Jelqing Warm Down- Best 3-Step Method

After completing your jelqing session, you need to take a little time to relax and warm down your penis.  Some of the exercises put a lot of stress on your penis, and that's OKAY- but like any muscle its important to relax afterwards and restore healthy blood flow.

First- If you are warming down but didn't complete the warm up, ensure you read over the quick warm up guide

Best Warm Down Technique

Step 1: Immediately after completing your penis workout routine, massage a skin moisturizing lotion into your penis. Massage your penis (using the lotion) using deep strokes with your thumb and index finger. Start at the base and slowly massage to your head.

1-2 minutes of this should be sufficient to relax your penis and treat your skin with much needed vitamins and moisturizers. Remember this is a warm down, not a warm up - so keep it under 2 minutes and go slowly.

Step 2: Take the towel you used in your warm up and re-soak it in hot water.

Step 3: Wrap the towel around your penis and allow the heat and moisture to relax and restore natural blood flow to your penis. The heat should feel relaxing, and should not be to hot.

Five minutes cooling down using the towel method is sufficient to relax the micro-tears you created during your workout.

Best Lotions To Use

Any lotion will work for your warm down, but I would recommend you use a lotion for dry and damaged skin. Anything that boasts Vitamin-E and deep moisturizing power. I also think Cocoa Butter is a awesome for PE because its powerful in reducing scar tissue. Always use lotion without a fragrance to avoid irritation.  My recommendations are;

  • Lubriderm Intense Skin Repair
  • Jergens Shea Butter
  • Any Cocoa Butter Lotion without Fragrance

Now put on your clothes, and give your penis the rest of the day off.  In 24 hours you'll be ready to repeat your workout routine.


    1. Yes! 🙂 I do my pumping and jelqing while im in the bath tub and shower. It's the best way to warmup and the easiest place to stay lubricated without making a mess.

    1. That's spot on Justin- After you start getting a little more intense with the Jelqs and such you will likely do 2-on 1-off type of schedule so your penis can recover between exercise days. So long as you feel no stinging pain, and experience no bruising, you can keep jelqing without a break day.

  1. Ive been jelqing for approximately 2 weeks. But on the 21st, im leaving to go somewhere where I will unable to jelq for 13 days. Should I just stop jelqing for now and pick it back up when i get back? Because I've read that permanent gains are only made after a few months. Thus, jelqing for a month and then stopping would be pointless. Am i correct? By the way, I really appreciate what youre doing here

  2. It is ok to have sex with my wife after jelqing.. Becasue when i finished my exercise it is nice to see my dick thicker... So i want to give it to may wife and make him feel difference.

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