Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme Edition review:As if Bathmate pumps weren't strong enough, now you can suck your dick right off your body

Hydromax Xtreme

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March 13th, 2019
This is the strongest bathmate pump available, and provides the best results long term. The price tag is higher, but when were talking pumps and bathmate- you get what you pay for.
Bathmate has finally released a penis pump / hydropump that comes with a hand grip pump. They call it the Bathmate Xtreme, and I got my hands on it a couple days after it was available for sale.  Now its been about six months, and after having used it almost every day I feel ready to review it here for other guys debating on spending the extra green. Update: It has been a couple years now since I began using the Hydromax Xtreme, and this review has been updated to reflect a couple changes of opinion, and to address questions asked in the comments. Try to at least skim over the review, and take a glance at the comments - there are intelligent questions asked that you may not think to ask.

First impressions

The first thought I had the Xtreme series was definitely "pricey".  As a guy who uses ebay and craigslist for nearly everything, my first instinct was to check for a used one online. Obviously I didn't do that, I don't live that dangerously.  I swallowed the price tag, and placed my order.  The pump arrived packaged within this extravagant, full color print box- which was impossible to open.  Literally, I had to open it with a hammer and a knife because my box had way to much glue holding the top closed. So after tearing the shit out of this beautiful box to get it open, I get my hands on the case.  Bathmate advertises this pump for "advanced pumpers", and I'd like to rephrase what that means: "for people who will pump everyday, who want to track their growth, and who know how to follow a routine".  I say that because the Xtreme package comes complete with a carrying case pre-stuffed with all the tools you need to track growth, and accessories you will need for cleaning and maintenance.

The hand grip is multi-functional (and awesome)

All the little extras aside, the big improvement is the hand grip pump.  It's well made, if you have ever squeezed a hand grip on a penis pump before - it does not feel like that one did.  It's strong, and resists being compressed in your hand almost like it has a spring inside it. My favorite thing about the hand pump is that you can choose to keep the hang grip attached with the tube, or skip the tube and just use the hand grip to add or remove vacuum pressure as needed. Comparing the vacuum pressure of the xtreme and the hydromax original isn't a fair comparison, but I'll make it anyway. The Xtreme provides a more powerful vacuum, and greater control over how much suction is added with each pump. Sometimes I need just a tiny squeeze more suction, and without the hand grip I always wound up adding to much.

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Included goodies and accessories

I mentioned above that for the price tag you get some bonus stuff with the pump.  Here is a list of what you get;
  • Carry Case with Security Lock
  • Measuring Gauge
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Bathmate Towel & Sponge
  • Handball Pump and Power Hose
  • Water Based Lubricant
  • Shower Strap
  • Comfort Insert Pad
My favorites have been the cleaning kit (its a long handled brush with a foam sponge attached), and lockable carrying case.  My girlfriend knows about my pump, but if people every come over I lock it under the sink.  I can't say for sure if anyone has ever seen it and attempted to open it- but I can say if they tried, they failed. I like the cleaning brush because I didn't get one with the hydromax original and cleaning the inside was difficult.  I explain each of these in detail over here, for the curious. I can't say for sure if anyone has ever seen it and attempted to open it- but I can say if they tried, they failed. I like the cleaning brush because I didn't get one with the hydromax original and cleaning the inside was difficult.  I explain each of these in detail over here, for the curious.

Differences between Xtreme and X-Series

The Hydromax X-Series pumps come in x20, x30, and x40, and so does the Xtreme series. The cylinder sizes are identical to their lesser, and so are the gaiters and comfort pads. The difference between them is the valve style.  The X series has a single purpose valve designed to expel water and prevent air from getting back in.  It's also capable of handling 35% more vacuum pressure than the x-series. The Xtreme was built with a multi-function valve that accepts the hand grip pump (with or without the power hose), or it can be used like the original hydromax pump (Compressing the pump against your body to expel water and create a vacuum).  Aside from that valve, and all the extra bonus stuff they throw in- they are essentially the same pump.

A message to everyone ordering the Xtreme

If you have the money, the xtreme is a smart choice. If you don't have the cash don't worry about it, as a new pumper you don't need this pump yet anyway.  But to those who will order the xtreme, follow the directions and do not pump to the point of pain. The first time I used it, I over-pumped (used more suction that I should have, while simultaneously pumping longer than I should have) and earned myself some water retention and a dark red dick for 24 hours. Make sure you start SLOW, and work up your tolerance over time.  I recommend not using the hand grip for the first month, just consider it a bonus item that saved you from upgrading in the future.

Read more about my experience with bathmate

That's about covers everything.  If you have not yet read my original hydropump review, you can do that here.  I touch much more on how bathmate worked for me, and what results I saw after two years of use.  Since these pumps are essentially the same, I only covered what was different and necessary here.

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  1. First let me say thank you for all of your clear and informative comments! YOU ROCK :))
    I've been using the Goliath for a couple months now and erect Im 8.25x 5.25. I've noticed that some guys fill their pumps up almost completely; hitting the side walls! However such is not the case with my Goliath. The size chart on bathmates website ( which I somehow missed when purchasing ) also says to get the closest fitting pump for best results. I'm wondering if A) Ive chosen and am working with the wrong size pump and B) if I should downsize to the x40 Xtreme and return to the Goliath once.. Better equipped? However, I don't want to out grow a $300 pump in 6mo. to have it then be obsolete. What do ya think? Would it make that much of a difference in my growth process or should I stick with what I got?
    Based off your reccomendation, I'm purchasing a sleeve for my Goliath as well. 🙂

    1. Hey Duke - First, thank you for reading the information! It's a labor of love for sure to share what I learned. They say the pump should be close to your current size because often times the opening base is so wide on the larger pumps that with a smaller penis it will suck in the balls (OUCH, trust me its no fun). But if you arent having that issue then you should be good to go with the goliath. The x30 Xtreme is way to small for you, but just wait I bet they will release a larger version of the Xtreme pump soon. Damn its so strong, I love it! I wish it was a little bigger though.

      I think if you have no comfort issues with the goliath then don't worry about trying another sized pump. If you are using the pumping sleeves though then it sounds like you might benefit from the x40 for awhile. I hear you on the money though dude, believe me. When I started I was kinda broke, and well I guess I'm still pretty broke haha. But I just decided if it cost me 300-400 bucks to make my dick permanently larger, it was worth it [to me] for the money. Hope that helps a little dude, any other questions hit me back here!

  2. Hello, Thank you for the honest information about the products you are using its very helpful :). Just one thing I was initially going to go for the new X40 Xtreme since I am 7 x 5.5 and I was going for a more space also I rather get the best as I wont have to pay for another one. Through research I keep noticing that people are using Penomet as well. As you haven't compared the two and thinking that the Xtreme would have a better design to prevent leaking while standing up I want to know which one is better between the two?

    1. Hey dude- You are to big for Xtreme. Its a great pump, and I enjoyed it when I first got it but even I am to big for it now (going from 5.5in to 7.5in over a year and a half). I do have a penomet review, and I think its a better choice for someone with a larger starting size like you. But the Bathmate X40 us also super nice. Consider how much time you want to spend on pumping. If its more than 5 hours a week or so then go with the penomet. Its larger, and got a lot of gaiters you can use to change up your routine. If its less, go bathmate. Its an all in one package and easier to maintain. About the leaking- That really depends on your body shape. If you are a bigger dude weight wise you arent going to get any leaking. If you are skinnier, then you want a more snug fit on your pelvis because youll have less 'padding' to suction on to. This is coming from a guy who started pumping when I was thin, and then I got lazy and gained 10lbs because I stopped hitting the gym. So I think my advice on the subject is solid. Hope that helps dude!

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