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December 19th, 2014
Jes Extender is the original Penis Extender. Been around forever, and have lots of clinical trials proving its effectiveness. Good extender for the money.

The JesExtender was the very first penis extender to enter the marketplace back in 1995, developed by Scandinavian surgeons involved in surgical penis enlargement, it fueled the demand for more brands. It is fabricated in Denmark to the highest standards and tested against very strict quality guidelines. Like the other high quality extenders, JesExtender is also a Class 1 CE-Certified Medical Device, and has been used in post-op surgical penis enlargement as well as non-surgical enlargement. Being the very first extender ever developed, JesExtender has undergone extensive clinical testing to prove the concept. Infact- Most of the clinical trials and claims you see other brands bragging about were conducted by the Jes-team. (Clarification- this does not mean the others are not effective, only that they did not pioneer the initial trials)


The Double Refund Guarantee & 5 Year Warranty


JesExtender has a great guarantee; Double your money back if you don't increase the length AND width of your penis while following the training program included with their device. You also have 365 days to get your money back, meaning you have one full year to "test" the JesExtender.  No other company gives you a full year to test the product and then ask for a refund. If you are a heavy skeptic and concerned about getting your money back, should it not work for you, then go with the JesExtender. They have sold over 250k devices to men around the world since they developed the extender, and claim not one person has ever requested a refund for lack of results.

Their guarantee is bar none the very best you can find (1,000 hours to a larger penis), and that goes for their warranty as well. A 1 year warranty on parts is pretty standard, and completely fair. You'll know within a year if something is going to crack, bend, or wear out. The JesExtender comes with a 2 year warranty on the "lite edition", showcasing twice as much confidence in their products. The Silver and Gold editions come with a standard 5 year warranty, completely eclipsing anything offered by competitors.


jes-extender-velcro-strapWearing The Extender - How Comfortable Is It

If you have never worn an extender before it will a little adjusting to get your comfort level just right, that goes for all extenders. The JesExtender was originally developed with a silicone tube that wraps around the head of the penis to secure it to the device. The most common issue with this type of support is "slippage", when your head shrinks enough to slip out. That was in 1995, now they offer silicone straps, comfort attachments for the silicone tubes, and Velcro straps. Most people use the silicone straps since they provide the most coverage and friction, but it ships with the tube as well. The velcro strap is a unique and much easier to slip your penis into, almost to the point that I recommend it as an add-on regardless if you choose brand A, B or C.

The extender can be worn on circumcised or uncircumcised penises comfortably, and can be worn safely at night if you sleep on your back. If you do wear it at night make sure you wear underwear to keep it in place and avoid rolling over into a very uncomfortable position.

It Straightens Your Penis - Guaranteed

If you have Peyronie's Disease, or just a slight curving to your penis, Jes guarantees you will have a straight penis in 1000 hours by following the same training program used for enlargement. Since its the same routine, if your buying to treat Peyronie's you can kill two birds with one stone. However if you are only looking for a penile straightening device I dont recommend spending top dollar on any extender, get the most basic model to achieve your straightening goal.


Visit the Jes-Extender Official Website

Physical Appearance & Packaging Quality

jes-hand-carved-boxThe official motto of the Jes brand is "Quality before Price", and I think it holds true. The quality of other brands is comparable, but being the original grants a level of trust in this niche. Three variations exist- The light version comes in a durable, reusable black box with foam rubber cutouts so everything fits nicely in place. The gold and silver editions comes in a real Mahogany wood box, with gold pressed Jes logo on the interior wood. Included with the gold edition is a key engraved with the JesExtender logo to ensure extender rods are tightly fastened before use.

The gold rods are a nice touch, but not necessary to improve the effectiveness of the device. The Gold edition does come with more extender rods, making it possible for growth up to 9 inches. The gold and silver editions are for people who already know they are committed to enlarging their penis and want something of superior quality for the long haul.  A digital manual, complete exercise program, and daily routine is included on the included disc.

Real Clinical Trial Results

Here are some of the actual results found in clinical trials using the device on willing participants, while being monitored and measured by medical doctors involved in the development of the device.

Number of patients 18 patients ranging from 23-47 years
Inclusion Normal erectile capacity and no penile surgery
Exclusion Chronically diseased
Traction force 0- 2 weeks - 900-1000 g 2-24 weeks - 1000-1200 g
Treatment period 12 hours daily, 7 days a week, 8 to 24 weeks
Follow up Every 2 weeks

The results after 24 weeks of use? Increase in erect length of 2,8 cm (1.1 Inch) after 1100 hours at 1200g traction force. The corresponding flaccid increase is 1.9 cm or 0.75 inch. Average lengthening per week was 1.9 mm. No complications. Thats the average documented growth experienced from real people, which has been medically documented. I like these statistics because they are all real and verifiable via the Scandinavian Medical Journal. 28% in length, and 19% in girth has been established as the norm, which equates to 1.1 inches in length.

UPSShipping and Delivery

Discreet shipping, plain brown box like most everything that you order online. They deliver using UPS with a tracking number, guaranteed delivery in 1-3 days.  They dont have any identifying logos or company names on the box or return label, and they bill your credit card with a generic company name called "DanaMedic ApS". If you have any questions, rather than email they offer a phone number where you can reach doctors support staff to ask your medical questions and get professional answers.

Product Support, Community and Motivation

Staying motivated and remembering to wear the device daily is your key to success. Its exciting to hear about a medically proven device that will make you larger for your woman, and that excitement is why a lot of people decide right away to get started immediately. But after the excitement fades you'll realize that if you want to get those exciting results for yourself you have to stay disciplined and motivated, and that's where support and forums come into play.

I have a forum here for discussing manual enlargement exercises, and all the devices available online. If you buy the JesExtender, you can also visit their forum and talk to other members.  The most important thing is staying consistent, if you can discipline yourself to stick to the program (and its not that hard, but positive habits can be hard to form) you will feel so much more confident 3-6 months from now.

Visit the Jes-Extender Official Website

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