Counterfeit VigRX Plus Warning

VigRX Plus is a popular pill, and when something gets popular it sometimes gets copied for profit. There are thousands of fake, imitation vendors on eBay, Amazon, and smaller auction websites. If you bought VigRX Plus from anyplace but their official homepage, there is a fairly good chance the pills you received were fake. If you felt pills you ordered from a third party didn't work as well as expected, that's likely why.  These imitators copy the packaging, and ingredient list but they don't have the same manufacturing standards or formulation of the Authentic VigRX Plus.

To prevent this from happening VigRX Plus implemented an authenticity checking system on their website here. Every box has a special, unique code printed on the front that can be entered on the website above to verify whether its real or counterfeit.

How To Identify Counterfeit VigRX Plus

They implemented this system for all containers made after December 20th, 2012. It is possible a manufacturer will still have very old stock for sale, and the pills are authentic. If your VigRX Plus does not have a verification code, make sure it was manufactured BEFORE December 20th, 2012.  If it was manufactured after, or if it has no printed manufacture date then it is FAKE. 

Another way to avoid ineffective fake pills is to check the pricing. Much like Apple's product pricing, VigRX has a set pricing structure in place, because like Apple has demonstrated, when your product is of superior quality there is no need to create discounted or cheaper versions of the product.

What If I Have Counterfeit Pills

You can reach VigRX Plus customer support to report your pills as counterfeit, and share where you purchased them. I have not personally ever bought a fake product, but I am sure they would have no issue offering you some type of "thank you" for you reporting the fake pills.

What Do Real VigRX Plus Pills Look Like?

REAL VigRX Plus looks like pepper in the pill capsule. Some of the fakes have all white powder, although any color other than "pepper" is not authentic VigRX Plus and should not be consumed. This is a safety issue, and all counterfeits should be reported and thrown away. You should not take a pill that has not been tested, and what's the purpose in taking a counterfeit pill anyway? You wanted VigRX Plus when you purchased them, because its the best there is.

What Pricing Structure Indicates Authentic Pills?

Like I said above, VigRX Plus has no need to offer cheaper prices to sell their product, it sells just fine at its current price and hundreds of thousands of men have reordered at the current prices. Because of this, it's a good idea to always look at the prices the third party vendor you may buy from is offering the pills at. Here is the default pricing structure you should see, anything listed significantly lower than these prices is very likely to be a counterfeit;

  • 1 Month Supply - $76.99
  • 2 Month Supply - $143.99
  • 3 Month Supply - $205.99
  • 4 Month Supply (Silver Package) - $267.99
  • 5 Month Supply (Gold Package) - $329.99
  • 6 Month Supply (Platinum Package) - $384.99
  • 1 Year Supply (Diamond Package) - $489.99

If you are feeling daring and want to order them someplace else for less,and hope they are the real thing, just ensure you verify the authenticity check number on the front of the packaging. And obviously, use a credit card so if they send you fake pills, you have some means of getting your hard earned money back.

Where Can I Buy AUTHENTIC VigRX Plus

I only share authentic product websites, and only recommend products that have personally worked for me. That being said, any button on this website that links outbound is safe to follow. Aside from that, here are the only Authentic VigRX Plus Vendors;


(If you have more questions about Fake or Counterfeit products, you can reach the VigRX Plus team here.)

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