EXACTLY How SizeGenetics Works to Enlarge Your Penis

Example of Traction

SizeGenetics, like all traction devices, work on the principle of traction.  The principle behind traction has been seen by tribal women who put rings around their necks to stretch them as long as possible. The constant stretch exerted by wearing these rings eventually causes cell division. The cells split, making their neck longer.

SizeGenetics works in this same way, but the extender places the force on your penile shaft creating that same pressure the rings cause, but in a more controlled way. The traction is applied along the Corpora Cavernosa. This is the part of your penis that holds blood during an erection. The splitting of the cells causes new healthy cells to be born, or duplicated.

The longer you wear the device, the more your cells divide, and eventually you will find the doesn't feel it is pulling as hard as it once was on your penile glands. That is when you add more extender rods, and repeat the cell division process.

This does not happen quickly, it takes time for your body to adjust and begin replicating cells for growth. The average time to see growth is 1 month of wearing the device for 8 hours per day. After 3 months you will start to see substantial growth.

Copora Cavernosa Image

All penis extenders work on the basic principle of traction even the ones not approved by me and the ones with horrible reviews. There is a difference between the devices, and that is COMFORT and SAFETY.  Those rings the women in those tribes wear are not comfortable. They cannot turn their heads, and if they remove the rings their neck would likely fall over and break from being so long.  That's not the case with your penis because it has no bones, but what is the case is you need a device that you can actually wear for long periods of time.

When it comes to safety, you'll find the majority of cheap extenders are not a CE Medically Certified Device.  That is serious, a penis extender known as F*stS*ze was closed down by the US FDA because it was a danger to everyone who used it.  Always use a certified, trusted device - doing otherwise means risking the health of your penis.

SizeGenetics has the 16-way comfort strap that uses medical grade silicon to ensure a safe, no pinch grip on your penis. They also provide fabric padding, gauze, foam rubber padding, and a bunch of tips for maintaining blood flow and wearing the device safely. That is the primary difference between the cheap extenders and the top rated, high quality devices like SizeGenetics.

How It Repairs Bent Penis

Bent penis, or Peyronie's Disease is a medical condition where the penis bends to one angle, be it left right up or down. The reason this occurs is generally due to scar tissue or or the growth of fibrous plaques. It affects up to 10% of men, and the issue is treatable with a traction device.

How To Fix Bent Penis

This condition is treated using the same principles and same traction device, its all based on cell division.  You wear the extender, and it pulls your penis out straight causing more force to be exerted on the area of your penis which has the affected tissue. Over time, the tissue begins to expand and divide creating new cells. After some months of use you will notice the bend looks significantly reduced, and within six month to 12 months the bend will be completely gone.

Traction devices are a great tool for treating this condition, infact it is the preferred method for treatment by doctors. They generally recommend you purchase a penile traction device, and wear it no less than 5 hours per day to treat Peyronie's Disease.

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