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I own the SizeGenetics Deluxe package, and have been using it "full-time" for over 4 months now.  Before I bought it I was searching for opinions and reviews, and all I found was a TON of promotional material telling me how wonderful it is.  So, seeing as how I have been involved in PE for about a year, I started this site to give straight answers instead of rehashing the same old material over and over again which is what I see a lot online.

I should share the extender does work, I have gained a little over an inch in the time I have been wearing it. This mini-review style pro-con list isn't meant to give you all you need, this is more just to explain the real story behind what it takes to grow your penis using these devices.  This is a long list, and the pro outweigh the cons by a landslide however none of these other people who write reviews every share this information, most likely because they have never really owned or used any of the things they review.

I used asterisks with a number on them on the items I have more to share about, and you can find that on the bottom.

  • Medically Certified Device (it's safe).
  • Proven in Clinical Trials to be Effective 99% of the time. *1
  • You can upgrade the device to use different gland attachments *2
  • It hides easily under most pants (no skinny jeans).
  • As effective as surgery. *3
  • You can get it completely free if you show your progress (more on that here). *4
  • Uses silicone comfort straps instead of tubes (It doesn't choke your penis to death)
  • Definitely raised my your self-confidence.
  • The Penis Health membership is awesome, it played a large role in my success. *5
  • Made of strong materials that wont break or snap while wearing (the male edge is an example of cheaper quality plastic designs) *6
  • Desensitizes your penis a little (this happened to me, they don't advertise this. It made me last longer in bed). *7
  • Permanent growth with no upper limit on how big you can get *8
  • Way cheaper than surgery, which is only effective in about 30% of men anyway.
  • Shipping really is discreet, you can deliver to your job if you don't want your wife or significant other knowing.
  • $50 dollars off if you use the discount link below *9
  • Fixes the dent or curve in your penis (I dont have a curved penis, but I understand how extenders work, and correcting a curve has also been proven in clinical trials)
  • Girth gains accompany Length gains if you use the extender consistently (I gained 0.25in around)
  • It takes a couple weeks to adjust to wearing it all the time comfortably. *10
  • Results are not immediate despite all the hype-ish claims. *11
  • Patience and commitment is the number one factor controlling your results (this is not a con for me, but most people do not like committing to anything).
  • The metal bars are cold on your dick.
  • Buying the cheaper package means you are gonna need to order more extender rods and comfort straps, rendering the basic package useless for most people. *12
  • No one wears the device for 8 hours straight - You must remove every two hours and restore blood flow- then reattach. *13
  • You have to fit wearing the device into your daily routine, and set aside 10-15 minutes every few hours to adjust.
  • No urinating while wearing the extender. *14



The PRO Asterisks

This isn't fine print, I am expanding on the statements above.

*1 - It has been proven in several clinical trials to be effective. You can view the Clinical Trial results in a PDF from the Wiley Online Library here.

*2 - There are several gland attachments, including the silicone tube, silicone strap, Velcro straps, and even custom suction heads. (Contact me directly for suction information)

*3 - This is not a medical fact, I came to this conclusion myself after watching some documentaries about penis enlargement and learning penis extenders like SizeGenetics are PRESCRIBED by doctors after surgery to ensure gains are made.

*4 - You can learn more about that offer here; It basically says if you buy the deluxe edition and take before pictures measuring your length then you qualify for a reward refund after you document your progress.  Its an awesome deal that most men don't take advantage of because they forget to take the original pictures.  Read more about it here.

*5 - The PenisHealth membership basically shows you how to do a lot of manual, physical based PE exercises like Jelqing, tugging, etc...  They are essential to restore blood-flow and to keep your penis healthy. I use what I learned everyday in the shower, and you will too. Super easy to do and to memorize.

*6 - The MaleEdge is made completely of cheap plastic, and even uses plastic in place of the metal rods.  Its not completely awful, but I don't recommend it.

*7 - This is just for me, I haven't heard to many other people talk about this online. I can last a lot longer now, it could have been a combination of the extender and the manual pe exercises I was doing. I just want to include all the PRO and CON items I experienced.

*8 - The gains are permanent because the sizegenetics extender is causing your penis tissue to expand and grow new cells. I have no reason to stop using it, and I don't see why I would stop gaining length.

*9 - I earn a small commission if you order from the link on my page. It helps me out a lot to cover the costs of hosting and my time writing the review. If you do decide to enlarge your penis, and if my review helped you out, please use the link below. Its a great help.

The CON Asterisks

Just expanding more on what I stated above so you get a clear understanding of what the real deal is.

*10 - When you first wear the extender you will feel it.  It wont hurt unless you put it on completely wrong, but it will feel uncomfortable for the first hour or so until you get accustomed to wearing it.  Not an issue if you are committed to growing your penis, but you should know this ahead of time.

*11 - No, you wont ever find a product that will grow your dick 4 inches in a month. A lot of men buy this thinking its some magic pill, and after a week get angry they don't have a huge penis.  These are PROVEN to work, it worked for me and I am still using it. But it takes dedication, and you have to wear it for 8 hours a day, not two.

*12 - If you go with the lesser expensive package its likely because you are short on cash, and that's fine at least you are still willing to improve yourself. Just know after you gain size and your penis adjusts to being stretched more extender rods will be needed. The silicone comfort straps wear out, and you will wind up paying more for shipping and extra pieces. Best bet is to just go with the best package up front, get the gains and then get your money back with the before and after poof.

*13 - I said above the device needs to be worn for 8 hours, but not for 8 hours straight.  Best practice is to remove it every couple of hours and massage your penis, get some blood-flow going and rest for 10 minutes. Then you reattach it and continue for another two hours. Wearing it for 8 hours straight seems appealing, but eventually you will slip out.

14* - I said it before, and its simple. You CANNOT urinate while using the extender. That is another reason for the removal every couple of hours, to handle your business.  This fits snug around your penis head, and your urethra needs to be completely free of obstruction to urinate. Trust me, don't try it.

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