Ive been thinking about buying the bathmate, but I too dont know which one to get. Im a little over 8in in legnth. I read everything you wrote but i would just feel more comfortable if you told me the exact one to get. If you need other info just let me know please.

Randy T.

So these are my results after using the bathmate x40 for the 1st week. I measured my penis first before starting. E/L 7″ E/G 4.75″ midshat 5″ base. After using the bathmate for a week. My length was never a concern so 7″ is fine but the girth increased and average of .75″ girth after removing the pump 5.25″ midshaft and 5.75″ at the base. I cant wait to see what the permanent results are going to be…Dont be afraid to use one of these it’ll make you smile everyday..


what routine did you follow


I’m looking at the x30 x40 and the penoment I just want the best bang for my buck is the penoment really worth the price compare to the hydromax line?


Hi, im thinking of getting te hydro msx x40 whst is the max on that


i have tried to use the x30 whilst showering,but it doesn’t work. As i pump the water out,air comes in from the valve end so no vacuum is made, i don’t want to have a bath every day!.hope you might be able to help.


I’m thinking of using pumps but my problem is that I don’t have any knowladge about these thing and some people are saying is not safe it might damage my penis is that true? Please help

I’m thinking of using pump


Hey Greg. I’m an overweight man and my question is if I pump then lose weight will the newly exposed shaft be thinner than the already exposed shaft. Also would the fat pad around the base cause a loss in suction and or steal suction from my penis?


Hey Greg, I have a couple of questions. First off, when I’m erect, I’m about 8 inches in length and 6 inches in circumference. I’m hoping to get up to 10 in length and 7 in circumference. Which model should I get. Also, when I’m flaccid, the head of my penis is the same as my shaft, but when it’s erect the head and top part of the shaft are smaller than the lower part. It sorta bothers me. Can the Bathmate help even that out? I’m also concerned about having erectile dysfunction due to large. My erections are fine with the size I have now. But will it become an issue with the 2 inches of length and 1 inch of circumference I want to add. I hope not.


hi,greg thnx for ur nice help, i am 8 in lenght and don’t know which bathmate i’ll buy could u plz advise me thnx a lot
best regards ramo


Hi, I am thinking to buy a pump and combine exercices to help last longer in bed. I did jelq in the past, and did found a little gain but that didnt last. Now I am 6,5 inches long and almost 6 inch girth. I wonder what I could gain from the bathmate alone. Is it necessary to use it underwater ?


hi Greg, I’m twenty seven years old and my girl is pregnant at the time, needless to say were not having much sex..I’m trying to surprise her with a new slong I’m 6.5-7 erect and about 4.5 girth if I use this device for six months what kind of results or numbers would I be blessed with pregnancy?? and what device should I use..technically ill have the two months after pregnancy while she heels so I’m trying to dedicate my 8 months to jelqing and pumping weelky to see amazing resilts..what do you suggest I do for God sakes


What do you think about sizegentics? The idea of wearing something for 8 hours a day pulling on my dick does not excite me. Having a big dick does though.


have you every tried Bathmate Greg? if penomet works then who is the best bathmate or penomet? do you actually gain inches with this product? i want to gain at least 2 inches is that possible or not? and if you are 6 inches like me you half to buy the Hyrodomax x30 right? can this work with penis pills as well is it good to combine them together or not?


Hey Greg, I have another question: Given my size, ( 8 inches in length and 6 inches in circumference) should I get the Penomet or Goliath? I know you already told me Goliath, but would the Penomet be any better? or is it about the same?


Hey Greg I have another question. Will I reach a certain size before I platue and stop growing or can I continue to grow perminatly until I’m satisfied with my size?


Can I use the bathmate and size genetic extender


Heh Greg. Is it safe to use the bathmate and sizegenetics together?


What happens if I want to increase only the lenght(5.9 inches right now) and not the grith? I mean, I am already happy with my grith and making it any bigger would be a downside for me…


Hey I’m considering to buy bathmate but I’m not sure which 30x or 40x is perfect.. I’m 6.2 length and 4.75 girth.


Hi Greg,
I got mononukleosis(at the age of 47!) in January which caused my physical stamina dropping to a minimum. This has of course also affected my performance in bed. I get erection but my penis becomes soft very fast when thrusting and I don’t manage to get an orgasm. I’m exercising now since mid-March and my stamina is slowly becoming better but my sex life has not improved much(yet anyway). I have also noticed that my morning erections have disappeared.

I found the Bathmate and was thinking that I might try it if it can help. Reading about it on the web made me come across the Penomet too. I was thinking to buy the BM X40 since the size seems to be right for my penis(erected length 6.3 inch , mid-shaft circumference 5.6 inch, glans widest diameter 2 inch ) . After reading your splendid reviews of the Penomate and Bathmate I have become very unsure which one to choose.

The Penomate Premium costs about $100 more than the X40. Using the Penomate you don’t have to be in a tub which is an advantage since I don’t have one – just a shower.
Since the Penomate is much larger regarding the circumference I’m afraid that the balls can be sucked in easily which I don’t think can happen with the X40 – am I wrong or…?

You and I have about the same erected length so that is no problem but knowing the thickness of my penis what would you recommend – X40 or Penomate?

I saw a test on youtube where the Penomates highest suction result was less than half of the BM hydromax – any comment on that?

Have you received any updates from anybody suffering from ED that has been helped by pumping using these pumps?


I’ve read that there were some problems with the valve on the X30 made before march 2013 and if you experience problems with keeping vacuum they will send a new valve which is easy to replace- videos on line. so if you’re getting frustrated thinking you’ve wasted good money, that may be the answer you need


Hi Greg.

i am wonderin if is any stuff outthere to make discoloration on penis. I Been using bathmate for about 8 9 month now . And i was thinkin to brong back my original color on my penis . Can u please tell me what kind of cream or advice me where to getit if there is any



Given the physics and science behind the bath mate it would stand to reason that you would never stop growing as long as you want to. My question is, is this true


Does x30 has better suction compared to x40? Does it depends on the size of the penis maybe? which pomp should I use together with andro extender?


Hey Greg,

First of all thanks for all of the great info on the bathmate! This was my first enlargement purchase and reading this blog had a lot to do with the purchase. I tend to use the bathmate after I finish taking a shower because my hot water tends to run out if I keep the water running for over 20 minutes (5-10 minute shower plus the 15-20 minute bathmate use). I will simply turn the water off after I put the bathmate on. There are two problems that I have been encountering thus far. The first is that the suction is causing a good amount of pain on my skin. It’s nothing unbearable but definitely uncomfortable and likely due to the fact that the bathmate is basically on dry skin because the shower is off. The second thing is that at around the half-way mark of the 15-20 time frame, my scrotum tends to constrict and it pulls my testicles near the rim of the bathmate. I’ve never had a testicle get sucked into pump but sometimes my balls will hurt as the scrotum constricts more and my testicles get pulled closer against the rim of the bathmate. Have you experienced either of these problems and do you have any advise on how to resolve them? Thanks a lot dude.


Hey man I was wondering how long did it take for u to see results with an extender. Because I have one an real wanted to know iam about 7′ length and 5.5 grith and been using mind off and on about 2 month about 4hour a day. and also wanted to know what pump I should get with my current size thx man.


Which bathmate Would you recommend x30 or x40 2″Soft 5.25″ Hard


hey gregory!

thanks for the great review, i will be purchasing one now but i cant get the 25% discount to work, could you help me out with that? cheers


Hey. I have been looking into a bathmate for a while now but want to make sure I get the right one if I’m spend that much money. The main thing I’m conserend about is when it says max girth and max length. Is that the max you can expand to or the max starting size? I am 7″ long and 5.75″ around the middle and dont want to find out the one I bought leaves little to no room for improvement. Btw, thanks for all the other info/advise you gave on this site.


Hey I’m about 6.5-7 inches in length and was thinking about getting the x40, where is the coupon code on here I can use for a discount?


hey. I am on the smaller side. 5.25 inches long. I would be completely fine with 7 in. would the penomet, bathmate x30 or x40 be my best bet. I am looking for the most sufficient one with my size and goal.


Hi, im about 5.5 in length and about 5 in girth. Im new to all this but im willing to go all out. I want to try and gain as much length and girth as i can and im wondering if you could help me with what products and exercises i should do.

jeremy williams

im trying to get atlast 8 or 9 inches which bathmate give u that


I wanted to ask since im a little over 6 inches say 6.80 inches. what type of bathmate would be suitable for me. would it also help my erection problem where my erections would change from rock hard to somewhere in between. ive been looking for an enhancement tool that can boost my confidence and make my erections better.


Hey I’ve been thinking about getting a pump for awhile but nit sure if they are just another scam or what,n I don’t really wanna lose out on like £200,im just under 6″long n haven’t got much girth n the head of my cock isn’t much when its errect either,which do you think would be the best option for me?thanks,lewis


Hey cheers for the quick reply,o did start with the jelqing for awhile(about 10 to 15 minutes in the shower everyday)but I wasn’t really seeing anything different n it was also leaving bruising,which website do you recommend buy a bathmate from?and is there anything else you think I need to know? I.e are there any downsides to it etc?


hey greg
thanks for the post. how long did it take you to gain 1 inch in length?


hello,4-5 hours extender use then 15 mins bathmate and finally 20 mins jelq,25 uli squeezes and warm down.. Is this good?

jeremy williams

i want to be atleast 8 1/2 or more which bathmate does that

Rick Reynolds

Hey Greg, I had one testicle slip in to the pump and seem to get a bit of discomfort now and then. I was unsure about putting balls in on purpose but getting one ball in has turned me off doing that for sure! So back to my pains, what could this e caused by?

Steve I.

Hi Greg,

Thanks so much for the very useful information. I appreciate the candidness here, even with the willingness to share before/after photos. I am waiting to receive my bathmate, and was doing some research to know what to expect. Your info is fantastic since your starting info is similar to where I am now. My fingers are crossed I will see similar results as you have had.

I have two questions for you, if I could ask.

It looks like you have used multiple systems. Is the gains that you have due to only the Bathmate?

Did you notice a minimum flaccid length increase as well? I tend to vary greatly here, but my minimum flaccid length can at times be small which I was hoping would be mitigated.

Thanks again for this very useful site.


Hi Greg im under size 3 and currently using x4 labs mini and want to use a bathmate simultaneously.please could you suggest me which bathmate would fit my size.




Hi Greg

I have a 4-inch dick when hard (I know, it’s that terrible). Is it okay to use the goliath immediately? My target is 7 inches. How long should that take for me? Thanks!


I want to buy the pump but i also whto know how to get the 25% off