Jonah Falcons World Record- The Largest Human Penis

Jonah Headshot GreenJonah Falcon is known the world over for having the worlds largest human penis, measuring in at 13.5 inches in length. He isn't a porn star,and doesn't aspire to be one. In-fact Jonahs dream is to become an actor in major motion pictures, not low budget porno films.  Interesting fact about Jonah, he was "discovered" after being approached by security in the airport. They feared he was carrying a bomb in his pants.

That made the evening news, literally, but Jonah didn't become world famous until he was featured on the HBO Special: Private Dicks: Men Exposed.  He was asked about the experience, and is quoted as saying;

"I went to their office in bike shorts with my c--k wrapped around the side of my leg,"

The documentary features many well known men in the adult industry, namely Lexington Steele, and Alan Abel who is known as having the worlds smallest penis. None of them are even close to his measurements. Jonah's penis is longer than the average wine bottle, and about as thick too. 

"Having the worlds biggest penis has taught me a lot, especially that size isn't everything." 

"Change speeds, that's what ladies like."

"Use the size and sensation of the mass to your advantage."

Good advice, but much easier executed by a man with a wine bottle sized penis. Falcon shared that he is known for dropping his pants and showing off his valuables to settle bets at parties, or to challenged by a reporter.

Jonah was featured in a rolling stone profile that elaborates on what it was like to be a 10 year old boy with a 8 inch penis in the gym locker room. There was a rumor going around that his father was John Holms, the legendary porn star. When asked about this, Falcon replied;

"I wasn't the one who started that," he says. "It's just a rumor that's been attributed to me."

In reality, Joanh's father died when he was a young kid. He grow up with his mother and cousins in New York City and graduated from Bronx High School. Falcons' dream is to become an actor, and has already starred in several small roles for HBO and some public access television.

For those who would like to check out his acting roles;

  • The Sopraons: Hospital Orderly
  • Law & Order: Juror
  • A Beautiful Mind: Mental Patient
  • Ed: Extra in the Bar

He has also been featured in a 2006 documentary titled "Worlds Biggest Penis", but despite his huge penis and desire to be in film, you won't find Jonah involved in any pornography. His reasoning is doing porn would make it difficult to be taken seriously for serious acting roles. If that wasnt enough, Jonah shared that he loves to show off his penis, but he cannot perform in front of a camera.

Falcon hosts a TV show called "Talkin' Yankees" on Time Warner's public access MNN channel in New York City.

A Rare Picture of Jonah Falcons PenisInteresting Jonah Falcon Facts:

  • Shoe Size: 10.5 (If this isn't proof foot size doesn't determine penis size I don't know what is!)
  • Height: 5ft 9in (Tall guys might be well hung in general, but Jonah breaks all the preconceptions)
  • Race: White (Now theres a shocker, I thought only black guys had huge penises.)
  • Religion: Jewish (I dont know any stereotypes for Jewish folks, but he is uncircumcised)

Had His Penis Featured On:

Interesting to say the least- and while you may not be able to increase your penis size to 13.5 in inches, I think we all can agree having a penis that big is worth the hassle of wearing a penis extender for an entire year.

Jonah Falcon Gifs : His Flaccid Size



        1. Seriously? What guy with a bigger penis wouldn't want the recognition, they'd flash their junk every chance they got.

          1. That's hugely embarrassing, anything over nine inches is not something to advertise. If you were bigger than this guy, you'd want to keep it a secret or no woman would ever touch you.

      1. Your right, largest recorded. Doesn't mean someone out there isn't bigger, just mean they may not have cared to record it.

    1. Im sorry but hes been a world record holder for years. If there was bigger wed know about it by now. If i knew someone bigger id make them do it. If i had bigger id brag and prove him wrong. Most guys lie this is actually 13.5 inches get out a yardstick and compare. my one friend had a 9 incher and every girl tried to get with him.

  1. Believe me - he is by no means has the biggest penis in the world. He has the biggest out of the men who have elected to show their penis.

      1. Thats a screenshot taken from the HBO Special dude, why would I make up stuff about another mans penis lol

  2. Fuck that would be fun to play with just wish he had a better body, or was just hotter, like you Gregory!

  3. He is circumcised you can tell, and plus he is Jewish. That is not the biggest; it is huge but not the biggest.

  4. I know a couple Jewish people, who are pretty damn big and they are circumcised. I also seen uncircumcised and there is no way he is uncircumcised. That's bs

    1. Tell you what Mr.Johnson, you send me some pictures of that or post some pictures of that next to a measuring tape and I will write an article on you! Balls in your court

  5. I'm no size queen and I think jonah is handsome...all he needs now is a wicked personality I would relocate from scotland in a heartbeat! 😉

    1. haha that's a good question. I guess if his balls are in proportion to his dick, then he shoots out a gallon of ejaculate everytime he cums.

  6. I got an idea for you dude you can use female donkies or fuck your own ass otherwise you have no choice hahaha.

  7. The guy is a clown no one has ever measured him 13.5" the pic shown here is ridicously shopped. Don't believe to bullshits if he was more than 9" you'd have tons of REAL pics of his erect penis on the web, this loser doesn't seem able to speak of anything else than his penis.

    1. Look to call somebody a lose in front of everyone here isn't very nice. Maybe Jonah is just proud. As it was mentioned in one of the above comments, he's not the best looking guy, nor does he have the best body. However he has something no one else has. The world's largest penis. On Record. He's enjoying his fame. Let him be happy.

    1. Querido Bullshit... esta falando mal de homossexuais por que? Desculpe dizer, mas garanto que para voce, que é tão machão, estar perdendo seu tempo neste debate. É porque no minimo, deve estar mesmo é louco de vontade de cair de boca na pica do Jonah Falcons!

  8. yahh..ur right dick hitler he got a montrous cock ever but by the use of formulation that seems cheap to me...bcoz i got a virgin tit.

  9. Big is good, but healthy is even better. Men really need to regularly use a first rate penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to maintain proper health of their most valuable tool.

  10. That guy is 6 inches asleep top, top. Now the hilarious part from the comment. If you truly believe 13.5 isn't the largest, you are dumb as fuck. Most porno star barely pass the 10 inches but women always think our stuff is way bigger than it is. Girl will tell you "I've fucked 12 inches" but when you fuck them, they tell you it's the largest they've ever seen. I know for a fact I'm not over 10 at all. Size doesn't matter once you get pass 7 inches, it's all for looks at that point, most girl complain about hitting the cercix and it's annoying.

  11. I just wonder if he has alot of sex or not. Because if I was a woman I would be afraid to have a dick that size. You would think something like that would just rip you in half

    1. Exactly. Guys get jealous of him, but the dude has a penis the size of a wine bottle. It's cool to have a big penis, not a monstrous penis that cannot penetrate 99% of vaginas. :-/

    1. You are the first person to state you prefer a normal sized penis on this post. Care if I ask your gender?

  12. I'm not scared off it but I damn sure wouldn't want it that big. My bf is right under 9" and I absolutely love it. Thickness counts and chemistry. I love pleasure/ pain sensations but I don't wanna feel like tomorrow's headlines gonna read "death by dick".

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