4 Essential Jelqing Variations

Jelqing is a penis enlargement technique designed to force blood into your penis with a high amount of pressure. That creates little tears in the muscle walls, which heal overnight slightly larger than their original size.  Over time, adhering to a jelqing routine will enlarge your penis girth, length, and create stronger erections by improving how your penis manages blood flow.

This information is more advanced and should be used by men who already understand the basics. Always use caution when performing penile exercises, and always use a lubricant where applicable.

Dry Jelq

Dry Jelqing is the similar to the method described above, but without the use of any lubricant. This is harder on the shaft and especially hard on the skin and should be executed with care. The dry jelq is generally reserved for uncircumcised men, performing the dry jelq on a circumcised penis in one stroke is almost impossible and will cause pain.  Uncircumcised men will notice slight foreskin swelling after performing a timed dry jelq, this typically disappears in several hours to a day.

How To: When dry jelqing, you don't use both hands - rather when your "OK" grip reached the glands of the penis, you lighten your grip enough to allow your hand to slide back down to the base.  You then tighten the same grip, using the same hand, and repeat.

Uncircumsized Jelq

Jelqing uncircumcised poses some risks and side effects, most common is the "turkey neck" effect. This is caused by leaving the foreskin over the glands of the penis (head) while jelqing. It causes fluid buildup, and puts an excessive amount of force on the base of the penis skin, causing the "turkey neck" from skin stretching.

How To: Proper Jelqing when uncircumcised requires retracting the foreskin before every stroke. Best practice for uncircumcised men is to fully release the OK grip when your hand reaches the glands of the penis, allowing your skin to return to its starting position before beginning the next stroke.

The Pinch Jelq (Stretched Jelqing)

This technique does not utilize the traditional OK grip, and is effective in gaining length as well as girth.

Step 1: Grasp the head of the penis with your non-dominant hand and stretch your penis out from your body until taut.

Step 2: Using your dominant hand, place your thumb and index fingers on either side of your shaft, pointing straight down (think vertical drumsticks).

Step 3: Apply pressure evenly on either side while jelqing forward.

Tao Technique

Tao is for creating more of a mushroom head effect to your penis. Its simple to perfor;

How To: Complete a traditional jelq but when you reach your penis head you stop and squeeze. What will happen is the penis head will balloon up and look much larger. Aim for 5 -10 second squeezes, doing the Tao jelq for about 15 minutes.  This will expand the blood vessels in your head, creating more room for expansion during erections.


    1. Because they are awesome! 🙂 and they are 50% responsible for all life on earth. Which means vaginas are just as awesome as penises.

  1. Hey,
    Will the skin contact back to a normal state after being stretched by jelqing an uncircumcised penis? Could you go into more detail over the measures that need to be taken to safely jelq an uncircumcised penis?


    1. That completely depends on how often you do the exercises Abraham, but if you use them everyday for a few months it's 90% likely you will grow half an inch or so.

  2. also i am uncircumcised and have a slight upward bend to my penis. Will jelqing also straighten my penis? it's not really important to me, it's just for aesthetic reasons, i think it would look better.


    - K

    1. Jelqing will not straighten your penis. Daily penis stretching for one hour long will help to straighten out bends, or you can look into a traction device like this one thats proven to correct penile bends.

  3. 50% semi-erection!!... how can u control ur penis whether 50%, 10% or 20% erection..... once i touch my penis... it is full erection....

    1. haha you have a little bit of oversensitivity- this will pass with more experience. Get in 4-10 strokes if possible, then once you are hard just relax and wait until you are at half mast again. Hope that helps, a lot of guys are asking this question

  4. I had a radical prostatectomy two and a halr years ago. I was completely impotent for over two years. Now I am beginning to get about a thirty percent erection, but it only lasts about thirty seconds. I start to masturbate during the hard seconda. I continue when it gets soft by squeezing blood into my cock and then holding my fingers tight round the base. That way I can have a dry orgasm. I would like to be able to have a full erection and maintain it until i have a dry orgasm. My cock is five inches. Iwould also like to lenghthen it and thicken it. Will jelquing help gain these goals?

    1. Because you have a special medical circumstance I don't feel comfortable giving you a definite YES or NO because you have a special circumstance. I can tell you, that for me and almost all guys who try jelqing it's effective. Jelqing strengthens erections and enlarges the head and shaft- BUT if you decide to start jelqing you should take it slow at first and see how your body responds. Its unlikely that jelqing will cause any penile damage, but in a case where you have recently had surgery in that area you should be especially careful. I hope that helps- and I apologize for the slow response. I am back home now, and if you have any other questions I am here.

    1. Jelqing works on proven principles, so yes - but if you are only 15 I cannot legally advise you to do anything except get to bed on time. But I will say this, I wish I started jelqing and stretching when I was your age.

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