How to Clean Your Bathmate - Alternatives

The video here will show you the best way to keep your bathmate clean and in new condition. This method of cleaning the bathmate will work for 70% of people out there.

-For people like me who use to much soap, and use the hell out of your Bathmate, I explain how to get it looking brand new really fast without a lot of work below.


Bathmate Cleaning Kit

Bathmate Cleaning KitThe manufacturers of Bathmate also provide a super easy cleaning kit that runs about $70 dollars, or $55 dollars if you followed my discount link.  This is the best way to keep your pump clean and looking like new, it comes in a nice kit by UltraMax, inside is a specially sized cleaning sponge, a terry cloth towel, and some non toxic (important) cleaning fluid.

The sponge comes with a replacement head so when its life span is up you don't have to reorder another one right away. The storage case fits the bathmate pump inside with the cleaning tools too. I bought it so I could keep everything in one place nice and neat.

Poor Mans Bathmate Cleaning Technique

I know after using the bathmate several times in a bathtub, with soap, it gets a lot dirtier than the video above shows.  I had to come up with my own way to keep my bathmate clean and new. If your Bathmate looks something like mine below and your rubber gaiter is covered in soap scum or bathtub residue then follow the steps below.

Dirty Bathmate Soap ScumSoap Residue on Bathmate


  1. Warm Water in the sink
  2. Depending on how bad the buildup is, you can use regular dish soap, or for more caked on residue use white vinegar mixed with warm water.
  3. Use a toothbrush to lightly rub the rubber gaiter and the outer plastic casing until its smooth to the touch.
  4. Take toothbrush to the inside and brush the inside of the rubber gaiter first, the buildup on the outside is also on the inside.
  5. Rinse it off and pour Vinegar + Water mixed inside the pump, and swish it around.
  6. Using the same toothbrush, lightly rub the inside of the pump tube.
  7. Rinse off, and stick a couple paper towels inside to dry it off.

That's how I keep mine looking brand new after every few uses. I generally clean mine once a week, which equates to about every 5 uses. Here are the pictures of my Bathmate after cleaning using white vinegar and water following the instructions above;

My Clean BathmateClean Bathmate No Residue


This works well, however I still recommend picking up the cleaning kit and carrying case. Reaching the tip of the pump is difficult using only a toothbrush. This solution will remove pretty much everything with a minute of swishing around the warm water so use this method first, its simple and takes about two minutes total. The cleaning liquid they offer does the same, but it washes away easier and leaves no vinegar smell.


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