Warranty and Guarantee


The bathmate warranty covers the device for 12 months from any cracks, breaks, you get the idea. If anything goes wrong they will replace it for free. I havent had any issues with mine, but I have read that not cleaning the rubber gaiters can shorten their lifespan and dull them out. So keep them clean.

The Guarantee is right up my alley as a skeptic of pretty much everything I read online. The guarantee says specifically;

Quite simply if, after using the device for the 4 week period you can demonstrate that you haven't made any progress at all in either length or girth, we'll give you your money back.

All we ask to validate this guarantee is that you send your warranty form back within 1 week of receiving the device complete with your current measurements.

That's a good guarantee, but take note you have to prove you didn't make any progress.  So before I started using the Bathmate I took before pictures with a newspaper showing the date just to be safe. Now that I know how popular this pump is, and how good its working for me I feel comfortable telling you guys that you can skip this step.

You aren't going to want your money back, no way no how.  However, for those super skeptics out there who don't believe my pictures, or my review this is good advice for you - Take the before pictures.

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