Jelqing Injury Prevention and Possible Side Effects

Jelqing is relatively safe if done properly, and can add length and girth to your penis in a short period of time.  Even if you do everything correctly, you will see some changes to your penis.  Here is a list of some things you likely will experience yourself, and should not concern you;

  • Small Red Dots or Spots: These will become visible after an intense jelqing session.  They can appear on your head, or shaft, and are the result of your blood capillaries bursting from the additional pressure created while performing the exercise. If you are only seeing these signs of fatigue in one area (only your head, or only your shaft) you may want to ensure you are performing the exercise properly.  The blood forced into your penis should be evenly distributed, not focused to one area.  To prevent bursting your capillaries, just soften your "okay" grip.
  •  Penis Temporarily Darker:  This is the result of the jelqing process, forcing more and more blood into your penis causes tiny tears in your cell walls.  This causes inflammation and temporary swelling.  So long as the swelling is not dark brown, and not accompanied by pain- you are safe.
  • Itchy Skin on Head or Shaft:  Skin irritation is common for newbies.  This can also occur if you are jelqing in the shower using soap of some kind - never, ever use body soap to jelq.  I highly recommend using a silicone lubricant (not safe for most sex toys though) because they create a barrier between your hand and delicate penile skin.

Serious Issues to Watch For

Some more serious issues involve bruising, shaft pain, and testicle pain. Below is a list of potential issues, and what could cause them.  If you experience any of these more serious side effects you are NOT jelqing properly.  Stop immediately, and wait 2-4 days for your specific issue to heal.  I am not a doctor, and should your pain not subside after a break from jelqing you should go see one immediately.   None of these more serious issues will present themselves if you are jelqing properly.

  • Bruising or Bruise-esque Pain:  Could be caused by jelqing with a full erection (never do this). Also can be caused from to tight of a grip, or jelqing to frequently.  But in general, you did something wrong and need to take a break.
  • Trouble Achieving Erection: This can be caused from nerve compression, over-exerted muscles, or bending of your semi-erect penis mid-jelq.  Take a break, and if you do not see immediate improvement see a doctor.  You never want to bend your penis while performing penis enlargement exercises.

Injury Prevention

The most important injury prevention tip I can share is to always do a warm-up and warm-down.  Warming up is essential to preventing the red dots as well, because it opens up your capillaries before you begin the exercise.   Aside from that, follow these general guidelines:

  1. Never bend your penis while jelqing.
  2. Never jelq to a point of pain - it should always feel good!
  3. Keep your grip in check - maintain the same grip from your pelvic bone to behind the penis glands
  4. ALWAYS use a generous amount lubricant (real lube, no substitutes)
  5. Do not jelq the penis glands

So long as you follow these simple guidelines, injury is very unlikely.  Remember if you experience any pain that you feel is unreasonable, or unbearable you need to see a doctor immediately.  Do not hesitate to visit a doctor out of embarrassment! Jelqing has been around for decades, more likely than not the doctor will know what it is and understand how to treat any injury you may have caused.

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