Using Pumping Sleeves with the Bathmate

Pumping Sleeves are used to alleviate discomfort from a penis pump sucking in the your testicles, and to stop the gaiter ridges from digging into your pelvic area.  Most people who use a sleeve say it helps target the penis more, giving them a better pump on the shaft and head and removing any pain caused by the ridges on the gaiter. I used this sleeve system on my old Hercules pump before I upgraded to the HydroMax and damn I can tell you it works wonders.

Pumps like the Bathmate Goliath-and the Hercules, can be made a lot more effective by slipping a universal pumping sleeve over the affixed gaiter to maximize the pump and comfort levels you get while using it.

They only cost a few dollars over at Amazon, and are an excellent addition to any pump, even the Penomet.

Universal Pumping Sleeves - Step 1 The Universal Sleeve - Cost is between 5-7 dollars. These fit over the old style gaiter on the Hercules, Goliath, and also can be used on the Penomet Gaiters.
Bathmate Hercules and the Sleeve Just showing the pumping sleeve and the Hercules pump gaiter.
Putting Pumping Sleeve On Outer Gaiter Place the Universal Sleeve over the gaiters first ridge and ensure its tight all the way around. The sleeves are made of silicone rubber so it stretches around easily.
pumpsleeve4 (2) Push the rest of the sleeve inside the gaiter as shown.
Closeup of Gaiter and Sleeve It should look similar to this, with the sleeve reaching all the way inside the first groove of the gaiter. You can see the gaiter angle here.
pumpsleeve6 (2) You can see the benefit of the sleeve already.  It created a smaller opening and a more focused vacuum on your penis shaft.  This smaller opening is what prevents your balls from being sucked in.
pumpsleeve7 (2) The sleeve shouldn't reach higher than the gaiter inside the pump, and while you are pumping the sleeve wont be very visible.
Finished with Sleeve Here is the finished Hercules with a pumping sleeve over the original Gaiter. Not a bad look, and a much better pump.


You need to be 75% erect when you first try using this method for pumping, getting your flaccid penis in using the sleeve is a challenge.

Using the sleeves will give you one of the best bathmate session you have ever had, with no imprints from the gaiter and a hugely increased pump on your penis. I recommend using sleeves to everyone who has the old style gaiters. Its like getting a brand new penis pump and the results you see will skyrocket especially in the shaft girth department.

If you haven’t read my bathmate overview click here – I go into detail about each bathmate pump, the sizes, and my own experience. It’s a great pump for the money, especially the pre-hydromax pumps which are a lot cheaper now- and work just as well when you use a sleeve technique like this one.


  • Filling up the pump with water will take a little longer when you use a sleeve, not a big deal just use the faucet instead of submerging it under water.
  • This doesn't make the pump any stronger, the suction will be the same. This refocuses the vacuum pressure on your penis rather than sharing that suction with your pubic area.
  • You are going to have to shave your pubes to use this- but generally speaking you will have to at least trim your pubes to get a good suction with any pump be it a hydro pump or air based.
  • If you have an issue with getting your penis through the sleeve using the instructions provided, try sliding the sleeve higher up on the outside of the gaiter. The third from the bottom is a popular choice, and makes the inner sleeve shorter and a bit wider.


  1. The pump sleeve doesnt limit gains at all? I was thinking it may squeeze around the penis too tight, limiting some blood flow and expansion?

    1. No it definitely does not limit how much you can gain. They focus the suction on the shaft and head, so instead of getting some of the suction on your pubic area its all completely focused on your penis like a laser 🙂

  2. Hey Greg,

    Many thanks for your post and detailed explanation. After a few days of futile efforts, I still do not manage to get Mr. Johnson inside the Penomet when the pump sleeve is on, even though I've followed your notes carefully. Isn't the small end of the sleeve just too narrow to allow the penis to enter? The only logical solution I can think of (at least in my case), is to use two items, similar in shape to shoe horns to fully stretch the sleeve inside, granting Mr. Johnson a safe passage.

    Unfortunately, that is easier said than done, and I still use Penomet without the sleeve, which is quite painful for the pubic area (compared to Hydromax, for instance).

    I would be grateful if you could help me out! Thanks again

    1. Hey Dirk - Sorry for the delayed response man! I just got back home- So you are too thick to get inside the penomet? I don't understand, how on earth are you using the penomet without any gaiter. That is not physically possible.

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