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I have been making use of several exercises to maximize my growth, and I shared some of those techniques publicly to help people get the basics down. They work great, but cannot compare to the massive collection of custom exercises Penis Health has put together. Making a habit of doing the exercises they teach guarantees you a longer, thicker, healthier penis in a matter of weeks. It only takes about 15-30 minutes a day depending on how long you choose to use them, and you can use them (and should) in conjunction with a vacuum pump or stretcher.


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Penis Health is #1

The most popular reason given for signing up with Penis Health was to improve ejaculation control. Premature Ejaculation is a problem millions of men have to deal with, but there is a solution to help you last longer in bed. One of the techniques they teach is the STOP method, to improve ejaculation control - this one helped me last a lot longer for my girlfriend.

Does It Help With Length and Girth?

The Penis Health DVD shows you over 33 exercises, in high definition video, nine of which you cannot find anywhere else on the Internet. You can access the HD Videos and Step-by-Step picture guided exercises online as well, its literally available anywhere you have Internet access and a computer.

Forum Support and Advice

When you become a member of Penis Health, whether its the premium package or the basic membership, you are granted access to their member forums. They are filled with people who are doing the exercises, posting their own progress and advice, tips etc...  Its an awesome resource, and will help keep you motivated and on track by keeping up with like minded men with the same goals as you.

Thicker, Longer, Healthier Penis - Guaranteed

6 Months Full Money Back Guarantee if you don't see results by using the techniques they teach you on the DVD. I personally recommend the online access account, so you can get right in and begin using the exercises they teach.  Introduce yourself on the forum, and get acquainted with other members, check out their progress.

The unique exercises, extremely detailed how-to guides, videos, support forum, 24/7 live tech support from the developers, and finally the money back guarantee.  These are the reasons Penis Health is rated as the most effective penile exercise program by their members.

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Penis Advantage #2

Penis Advantage is a great program as well, and it aims to teach you a myriad of different exercises used to lengthen and thicken your penis.  Many of the exercises available from Penis Advantage are also made available online for free, but not with the level of detail and explanation offered by the membership.

Why Aren't They Number One?

They don't offer any exclusive exercises, and they don't offer any training DVD programs. Most people will make use of the online system more, however having the ability to see close up and in full detail how to perform an exercise is the difference between getting immediate results and waiting for weeks.

Support and Community

Penis Advantage also offers a support community, which is going to be vital to your success. Their whole package is a little less expensive so if you are on a budget its still an awesome program with some excellent tools. The communities are both populated with great people who are there to help and encourage you.

The penis advantage is more of an ebook than an online training system, which isn't as friendly and interactive compared to PenisHealth, but a very well put together package to say the least.

Get Results - They Guarantee Them

They guarantee you will see results, but that's about as specific as the guarantee gets. They do offer two months money back, so if you aren't satisfied with what you get ask for a refund within two months and start PenisHealth.  They boast 12k users strong, and they have been around for a long time.  You will get results with this program, there's no doubt about it. It just isn't nearly as exciting or interactive as the alternative.

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