How to Jelq- 5 Easy Steps with Pictures

Jelqing is the most effective way add size to your manhood. Coupled with a water based pump, it’s the fastest way to get a thicker penis hands down. Here is a basic guide for newbies who want to start using this exercise right away.

*To learn more about the jelq like advanced techniques or how it works see the top right menu on this page or the exercise category. Before Jelqing, always start with a Warm Up.

Step 1: Rub down your penis with a quality lubricant. The best lubricant for Jelqing is one that wont dry out fast, allowing you to complete several strokes before needing a second application.  (I suggest astroglide)

Step 2: Give yourself a partial erection, 50%-70% of your full erect state.  Your penis should not be erect enough to have sex, but it should be erect enough to where you can feel blood moving in and out when you Kegel.

Step 3: With your dominant hand, make the “OK” gesture while wrapping your thumb and index finger around the base of your penis.  You should get as close to your pubic bone as possible.

Step 4: Squeeze the “OK” grip at the base, and slide your hand upwards towards the head of your penis.  You want enough pressure in your grip that you feel the squeeze, and feel the blood being forced upwards into the shaft and head of your penis.  If the grip is painful at all, you are squeezing to tight, or are using an improper gripping technique.

Step 5: Continue to the glands of your penis, and stop just under the outer mushroom edge of your penis glands (head).  You have just completed one Jelq.  Each stroke should take no longer than 3 seconds, and no less than 1 second.

From One Jelq to Jelqing: From here you want to alternate hands, keeping as much blood as possible in the penis while reapplying the OK grip with your other hand. Each stroke lasting no longer than three seconds, and gripping firmly enough to create pressure inside the penile shaft.

Basic Jelq- The OK Base Grip Basic Jelq- The OK Base Grip
Basic Jelq- Sliding OK Grip to Penile Glands Basic Jelq- Sliding OK Grip to Penile Glands
Basic Jelq- Completing the Jelq Stroke at Glands Basic Jelq- Completing the Jelq Stroke at Glands

Safe Jelqing Rules

  • Always use a lubricant! If you are circumcised, the amount of friction can cause damage unless you are uncircumcised.
  • Always “warm-up” for a few minutes to ensure you are 50-70% erect.
  • Never jelq while you have a full erection, this will damage your penis.
  • Never ejaculate while jelqing, the firm OK grip will prevent your semen discharge and create a painful situation.
  • If you are Uncircumsized, you need to read about the different variations of jelqing.

Five Minute Sessions

Once you get the hang of it, you should have no problem completing 100 Jelqs in 5 minutes. Use this simple routine for your first 30 days. You will immediately notice your erections are harder, and your penis will appear thicker and meatier.

  • Week 1: One 5 minute session – 100 strokes (100 Total)
  • Week 2: Two 5 minute sessions – 100 strokes each (200 Total)
  • Week 3: Two 5 minute sessions – 150 strokes each (300 Total)
  • Week 4: Two 10 minute sessions – 300 strokes each (600 Total)

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how long do i have to jelq to get a big result like 3.5 inches? because i will try it out if it is guarantied to work.


thank you allot for your help but i have a few more questions like will my Gaines from the V-stretch be permanent and with the v-stretch will i get a v shaped dick and if i do is there some way i could fix it. by the way yes i am looking to get longer. thank you for your time.


sorry but there was another question i forgot to ask witch is do you need to do warm ups/warm downs before and after that exercise?


Is Jelqing safeto undertake if you have a small penis ( ie 2 – 3 inches)?


How long after jelqing can I masterbate? Does masturbating an hour after undo the progress?


Is there any real difference between “dry” and “wet” jelqing? Which is a better technique if uncircumcised?


What if a penis erects at it full limit? Do I have to pause and wait then continue? By the way, can I use petroleum jell as a lubricant?


sir ..i have 4 inch penis …plzz tel me how to grow fastly


thanx a lot sir .. today i start jelq. exercise and i think its work for me… but 1 morething i dntundrstnd how to warm up penis


How do you jelq without getting a full erection? Every time I get to about the 8th rep and I have a full on boner. Is it safe to masturbate BEFORE jelqing so I’m not fully hard?


I just started jelquing and I’m wondering how often should you jelq and what will be a result?



Could you name any herbal product/cream increase the size sooner? Also Can you do jelging while you are in the bed or should be standing or sitting? Thanks


sir plz tell me how to increase penis (4 inch)



I have just started to stretch left right up and down for 30 seconds each stretch after a porform a jelqin session of as many as I can for 5 minutes i cant get erect im mostly soft would it still work a bit flaccid if so what would be results in a month


pls i have this problem of quick ejaculation.How will i do this jelging in this kind of situation


Sir, This was very insightful. Thank you.
There’s just another question i’d like to ask.. Are there any exercises or natural methods to gain flaccid length? I’m happy with my erect size(6.5 inches), but my flaccid size is way too small.


Hi there I’m uncircumcised I try doing with one hand.i push skin back then from same hand I jelq is it ok doctor?


sir… are there any negative effects of jelqing?


sir good day.what is the normal penis size?coz i hav 5 inches(erect) to enlarge my dick?how to have 70% erect..thank you and m0re power.


Sir. I feel sme pain in my penis when I do tis exercise. …can I continue r not…today oly I just started it….reply me sir pls…


Sir….am a student I dnt have any money to buy lubricant…so pls suggest me any tip for enlargement penis…my main plus is I can bear a lot of pain….


Should I do this after I exercise or before ?


Should I be jelqing before bed time?


Is warm up really needed? Since I don’t have time to do that and it’s the privacy that matters to me. Or is there any alternative way of getting warmed up? Without using hot water on a towel? We don’t have heater here.I’m from the PH and 16 years old with 5 inch fully erect. It’s really thin and short. By the way what’s the ave. size here? Can I use baby oil (johnsons)?


Reply pls… ercetion also low…and premature ejuculation so show a gud techniques. ..waitng for ur reply…


Hello Sir Georgy,
First of all, I’d really like to hank you for putting up this website to help all guys with all of their manhood all around the world, Thank You.
I have read you’re instructions a couple of times to make sure I understand everything. I would just like to ask regarding the lotions. Is it okay if I use soup? Because i live in the middle of nowhere and the only thing i have is soup. Alot of people tell me that if you use soup to masturbate or jelq, then you’re dick would have an irritation, but i don’t seem to be having any irrigations at all? My dick seems to be completely fine after i jelq or masturate. Is it safe for me to use soup for jelqing? Does It pose any harm or long term effects? Will it have the same effects on my dick with soup then using lotion? Looking forward to you’re answer. Thanks again. You da man!


what will happen if i didn’t warm up or cool down?


hi, i’ve just started to jelq for 3 days and would like to know whether my penis size and girth will stand once i quit jelq for good. best regards.


How does this not stop my natural penis growth,I’m 16. Also do I need to sign up the those websites like etc, like videos on youtube have a link at the bottom ? and when is safe to masturbate before and after jelqing, also how sure are you its safe? Also I’m uncircumsized is so does this mean I can’t jelq?
Sorry about the questions, but thanks dude!


I`m 29 yrs old,does age affect d effectiveness of jelqing?becuase I want to start jelq exercise. Another thing is that I.have d problem of premature ejaculation,hw can stay long during sex?


What i mean dude,I’m 16 so my penis is still growing.What I’m trying to say will it stop(stunt) the growth of my penis,or stop the growth in the future.
The videos and pictures are awesome, you have really helped me.



Jus noticed you avoiding to answer regarding the effect of the exercise on the premature ejaculation.


What happens if u don’t jelqu the head of ur penis? I was told about this and didn’t know to stop at the head…so i tried it for the 1st time and didn’t stop …can it cause any damage and should I wait before doing it again


1. Do I need lubricant if I’m uncircumcised?
2. Do I need to warm up if I’m uncircumcised?
3. If I do stretching on top of jelqing, won’t I detract from girth progress because of stretching’s length extension?



When jelquing…Should I keep constant preasure into the head of the penis at all times? So when my one hand reaches the end of the penis should I let go then stroke with the other hand or not remove the first hand until the second hand is already in motion to keep blood in the head all the time?

Atif khan

Sir i am from Asia and 20yrs old my penis size is 6″ inches but personly i feel small because of seeing porn movies and i want to enlarge my penis at least 2or3 inches plz guide me some effetive exercises and second one that how to measure penis size.Sir i am waiting for your reply Thanks.


sir 1 have 6 inch penis but my girth is small so if i do jelqing everyday how many months it will take to show results ,and does jelqing increases both girth and length


I have an uncut penis and it has a bit of a baseball bat shape and is slightly uneven at the base.
Will jelqing help fix this and make my penis thicker and stronger?
Also, how exactly should I jelq, given I’m uncut? Do i retract the foreskin completely off the glans and then jelq? Please explain.


Sir…I continued jelg for nearly 1 week….nw I feel k wit girth….but for length. ..pls suggest me with v stretch technique…it will so kind off…when u mail wit pics..i cant undrstand when i see ur site….so ..plls help….


Hi. I’m john, beginner.
Can I masturbate and ejaculate after jelq?


i have a question bud, im not neccesarily small im about 7 inches a lil over, but i still want to be bigger both wider and longer like 9 inches. would i see results with these excersizes? if so how soon?


4 questions:

1) About the kegel…you jelq, hold your hand below the head of your penis, kegel, apply the other hand to begin the jelq, then remove the first hand?

2) Do you have a video of the clamping method?

3) When doing the V stretch, I have been holding the head of my penis up with my left hand, and pushing down hard on the middle of the shaft with my right thumb to create the V and hold for 30 seconds. Then I switch to holding the head of my penis down and pulling up with my right middle finger creating the V and holding. Is this good?


After a month of Jelqing using the regimen given, what should we continue with?


Hi Greg…I haven’t seen you post is a few weeks. Are you still available to answer questions? I hope! Aint no commercial here but after a month of jelqing my dick soft went from sticking out an inch now hangs about 3 inches or more….!


Oh…When doing the V stretch, I have been holding the head of my dick up with my left hand, and pushing down hard on the middle of the shaft with my right thumb to create the V and hold for 30 seconds. Then I switch to holding the head of my dick down and pulling up with my right middle finger creating the V and holding. Is this good?


I’m 16 nearly 17 – will jelqing affect the naturall growth of my penis (stunt it) – if not, how do you know this ?


•Week 1: One 5 minute session – 100 strokes (100 Total)
•Week 2: Two 5 minute sessions – 100 strokes each (200 Total)
•Week 3: Two 5 minute sessions – 150 strokes each (300 Total)
•Week 4: Two 10 minute sessions – 300 strokes each (600 Total)
Do I do this everyday of the week?


Here is what I am doing:
1) warming up with a heating pad (much better stretch vs a wet towel)
2) stretch (up, down, left, right and straight out)
3) V stretch, but holding, not moving my finger back and forth. I feel like I can get more stretch by stretching my dick out and pushing into the V.
4) Jelqing 150x once a day.

Thoughts? Should I do more than that now at one time or do it twice a day same amount?


can I jelq and v-stretch everyday?


How can I maintain a partial erection when after my first few jelqs it is already fully erect?