REAL GUY Compares the Bathmate and Penomet Side-By-Side

All three of the Bathmate pumps (Hercules, Hydromax, and Xtreme) compared side by side against the Penomet.  I broke this down into some key discussion points, and then all the other data like sizing, support, and other details in a table at the bottom.

I bought both the Penomet and the Bathmate (Hydromax Xtreme and Hercules),and this comparison is derived of my own personal experience using both pumps. I review both pumps in-depth in separate posts - you can read my penomet review here, and my bathmate review here.

I hope its helpful to you, and if it is please leave a comment and let me know.  Alright, let's get into the most important stuff first.

One Size Does Not Fit All...

First I want to cover why Bathmate has so many variations of their pump.  They sell the Hercules, Hydromax Series, and Hydromax X-Series.  Hercules was the first pump bathmate made. It's now considered a more basic pump, and sells for $109 plus tax. The Hydromax and Hydromax Xtreme pumps are the new generation of hydropumps, and have better valves, softer gaiters, and both are available in the x30 or x40 model.

bathmate-penomet-diametersx30 and x40 represent the two sizes, basically x30 is for average sized penis' and x40 is for people starting with a larger penis (7.5in+).

Conversely Penomet offers only one size, which I have found to be an issue for guys starting at the average end of the scale. More specifically, because it's one size fits all the pumping cylinder is very wide. This is great if you're a guy starting with larger than average girth, but if you're starting out average you'll find your testicles get sucked into the tube. You don't want that, it hurts really bad.

You will eventually need a larger pump after your girth gains begin to cement, but don't let that tempt you to buy something to large for you. You want about 1.5 inches of growth room in length with these pumps to ensure a proper fit while pumping.

Penomet Hydromax x30 Hydromax x40 Goliath
Girth 2.4" dia 1.8" Dia. 2.2" Dia. 2.8" Dia.
Length 9" 7.0" 8.5" 11.5"


TL;DR (Short Version):

If your starting girth is at least 2.0"Dia. both Penomet and Bathmate are options available to you. If not, Bathmate is a better choice for you. But since bathmate offers more sizes for more guys (including the Goliath for porn stars), I'm handing round one to Bathmate.

Vacuum Pressure and Comfort (Rubber vs Silicone)

Both of these pumps use what's referred to as a "gaiter", to create a vacuum. The  behaves similar to how a spring would.  When compressing the pump against your body, you are pushing air/water out from the top valve. The gaiters responsibility is to decompress as much as possible to create a vacuum. So, the more firm the gaiter, the stronger the vacuum.


The gaiter also plays a role in how comfortable the pump is, since this pressure is exerted on your pelvic area. The Hydromax Series (Xtreme and x-Series) pumps have a squishy, silicon rubber padded insert for covering the gaiter at the contact point. I have not experienced any discomfort or skin agitation while pumping with either the Penomet or the Bathmate Hydromax.  (Side Note: The older hercules model has rubbed my skin to a rash.)

The Bathmate employs the use of a really thick, almost hard to compress rubber gaiter(this is a good thing). It's durable and built to last - but it is also affixed to the cylinder.  Good because the gaiters is incredibly strong, bad because it makes cleaning the pump a real pain the ass. Not only because the rubber is stiff but because getting a rag past the gaiter and into the cylinder is almost impossible. Very irritating when it's covered in soap scum.

Bathmate Xtreme is the same pump as the HydroMax, but with a hand grip pump.  It's the one I use and recommend most.  It's strong, and I can pump as much or as little as I want. The hand grip allows Bathmate to act like a more traditional penis pump, while still being water friendly. Just an all around well made, strong penis pump.

Moving over to the Penomet - They took a different approach, and created a multiple gaiter system. Rather than provide one affixed (attached) gaiter, Penomet comes with five removable gaiters. Each is a different strength, which allows you to choose a less intense or more intense pumping session.  Penomet's gaiters are made entirely of medical grade silicone, and can be easily washed without issue. The cylinder is dishwasher safe too, making cleanup much easier than Bathmate.

Penomet's system also makes it upgradable down the road. They plan to release stronger gaiters, which makes it a smart purchase because you won't have to buy a whole new pump down the line, instead you can upgrade. Penomet's strongest gaiter (red) matches bathmate's vacuum strength, but the other gaiters they provide are lower strength for some of the routines they provide.


Penomet Hydromax Hydromax xTreme Hercules Goliath
Vacuum Strength 9/10 9/10 10/10 8/10 8/10
Comfort 9/10 10/10 10/10 7/10 7/10
Tied 2nd Place Tied 2nd Place 1st Place Tied 3rd Place Tied 3rd Place


TL;DR (Short Version):

Penomet is dishwasher safe, is easier to maintain and clean, and is a good fit for both newbie and advanced pumpers.  Bathmate's gaiters provide a stronger vacuum than penomet, but is a nightmare to keep clean. Both are very comfortable and both are safe to use everyday.  Bathmate wins by a hair - when Penomet releases stronger gaiters it will be a tie.


Pressure Release Valves

The pressure release valve is how you remove the pump, but is also considered an important safety feature.  Sometimes you will over pump and need to release pressure immediately, so how quickly the valve functions is especially important. All penis pumps have a pressure release button of some kind, on hydropumps this valve is always on the top.


The Penomet valve system is by far the simplest I have ever seen. It immediately releases the pressure inside the pump, its large and can be pressed in any direction to release pressure.  Simple, and to the point.

Bathmate's valve release is different, but offers more than just an emergency release valve. On the Hercules, and Hydromax X pumps there is a large clear plastic button that can be pressed in to completely release the pump, as well as a black switch that can be pressed to slowly release a small amount of vacuum pressure. This is nice because often times the pressure is only slightly to intense, and rather than start over pumping you can release only the small amount needed to restore comfort.

The Hydromax Xtreme model is a little different, because the top of the pump allows for the hand grip pump to be attached.  So, they replaced the clear plastic button with a clear plastic knob.  The concept is the same, for complete pressure release you turn the knob, and for incremental release use the switch.

Penomet Hydromax Hydromax Xtreme
Simplicity & Speed 10/10 9/10 8/10
Slow Release Option No Yes Yes
Hand Pump Attachment No No Yes


TL;DR (Short Version):

Bathmate provides a slow release button, as well as an immediate release button.  Penomet uses one button for quick release and does not have slow release.


Side by Side Rundown

I touched on those three points in detail, because those are the three points of operation on these water based penis pumps. Most importantly is the size, second is strength of the pump, and third is the releasing of pressure. Now, for all the rest of the information I created this table below.

Penomet Hydromax x30 Hydromax x40 Hydromax Xtreme
Complete Review My Penomet Review My Bathmate Reviews
My Rating 4.5 Stars 4.8 Stars 4.8 Stars 5 Stars
Max Length 9" 7" 8.5" --
Max Girth 2.4" 1.8" 2.2" --
Gaiters Removable & Interchangable All Bathmate Affixed
Strength 8/10 9/10 9/10 10/10
Comfort 9/10 10/10 10/10 10/10
Fluid Retention None to Very Little On Both Pumps
Blistering No Blistering With Either Pump
Ease of Use 10/10 9/10 9/10 8/10
Email Support support(at)
Phone Support 888-350-8243 877-896-1755
Moneyback Guarantee 60 Days - No Questions Asked 30 Days - No Questions Asked



  1. I have been using the phallosan extender for four months now with very good results . would I benefit from using the penomet system and are the results from it permanent. Thank you.

    1. Phallosan is awesome man, I just got done using it myself for the first time. I don't like it better than anything, but it's def a nice change form the extenders. Penomet focuses more on girth than on length, I recommend both. Penomet or Bathmate both are excellent choices.

    1. Jeff- Both the Bathmate and the Penomet are amphibious; meaning you can use them submerged in water, or out of water. Six inches is a good starting size, if you have never done PE before you will see some fast initial gains. Your first 0.5 - 1 inch is always the fastest. If you plan to use it outside the shower checkout the Bathmate Xtreme - its pretty expensive but damn man its the best bang for your buck for sure.

  2. What about the Advanced Handball Pump available for the Hydromax X-Treme series. Does the additional pumping pressure offered with the Handball Pump change the rankings here at all -- as in, does Hydromax XX30/XX40 produce results more effectively (quickly, consistently, etc.) than Penomet does?

    1. Hey Andy - I just got back from visiting family. Sorry for the late reply. I updated this Bathmate vs Penomet page to better reflect the current state of the pumps. Hope that helps, and again bro sorry I replied so late.

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