Top Recommended Penis Extenders 2014

Before you make your decision to purchase a penis extender, remedical-devicesad my entire review of the extender you are debating on. Unlike the other people who write reviews, I actually bought, used, and reviewed these devices.  You aren't going to find a more candid overview than you will here, I promise you that.

All penis extenders work using something called traction. It works, it has been proven to work, and several of these devices are prescribed for daily use after enlargement surgery to maximize gains.  Because they all work on the same principle, evidence of one extender working is evidence of them all working, the primary difference is the quality of the device you choose.

Quality means how comfortable wearing it is (this is huge), how much support is offered, and what kind of guarantee they offer.  I have personally owned every extender I review, which is something no one else can honestly tell you. I believe in the products I recommend, I wont tell you to buy something if its not the best.  Here are the devices I found to be the best value per dollar.

SizeGenetics LogoSizeGenetics is the brand you see most often, that's because its comfortable. It fits under your clothes easily, made strong and offers an awesome "get all your money back for sharing your results" offer. They have been in business for 16 years, they know what works, and have a few legit medical endorsements from doctors. Their extender is a CE- Medical Grade Certified Device, which is a fancy way of saying it has been proven to treat a medical condition (micro-penis). I selected them as number one because I know from personal experience how comfortable SizeGenetics is to wear, and I love the Penis Health program they include.

Their penis extender has been clinically proven to produce results. That's not a gimmick, you can read the actual clinical trial medical reports in my hands-on review. If you want to get more confidence, and feel more confident when your naked, this is the most effective way get that aside from working out and becoming Arnold Schwarzenegger number two.  I encourage you to read my whole review and not just skim through looking for highlights. I took time to evaluate and rate these devices based on my real experience, and I believe I have the most useful insights for guys like me who wanted to get that extra confidence.


x4 Labs Extender - #2

x4-labs-logox4 Labs is also VERY wearable, they have their own patented dual strap design that distributes the friction across the whole shaft of your penis. They have a nice engraving service to personalize the extender to you, an elegant touch. The extras offered don't compare to SizeGenetics, but the device is solid and made well.  Its a good product, ships from North America and is also certified as a Medical Grade device for the treatment of micro-penis.

The money back guarantee they offer is the same, either you grow your penis using their system and routine, or they will refund you. The cost is a little less, and if price is an issue I recommend the x4 Labs as your second option.  Pickup the Quad-Support system if you opt for X4 as well, its a pretty nice addition.  Find out more about their system here.


Male Edge Extender - #3

Male Edge ExtenderThe Male Edge isn't my favorite, but it is certified and gets the job done. The design is made of plastic, and has no metal extender bars but instead utilizes a system similar to those toy cone swords that extended out when you swing them hard. It locks in place, and works well for the most part.  Another great warranty with them, which is why I chose them as one of the top three devices. They use the strap system, and its comfortable.

I think the best aspect of the Male Edge is the cool designs and colors they innovated. No other extender looks as cool as the Male Edge, and while appearance is not a factor in how effective the device is, having a more appealing and modern look helps a lot of men explain it to their girlfriends. My only beef with this device is sometimes the extender rods collapse in due to the amount of pressure being used. Read my whole take on the Male Edge to get all the information you need.


    1. SizeGenetics is really comfortable, and since you commented on the penis extenders page here I assume you are thinking about trying one out? They work as long as you wear them consistently Vikas. As for "medicine", there is no pill that will make your penis bigger. I review a couple supplements but they are to make your erections stronger, and increase how long you last. If someone tells you a pill will make your penis larger, they are lying to you.

      If you aren't interested in an extender, there are a couple of pumps I recommend that I own and use. They work great for girth and some length gains. I hope that helps you make a decision bud.

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