Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit) Reviewed by a REAL GUY

Fleshlight is well known for their sex toys; I think they make good products, I have owned one of their fleshlights in their earlier days before they brought in adult film stars. When I saw the banner for the Stamina Training Unit (STU for short) they had my attention, and shortly after my money. This is my review of the Fleshlight STU.

I agree with almost everything the company shares on the sales page, primarily the idea that a pill or a cream is not going to make you a better lover. I also discussed that when I covered the causes of premature ejaculation, because it’s an idea I believe is worth integrating. No pill, lotion, cream, or pump has the ability to alter your physical tolerance for stimulation, or the mental anxiety that causes overexcitement and early ejaculation.

The STU Official Claims & Promises

  1. Greatly improved stamina in bed
  2. Improved sexual technique and rhythm
  3. More intense orgasms
  4. Massive improvement in ejaculation control

“If you can last 10 minutes in the Stamina Training Unit, you can last 20 minutes in bed with anyone.”

The Fleshlight STU is designed tight with smooth bumps on the inside, they're job is to force ejaculation control via constant stimulation. It comes in a special edition gold case, some sample lube, an ebook emailed to you, and their patented “SuperSkin” masturbation sleeve. The price tag is completely reasonable at $60 bucks; much less than any of one of the ineffective creams or magic herbal cures that won't do squat for you.

What Does a Fleshlight Feel Like?

Inside the stamina training unit are about one hundred marble sized sensitivity balls, or “speedbumps”. The inner canal texture starts at less than half an inch in and feels real if you run hot water through it before getting started. If you are a guy who isn't sexually experienced, and cum way to fast in your lady friend there is no doubt this will make you cum within five or ten pumps, and I am speaking from experience.

The tightness is unrealistic in my opinion, unless you have an asian girl. I have only ever had sex with a woman who was close to being as tight as the STU feels, and it was a small asian-thai mixed girl.

Stamina Training Unit Inner Sleeve Speedbumps and Casing

The feeling can be changed, you can use cold or hot water, and the end cap adjusts for suction and cleaning purposes. If you tighten up the end cap completely, it feels like you are getting the most powerful blowjob you have ever experienced. Loosen it up for sexual training, and tighten it more as you start to last longer.  When ordering they offer the "pure orifice" or "lady orifice" styles. Personally I went with the Lady Orifice, the Pure style just looked weird to me.

Lady Orifice and Pure Orifice


Does The Fleshlight STU Really Work?

Yes, without a doubt I recommend this with my name on the line, it works, and it's fun to use. Before I tried it I was skeptical of it being another overpriced sex toy for me to jack off with. After using it, I am telling you that no pocket pussy or sex toy feels as real as the fleshlight does, or is as elastic and soft. The speedbumps inside the stamina edition are perfect for stamina training.  This is for any guy who is committed to stopping their premature ejaculation from happening again.

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My Experience With Fleshlight STU

Firstly- I live with my fiance, and using this everyday would be hard without her knowing, so I let her in on what I was planning to do. Told her no promises, and I was just going to give the guarantee a run for its money. I have a pretty laid back fiance, being direct may not work for everyone.

First time I used it I used it in the shower with soap as lube, I lasted seven pumps before reaching my threshold and stopped moving. After the urge to cum subsided I took it off, SLOWLY because my head sensitive from rubbing against the bumps inside. It feels so good that all my muscles tense up when taking it off or putting it on, I have to use my abs to help control my sensitivity (if that makes any sense).  This was my routine for the first month, I made little progress.

Month two I reached 20 pumps before reaching the point of no return, and was able to last 5 minutes in bed with my fiance without slowing down more than once to regain control. Month three I still have a hard time going more than 30 pumps non-stop in the Fleshlight, It becomes more of a mental game you play with yourself to see long you can last.

For me thirty pumps in the fleshlight stu is equal to 6 minutes non stop thrusting with my significant other. Impressive for a guy who felt like cumming after 1-2 minutes before using it. My stamina is better in bed, and my erections are so much harder.

Results I Personally Experienced

  1. Girlfriend noticed I was lasting longer in bed
  2. Tripled how long I can have sex without “pausing” to regain control
  3. WAY stronger erections and more of them
  4. Better mental control over my ejaculation
  5. I know my own body a lot better
  6. My penis head isn’t overly sensitive anymore (or at least a LOT less)

Something they don’t advertise is how strong your kegeling muscle becomes after regular use. I think that’s why my erections are so much harder, when feel like cumming I do one long kegel to hold back ejaculating- I think that’s important because everyone knows kegeling is a useful exercise, but you need something pushing you towards the brink so theres a reason to kegel hard.

I HIGHLY Recommend Using These Tips & Techniques

  • Breathing techniques were a LOT easier to practice and master with the STU. For me it was much less of an “on the spot” feeling, and I was able to concentrate on my whole body. This made it easy for me to try tensing different muscles and breathing in different rhythms to gauge what was most effective.
  • Stop masturbating completely once you have the stamina training unit, and limit how many times you are allowed to finish off what you started. Mine was twice per week, all other days I was only training and didn’t allow myself to climax. This made my orgasms in bed amazing, seriously more pleasure than I have ever felt.
  • Test different stroke patterns, angles, and how you are achieving thrust. Put it between two couch cushions and you will find without holding it in your hands, you feel like cumming a lot faster. I felt it in the back of my legs, this stuff is so useful to know about yourself

A Bit About Cleaning and Maintaining Your Fleshlight

Keeping the STU sleeve clean is pretty simple, after use just run it under some hot water for a few seconds. The inside canal stretches out like elastic, putting it over the faucet and letting it power spray out the bottom is the easiest way to wash the inside that I have found. The plastic flashlight shaped gold case is more of a pain if you use lubricants. Still, some soap and water with some pressure behind it rinses everything clean.

Fleshlight Billing and Shipping Policy

Like most purchases you make online, Fleshlight bills you with a generic company name. They will use either "ILF Inc." or "Interactive Life Forms. They take all credit cards, and if you are concerned about your partner seeing the billing name printed on your statement, they offer payment by money order.

Fleshlight Discreet Plain Box Shipping

The billing names aren’t plastered all over the internet though, so even a search won’t assist a snooper. The generic names listed are the same names printed on shipping labels. Everything is shipped with a tracking number via UPS, unless you request delivery to a post office box. PO Boxes are allowed, and will ship using USPS without tracking.

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