How To Perform the V-Stretch- 5 Simple Steps with Video

The V-Stretch is a more advanced version of the basic stretch, and was designed in 2001 by a physics teacher. It works by applying pressure at different points along the shaft which forces the penis into a V shape. This exercise places most of the stress on the suspensory ligaments, as well as along the tunica.

Stretching the suspensory ligaments is how penis enlargement is achieved, whether it be with an extender like SizeGenetics or via manual exercises like these.

As always before performing manual PE exercises, begin with a warmup.

V-Stretch Diagram Detailing Visually How To Perform ExerciseStep 1: Make the "OK" gesture with your non-dominant hand and grip the head of your penis. Pull your penis outward from your body until it is taut.

Step 2: Keeping your penis taut, hook the thumb from your dominant hand on the top of the shaft, near the base of your penis.

Step 3: Press your hooked thumb down slowly, at the base of your penis.

Step 4: Slide your thumb down the shaft of your penis towards the tip. This process should take no more than 10 seconds.  (use a mirror to ensure you are creating the V shape)

Step 5: Slide your thumb back up towards the base of your penis. Maintain the same amount of pressure as you did sliding down.  This should take no more than 10 seconds.

V-Stretching: You should perform this stretch in no more than 5 minute long sessions. Each stroke up and down the shaft should put pressure on the base where the suspensory ligament begins, and at the point of the V. End your session by massaging your penis or smacking it against your leg to restore blood flow.


Performing a V-Stretch - How To V-Stretch - Penis Exercises from Gregory Lancaster on Vimeo.



  • Another method which is also effective; rather than sliding thumb up and down the shaft instead you press the hooked thumb down against the middle of the penis shaft.  Hold this position for a count of thirty seconds, and release.  This is the same exercise, just a different method of executing it. 

V-Stretch Notes

  • The flaccid length of your penis will hang longer for a few hours after performing a 5 minute session.
  • The amount of pressure / force applied plays a large role in how effective this technique is. As fibers repair it will take more pressure to recreate micro-tears  which means you should adapt to the pressure required on an ongoing basis.
  • There are many variations of this stretch, most of them use a bar or broom stick sized tool to do the pressing down for you.  I don't recommend this as your thumb is softer, and safer.

Best Results

  • This is a completely safe exercise to perform daily, but should not be performed more than twice per day.  
  • Soreness from a previous session of V-Stretches is okay, you can still perform the exercise as long as care is taken and the pressure applied is intelligently adjusted.


  1. Thanks for this. Is it okay to do jelqing along with such a stretch (meaning one after the other), or do they need to be done on different days?

    1. Hi Tray- You can definitely jelq and stretch on the same days! But remember jelqing requires a semi-erect penis, and stretching you have to be flaccid. So work out the order that fits you best, ex. Stretch, Stretch, Jelq, Jelq, Break and Repeat.

    2. are you sure this does not damage your penis in years to come, or your balls/sperm and does it actually work ?- jelqing and v stretch. Also If i was 16-17 years old would this affect my natural penis growth ?

      1. As long as you perform the exercises properly, and never stretch to the point of pain, you will be 100% fine. It wont affect your natural penis growth negatively, as in make it smaller.

  2. Today is my first day i found out about all this. This will be my routine:

    -V-stretch 5 minutes
    -Jelq +- 5 minutes
    -warm down

    Do you find this a good scheme? And is it okay to start with the v strech instead of the basic manual stretch? thank you very much.

  3. I realize it is quite hard to slide the thumb back to the starting position due to excess skin. Is lube or lotion required for this routine?

    1. This is the only stretching exercise that you should use lubricant while performing. Some guys use regular lotion, thats fine too as long as its not something to thick like lubriderm.

    1. Thats right, you use your thumb to push down on the shaft creating a V shape (imagine looking in the mirror, side-view). This is one of the more popular exercises for lengthening the penis, and also one of the most effective.

    1. For Jelqing you gotta be semi erect, so only masturbate if you keep ketting a boner while you are jelqing.

        1. However long it takes you to get a semi-erection again- You have to be semi erect while jelqing. I recommend masturbating 3-4 hours after completing your jelqing session.

          1. Damn dude...wish I knew all this when I was 16...when I knew everything.

            The regimen I would like to do is:

            -basic stretch
            -warm down

            Instead of number of minutes per stretch can you tell me the number of stretches per session so I can count vs time? For example:

            -jelq (xx stretches)

            I have read about jelq'ng not less than 3 seconds per stretch so quantity would help.


  4. How long do u have to wait after masterbatting before jelqing and how long do you have 2 wait after jelquing to masturbate

  5. I have been on a medication that severely impacts my libido and arousal as a result I may go for a month without masturbating/ejaculating. Prior to ejaculating tonight I measured myself and it has lost one inch! I have not measured myself in a few years. If these stretches are to increase length then it would make sense to me that not getting an erection and ejaculating so minimally for a few years would decrease the size like any other muscle group. No? I hope you say yes so I can get back what I lost. How will the stretches assist and would I ever get back the one inch and more?

    1. After masturbation you will experience a size loss temporarily, which is why I always recommend waiting several hours after jelqing and stretching to masturbate. You want that stretch to last as long as possible. The penis is a muscle, and using it makes the muscle stronger - like more stamina and harder erections. But using your penis wont make it larger.

  6. A few quick questions:
    1. Can you stretch after you perform a warm down?
    2. Is it required that you perform a warm down after you stretch? how about a warm up before?
    3. Understanding that body type and devotion to stretching vary, on average, If you go 6 months and 6 days a week, 1 day of rest, what do you estimate growth to be around? is the day of rest a benefit in any way?

    1. 1. Yep, stretching does not require any blood to be inside your penis.
      2. No warm down or warm up required after stretching, however it is good practice to do both with any exercise that requires blood to be in the penis.
      3. I can't really estimate your personal growth. I can tell you I grew over an inch in 6 months using sizegenetics.

  7. Hi, i have 2 questions. Can this straighten a curved penis or is there another exercise for that? Also, what do you mean by v shape?

    1. That is awesome dude! Congratulations to you, keep it up and try out the Mandingo stretch (but use with caution).

  8. How often should I do the stretch and jelqing?
    Is doing them every day ok?
    Or should I do them five or six days a week and let my penis has time to recover?
    Thanks for your reply.

    1. You can do them as often as you like, it's really a personal preference. If you are asking how often should you perform the exercises to see fast results, then I say to you; exercise everyday like its part of your morning routine. You will see results if you are consistent. 🙂

    1. Yes it does increase the penis length. You do not use lube during the vstretch, you need a good grip on your head.

      1. In the video the guy uses something on his penis, what is that? is that the same thing thats used before Jelqing?

  9. Can you perform the V stretch effectively while laying on your back in bed? how about the basic stretches (left right up down out)

  10. So I can do this exercise twice a day for 5 minute with no warm up or warm down? even if I'm uncircumcised? Will I see any gains if I'm doing only this exercise?

    1. Yea you will see gains, just do this everyday for 10 minutes. No warm up or warm down is needed for stretching, only jelqing. Whether you are circumcised or not does not matter for stretching either. Keep at it!

  11. I had been doing the jelqing exercise and the stretching daily for one or two months, but I don't think there is a noticeable increase of length. What do you think about that?
    Thanks for your replying.

  12. How much length can I expect to gain? I have always been on the short side, but have always been able to please my wife. I am not looking for porn star size, the length in the video is nice.

    1. You can easily gain an inch inside of a month man. I was 5.5 inches starting out, and I gained about half an inch from stretching and another 1.5 inches using a traction device. You can see my before and after pictures here, just a little motivation to keep you positive. It's also really good for your penis health overall, I have much harder erections since jelqing and stretching.

  13. Can you do the V stretch as well as Jelqing??
    Ex. Lets say I did a V stretch exercise today at 12, could I also do a jelq session later on at like 5??

    1. Hey Hugo - Yea dude you can definitely do both, and I recommend both. Jelq in the morning, Stretch at night is what I do. Stretching I recommend doing twice a day or more, because it's easy to do and shows results really fast. Be sure to take your BEFORE picture so you can compare the results you get after a month!

  14. Great post dude!
    I've recently started to do PE and mostly the stretching.I'd like to know, is it good/normal/bad if i feel a burning sensation at the penis base while stretching (mostly when stretching downwards), its onky during the stretch and after that i dont feel anythingg bad. Have u ever experienced this?

    1. I have, its more of a tingling. Just stretch WITH CARE, and pay attention to your body. You should not feel "ouch" pain at any time, only pulling pressure. After you get accustomed to stretching everyday for about a week, give the mandingo stretch a try. It's crazy effective for gaining length.

  15. Thanks for the reply! One more thing, is it possible to gain length by doing only basic stretching & v stretch, kegel.i've tried to jelq but its quite hard to do si i decided to focus mainly on it possible?

    1. You can gain between 0.5 to 1 inch using manual stretches, and it can happen pretty fast if you are consistent.

  16. Thanks for the reply! One more thing, is it possible to gain length by doing only basic stretching & v stretch, kegel.i've tried to jelq but its quite hard to do so I decided to focus mainly on it effective for length to do that alone?

  17. Hey, thanks for the reply back. That was really needed information. But I have another question.

    I'm only 15 & well I was wondering if doing the stretch excercises & pulling out my "inner penis" will affect my natural growth?? The way I see it is since I've pulled out my inner penis will I still be able to grow naturally??
    Thanks for the reply.

  18. in the jelking method you said that the pines cant be fully hard, does this rule count as well in this method also?
    because i get hard easily and after a couple of strokes i am hard...

    1. Hey ron - when you are stretching you want your penis to be completely flaccid. Jelqing you want a semi erect penis.

    1. Hey Ricky - If you are to small to Jelq then you should be focusing on basic stretches. Focus on that, and work it hard man. Do it everyday and you will see about half an inch gain in a month or so. That should give you the extra length you need to move on to the other exercises.

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