Bathmate Power RingsHow using a cock ring while pumping can boost your results

Bathmate Power Rings are another accessory released to improve your pumping results. The power rings can be slipped on before pumping to keep more blood in your penis while pumping, or alternatively after pumping to maintain your thicker state longer.  The three rings available are named (in descending order of girth); Barbarian, Gladiator, and Spartan.

bathmate all three power rings


They are pretty cheap ($10.00), and fit easily inside any of the Bathmate pumps. They are branded for pumping, but can be used to maintain a stronger erection during sex as well.  I don't recommend these one way or another, its more of a personal choice a man makes after weighing his own goals against the benefits of ring pumping. That being said, I have used them all and they are high quality material. No edges, very smooth and comfortable. Easy to remove, and super elastic- which is important to prevent penile tissue damage when girth pumping.

Do I need to buy a Bathmate brand ring?

Nope, definitely definitely not.  The benefit afforded by the Bathmate branded rings is

  • (a) the Bathmate guarantee that is attached to anything they sell
  • (b) they are guaranteed to fit inside the bathmate cylinder
  • (c) the power rings aren't to stiff / solid

You can pickup any cock ring that does the same thing from for about the same price.  These rings are particularly squishy and soft, which is INCREDIBLY important if they are going to be used while pumping.  Using a snap button cock ring, metal ring, or any other ring that does not stretch to fit your pumped size CAN and likely WILL cause discoloration of your penis.  Using a cock ring while pumping can greatly enhance the increase in girth, but the choosing the right consistency ring is important to avoid any negative side effects.

Important Tips and Notes

  • Your penis shaft veins will become more engorged, and visible when pumping with a cock ring than without.  This is due to your penile vascular system will have a higher blood pressure with the ring on. This means while using a cock ring you should not pump to your non-ring limit. Take it slow, and find what is comfortable the same way you did when you first began pumping.
  • Do not wear the ring for longer than 30 minutes after pumping to a fully engorged state. While ring pumping will bring faster and greater gains, it also cuts off the fresh supply of oxygenated blood to the penis. Longer than 30 minutes without oxygenated blood WILL result in tissue damage.
  • To avoid discoloration while pumping in general (without or with an enhancement ring), keep a time limit of 10 minute sessions.  After 10 minutes, remove the pump, and jelq your penis for a few minutes before using the pump for another 10 minutes.  This will ensure adequate blood flow, and prevent discoloration from over-pumping.

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