How To Easily Measure Penis Size

Measuring your penis size seems pretty simple, but with all the different "techniques" people use out there, it becomes difficult know what really is the average size and how you measure up. You need a standardized measuring technique that gives you an accurate reading of your width and girth.

Measuring Length

To correctly measure your penis length, you want to use the "bone-pressed" method. This means you take a ruler, or measuring tape and press against your pubic bone firmly.  Everyone guy has a different amount of fat in their pubic region, so pressing firm against your bone gives an accurate reading across the board.

The bone-pressed measuring method goes for both erect and flaccid measuring. Measuring your erect penis is easy, bone press the ruler, and mark down your penis length.  For your flaccid length, you want to grip your penile glands (head) and pull upwards as much as you can without causing pain. This is your stretched, bone pressed length.  This is known as your BPEL (Bone-Pressed Erect-Length) or BPFSL (Bone-Pressed Flaccid Stretched Length) and is the most common measurement you will find on forums, blogs, pretty much everywhere.

Here are some examples of what it looks like to measure your BPEL;

Measuring Girth

To measure your girth you will need a piece of string, or if you used a sewing ruler for length that will work for the girth as well.  Gently wrap the string around the thickest part of your penis, and use a marker to mark where the string ends meet.  The same method is used for measuring flaccid and erect girth. To find your penis width or diameter, take the number you measured from the string and divide it by 3.14.  The abbreviations here are known as EG (erect-girth) and FG (flaccid girth).

How Frequently Should I Measure

Always measure your BPEL and EG before beginning with any type of male enhancement program. A lot of guys make the mistake of measuring after they have been doing PE for a couple weeks, what they fail to realize is much like bodybuilding, beginners often get immediate gains. You want those measured to keep you motivated. Don't be temped to measure your penis daily either though, despite some of the outrageous claims you've no doubt seen, penis growth occurs gradually over a period of time.

It seems tedious, but you wont regret it. Measure your penis before starting any type of PE. Take pictures of your starting size flaccid and erect, with the ruler in place. After logging your initial measurement, once a month is a good interval for measuring progress with PE. I recommend buying a wooden ruler to measure your BPEL, and a ball point pen to mark your starting point.  Then you can keep that ruler and see your' progress similar to when you were a kid and your parents marked your growth against the wall.

Expectations Long-Term

If you are using a penis stretcher, the long term results you see will be permanent however the immediate short term gains you experience will disappear if you stop using the device. All the clinical trials and studies conducted took place over a six-month to 12-month period of time, and that is the same period of time you should dedicate to yourself.


    1. No. Bone pressed is exactly what it sounds like. You press the ruler into the fat pad until it stops. Its not something I made up man, It is a well established principle.

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