Jelqing- Warm Up- 5 Easy Steps with Video

Warming up before beginning any penile exercises is essential because it increases blood flow to your penis. For Jelqing, you cannot even perform the exercise without being warmed up. However for length stretching they may seem less essential because it requires less blood-flow. Don't make the mistake of missing a warm-up routine, it can cause penile bruising and nerve damage.

If you find completing the warm up and warm down inconvenient then just perform your PE Exercises while taking a hot shower. The warm water has the same effect as a hot towel, and you can easily massage your penis to a semi-erect state while bathing.

I believe the best place to perform manual exercises is in the shower, because its so much more convenient.

How To Warm-Up Properly

Step 1: Put hot water on a small hand towel or cloth until its completely soaked. Squeeze out excess water, but leave enough so the warm temperature remains.

Step 2: Massage your penis to a semi erect state, around 50%. This is very easily performed in the shower with soap by mach masturbating, however it can be done outside the shower as well.

Step 3: Wrap the warm towel or cloth around your penis, completely covering your shaft and penis head.

Step 4: Perform 10-15 kegels while wrapped in the towel to get your blood flowing and your capillaries expanded and read for exercise.

Step 5: Remove towel or cloth and dry off your penis. Begin your penis exercise routine.

Your warm-up should take about 5 minutes, and after you complete your exercises you should always complete a warm down routine as well.  It sounds time consuming but an extra 10 minutes to guarantee your penile health and virility is a small trade off.


    1. Ofcourse 🙂 You should wait an hour or so in general, but every once in awhile you should go for it.

      1. Try jelqing and stretching first. For major gains and long term results you want to use a penis extender. The exercises here are a great start for you though, get started using these.

    1. Jelqing has been proven for hundreds of years to improve penile blood flow, and increase girth. So yes, the Jelq is effective.

  1. Are jelqing and v-stretching something you have to do on a consistent basis or, after a few months, can you simply stop and retain your long penis length?

    1. Well you can eventually stop doing them, but first you have to pass the "cementing threshold" where gains you made become permanent. Takes between 3-5 months of consistent exercising to reach that point. You know you reached that point when you can stop for a week and see no loss in length. Most people get into the habit of performing them, especially the jelq, and just stick with the routine.

  2. so please let me get some clarification on this, doing the jelq exercise can increase length and girth- meaning thickness- permanently if done consistently over..... let's say over 12 months time? please let me know.


    1. Yep, I am walking proof it works, along with a lot of other guys online. Jelqing and Stretching are the best ways to enlarge your penis, I think better than surgery.

  3. Can you make a video on how to warm up?? & does do this in the shower work?? Without using any type of cloth, just warm water??

    1. I am working on making videos this week and next week, they will be up soon. Thanks for the request man, I do my best to provide as much good information as possible. I am glad it's useful to you.

  4. I am doing jelq and stretching 2 times a day for 25 minutes. I will continue it for 6 months.
    How much will my penis size be in that 6 months?

  5. Hey Dan. Just clarifying. If I perform these exercises in the shower, I won't need to perform a warm up or warm down, correct?

  6. sir please help me
    to grow my penis and 3 inches
    bcoz my penis is so small i have 3.2inches
    please give me
    ah video
    how to warm up and how to jelq please help me i want grow my penis 2 or 3 inches

    please send me a video to my email

    1. Hey Miguel - read over the information on my site dude. I cover a lot of good tips for increasing the size of your manhood.


  7. Hello Gregory,
    first off I'd like to say, you're awesome.
    I'd just like to ask you if its okay
    how long did it take you to reach the length that you wanted? I'm having trouble keeping constant because I can't be able to find time to jelq unfortunately. What do you recommend I do when I feel lazy or I can't find time for it? What've you done at times like this?
    How long was is before and how long is it now? (Out of curiosity of course)
    thank you so much. You've helped me so much. I can't thank you enough.

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