Hydropumps vs Traditional Air Pumps- Which is Better?

The Hydropump category includes the Bathmate and Penomet, both of which can be used completely submerged in water. The traditional pump is a much more broad category, encircling all air based penis pumps. Both styles work under by creating a vacuum around the penis for the purpose of enlargement, and both styles have been used successfully in treating men with Peyronie's Disease and Erectile Dysfunction.

A 'Hydropump' is so named because it uses water as the medium for creating a vacuum around the penis instead of air, which is the basis of all other pumps.

So whats the difference? Why do I, like so many others, prefer a hydropump to traditional air pumps? Why didn't I see any growth using an air pump, but gained girth and length after switching to a hydropump? Those are smart questions, and they are answered in this comparison. Here I am going to take a look at;

  • Which is Easier to Use?
  • Which is Safer?
  • Which Gets Faster Results?

Which Pump is Easier & Faster to Use?

The first major difference is how many hands it takes to actually use the pump.  Traditional air pumps are built with a rubber tube, cylinder, hand grip, and occasionally a pressure gauge. You need two hands to use the pump, and a few minutes to fit the sleeves over the tube.  Compared to a hydropump that only requires one hand, and is designed with no moving parts.

how many hands to use the pump

Traditional penis pumps require more time set aside for use than water based pumps.  One handed pumping means you can get in the shower, fill the pump with water and press it against your body a few times to begin your morning pumping routine.  You can use it while taking a shower or a bath, and it requires no lubrication because its already submerged in water.

Compare that to the traditional pump, which requires two hands for stretching the pump sleeve over the tube, opening and applying lubrication to your penis, wiping the lubrication off your hands before grabbing the hand grip for pumping, and finally holding the pump on your penis with one hand while you squeeze the grip using the other.

The difference is how much time you spend preparing to enlarge your penis versus how much time you actually spend pumping for growth.  The hydropump design saves between three to five minutes, and a lot of frustration.  The clear winner is the hydropump.

Are Both Pump Styles Equally Safe?

Penis pumps can damage your penis- this is a fairly well known fact, its called over-pumping and can cause a burst blood vessel, bruising, or fluid retention.  The way to avoid damaging your penis is to control how strong a vacuum is being applied to your penis at any given time. The way this is accomplished is with gaiters (hydropumps) or pressure gauges (traditional pumps).

how each pump controls vacuum pressure and over pumping

Most air pumps come equipped with a pressure gauge on the hand grip. They work by showing how strong the vacuum is inside the tube.  So ideally, you would know what your limit is, and never go over that limit.  Some air based pumps don't come with a gauge attached, but they are usually the weaker pumps with a rubber squeeze pump.

The Penomet and Bathmate both self regulate the internal vacuum as a side effect of its design.  The gaiters are compressed against your body, and much like a spring, and expands back outward as much as the gaiter will allow.

  • Penomet uses a multi-gaiter system, allowing you to upgrade how strong of a vacuum you can create.
  • Bathmate has an affixed gaiter system, so the vacuum pressure cannot be increased past a certain point.

Because hydropumps have a predetermined maximum vacuum pressure they tend to be safer than traditional penis pumps. Traditional pumps also use a tube remove air from within the tube, once you reach what you feel is a good pump the tube can disconnect.  This is dangerous because the only way to release the pressure immediately with a traditional pump is to run and connect the tube, then press the release valve.  Or to pull the pump off at full vacuum.

vacuum release button

Penomet and Bathmate both use a one finger release valve.  If you feel you pumped to hard, or you begin to feel any pain, one press of a button releases all pressure from the tube and the pump falls off.

How Does Water Affect Pumping?

So far the Bathmate and Penomet hydropumps are the clear choice, but what exactly does adding water to pumping do?  hydropumps are designed to be used in the shower and bath with hot-warm water.  The two biggest differences are;

  1. Skip the traditional warmup routine with hot water on a towel
  2. Less forced blood flow to the penis means easier gains

Warmup up is requires for manual penis enlargement exercises, and for pumping. It takes 5 minutes, and requires you to use hot water on a towel to do just what the name suggests, warm up your penis.  This prevents injury the same way stretching before exercise does.

Instead of the warmup, all that's required is to take a shower and slap your penis against your leg. The hot water does the warm up for you, and the water lubricates your penis enough to use the pump.  No more sticky astroglide cleanup after pumping.

The better blood can flow to your penis during any enlargement exercise, the faster results you will see.  Imagine pumping your flaccid penis - you aren't going to get any larger because you have no blood flow.  Now imagine using an air pump after warming up - you are still pumping around cold air in a tube.

The hydrovacuum created around the penis with water creates for a solid & even vacuum - making for far more uniform and solid erections than are achieved using air-based methods. 

hydropumps fill completely with hot water, and help your cells relax and expand WHILE you are pumping.  Warmer is better, wetter is better.  You can use traditional pumps in water, the result is usually a damaged pump and a plastic tube filled with soap scum and grime that's impossible to completely clean.


It Sounds Like hydropumps are Better than Traditional Pumps

Hydropumps promote penile health and increased sexual stamina and enjoyment, as well as boosting the size of the male organ.

I personally prefer water based penis pumps because they work so great, and are much easier to maintain and clean.  But Traditional pumps have their place.  Air based pumps come in countless sizes, shapes, colors and strengths.  HydroPumping is great for the regular guy who is pumping to enlarge his penis and that's all.  Air pumps are better for guys into fetish pumping, ball pumping, things of that nature.

There's a whole subculture of pumpers who love pumping to the extreme, getting massive fluid retention in their shaft and balls to the point that penetration is not possible.  Most guys wont fall into this category, the majority of us are looking for a way to get a bigger penis for someone we love or for our own confidence.  For those purposes, Penomet or Bathmate are both excellent choices for long term penis enlargement.

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