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October 20th, 2015
Euro Extender is a sister company of Jes-Extender. Its a good product at a lower price-tag than the Jes. I recommend it for those who are on a budget. Not the most comfortable, but if you can get used to wearing it then it will do the job.

Euro Extender is manufactured by the same folks who make the x4, so it holds the same CE Medical Device Certification the x4 has. They offer a package deal with several penis enlargement products, if you order their extender they include PE pills, manual PE exercises DVD, the extender and extra parts. 650k extenders have been sold with the help of some major media outlets. The European Doctors that recommend it are licensed and verifiable, all that information is on their website, along with 24 hour support reps.

6 Month Money Back Guarantee

The guarantee isn’t as long as some of the others I have seen, but you get what you pay for and this is more geared towards the man looking for an all-in-one package. Still, six months is more than enough time to test it out and get some results. There isn’t any catch with this guarantee; if you don’t get results then you will get your money back after returning the device. The free extras are yours to keep free of charge.

The lifetime warranty is pretty impressive given the price tag of the euro extender. They will replace any parts that bend, snap, break, or otherwise cease to function. This is all at their expense; you just cover the shipping and handling.

Show Me Before & After Photos

Because all Medically Certified Penile Extenders work under the same principle of traction and cell division, any before and after photo from any brand is evidence that extenders as a whole work. What you want to consider when you choose a brand isn’t the picture proof as much as the comfort, quality, and support provided. That being said, here are before and after photos for the euro-extender.

Comfort Level and Traction

The euro extender utilizes the silicone strap for versions of the extender they make, its soft and gets pretty good traction on your member. To keep your manhood extra comfortable they include four memory foam pads to put either around your penis before using the strap, or to place around the top piece for less pinching and more traction. It also comes with gauze, 6 cleaning pads, and 4 extra comfort straps. The extra straps are nice, they wear out after a month or two depending on how often you wear your extender and waiting for more is a pain sometimes. The euro extender has less bulk than other extenders, which is nice because you want to focus on stretching not on fiddling with all the plastic parts.

Treating Peyronie’s Disease

A percentage of the population has a bent penis (Estimates of the prevalence of Peyronie's disease range from less than 1 percent to 23 percent), meaning it has either a slight angle or curves to the left or right. This is medically known as Peyronie’s Disease, and it is treatable with the euro-extender. If you are happy with your size but need to straighten your penis you are out of luck, these devices work using cell division to add length so you will gain length whether you aim to or not. I think its safe to say for 100% of men this wont be a problem.

The Quality and Presentation

The quality is good, id give it a 7 on a scale to 10. It does not come with any type of real storage other than a brown box. I think a personal enhancement tool should look amazing and elegant, including the packaging. Its psychological, you want to take care of yourself and improve yourself as a man, then you get best so you FEEL good wearing it. Just like a nice suit or tie. That aside, it includes a training DVD with a manual and exercises. They also offer a small edition of the extender for 50 dollars more; this is geared towards men with a micro-penis and cannot use the regular sized extender yet. This is cheaper than a lot of other places, so if you have a very small starting size (2.2 inches) you should pickup their mini extender. It will save you about 30 dollars over the other brands small editions, and you can just buy more extension rods as you get bigger.

The parts aren’t plastic wrapped which is a little odd to me, I like everything new I invest in to arrive in a condition I deem “untouched”, but its not a deal breaker. No travel case, but you can easily pickup some small case from the store to keep it in if you need to remove it at work or in a public place in a hurry. Overall it’s a good extender physically, It wont break on you, and while its not the most comfortable it will get the job done if you wear it for 8 hours a day.

Bonus Penis Enlargement Pills

The PE pills included are branded Sinrex, and claim to increase your ejaculation, blood flow, and orgasm. They are a fairly well known brand with a good reputation, and a 6 month supply will cost you around 200 bucks without the package deal they offer. Keeping blood flow to your penis is VERY important when following an extender routine, doing kegels to restore blood flow every few hours is a good strategy to maximize gains. The pills improve blood flow without you consciously thinking about it, which is great for a passive PE system like an extender. So it’s a good bundle.

Shipping and Delivery

Ships in a brown box with no markings indicating its contents. Discreet billing as well, they wont charge your debit card with penis-extender anywhere on it. Since this is a sister company they use the same generic company name as a couple other brands. Delivery to anywhere in the country that has a mailbox or post office. Takes a day for them to package and ship your order, with delivery through FedEX, UPS, or EMS depending on your location. That means you get a tracking number and know when it will arrive rather than hoping no one opens your mail.

Major Media Coverage

This should never help you make a buying decision, always base your decision on quality, comfort, and effectiveness. That being said, Euro Extender has been discussed on CBS, NBC, FOX, and had several articles published in online magazines.


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