Avoiding Counterfeit Bathmate Pumps on eBay and Amazon

Counterfeit bathmate pumps are everywhere, and most people don't understand what the problem is.  The most common argument is that as long as it works, who cares?  Well they don't work, that's the problem.  The people producing these are not in it for the long-term, and because a penis pump is somewhat taboo they know most people wont complain publicly about their pump breaking.

Some counterfeits have a fairly positive reputation, like Louis Vuitton stuff.  People will buy it because no one can tell the difference - but a penis pump is a tool with functioning parts. So while visually they appear similar, the quality and internal parts are not.

Identifying a counterfeit pump...

fake-bathmateThey are hard to discern from the real thing, but 70% of the knockoff pumps use a metal spring inside the valve area. Not only will this spring rust, it's also a dangerous sharp metal piece that could break through the top of the pump and cause serious injury.

Genuine Bathmate products never use metal springs, or any springs inside the valve tip.

There are other indicators, but without owning a genuine bathmate pump they are impossible for the naked eye to identify. Here are a few of the more obvious indications that a pump is a fake:

  • Thin, low quality plastic cylinder.
  • Rougher texture on the matte areas of the pump.
  • Uneven vacuum pressure.
  • Weak gaiters that wear out in weeks.
  • Upside down ruler stickers.

To touch on each of these issues with a counterpoint-

  • Genuine Bathmate Pumps use Thick Hardened Plastic that is virtually unbreakable.
  • The matted texture is smooth, and not chalky.
  • Pressure is tested on every pump, and is safe and internally even.
  • Gaiters are thick soft rubber that lasts years.
  • Pumps are quality checked before shipping.
  • Shipped from anyplace other than the US or UK.

Fake bathmate pumps tend to break immediately, sometimes without even one functional pumping session.  This is not a concern for the counterfeiters who are you going to complain to?  It's a fake product, do they have no valid warranty or guarantee attached to them.

How to avoid getting a fake product?

First- Avoid any of these KNOWN counterfeiters and their products;

  • BathBuddy
  • AndroBath

The only way to ensure you are getting a genuine product is to order from a certified retailer. The counterfeit pumps are a real problem on eBay and Amazon.  Some sellers on Amazon even have a prime badge. To get the prime badge, a bulk shipment must be accepted into an Amazon Warehouse.  These guys manufacture them in bulk and sell through as many channels as possible. So any small shop you see selling them, I would avoid. Certified Official Bathmate Retailers Include:

These shops are not hard to find in google or anything, most people who find they bought a counterfeit product usually are the people who were searching for a better price.  I can relate to appreciating a good deal, but the prices on these sites do not fluctuate. Bathmate is a brand name, and the pricing is set by the official manufacturer. Finding one for cheaper than the price listed is likely counterfeit product.

Seized Counterfeits from South Korea

The majority of fake pumps are manufactured outside the US / UK area.  Here are some pictures from the most recent police bust in South Korea. They were paying for individual parts to be manufactured in different places for really cheap, and then using glue to piece them together. They were surprisingly a very close visual match to the real thing. They broke easily though, like all counterfeit products do. It took a year long court battle after locating the producer of these fake pumps, to shut down his operation.

This is the source article, translated from Russian using google translate. I couldn't find any english versions of it:

Thousands of fake Bathmate seized on wholesale bases. Throughout the year, trials were carried out and it is only a drop in the sea. Companies encroaching on quick profit more and more - says John Oakes, the inventor of the Bathmate.

Year court battle finally over - from the opening of the proceedings, until the final phase of the complete destruction of counterfeit Bathmate, manufactured by skilled craftsmen in South Korea.

Organization of four, which practically "on the knee" at home forged hydraulic pump bathmate. Flasks pumps poured at the factory for the production of bottles, pumps at the local rubber factory. Home glued parts ordinary glue. Cbyvali this product in the sex shops under the brand bathmate, giving a fake for the original. Moreover, the goods got to the warehouse. Judging by the number, craftsmen worked day and night. Exposed the scam client of one of the sex shops. Boxes pumps were printed with excellent printing quality. But the quality of the pumps to be desired. "It's a sigh of relief, but we know that the battle is not over yet, ahead of China," adds Oakes.

"To counterfeit activities of small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly leads, greed, short-term profit. They did not develop, do not pass the test, did not pay for patents and trademarks. Simply copy and sometimes such a wretched way, as in this case.

Now 90% of Internet sekshope - ephemeral, filled with dangerous counterfeit, counterfeiting with China, Korea, India, all well-known companies. Lacking funds for factory goods, young entrepreneurs who call themselves: we are "a group of professionals." Young people, often 13-18 years, creates online stores and ready to buy worthless goods at bargain prices, to sell cheaper than the original, making a real strong competitor firms "explains Mr. Beaumont, legal oversees brand Bathmate.
bathmate.ru - source in russian



ATTENTION! : If you discover you actually bought a counterfeit product, PLEASE leave a comment on this post citing where you ordered from so I can list the names of shops to avoid for other guys.

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