The Best LEGIT Independent SizeGenetics Videos

There are a lot of video reviews and guides out there, so rather than have you search high and low to find the ones that don't totally suck I am providing access to them all right here. Some of the videos below are not mine- My goal is not to take credit for the reviews these guys recorded.  I just want to save you the time of filtering through the immense pile of garbage online.

If you see a video that uses photos in a slideshow- don't trust the video or their website. They likely have never seen or touched the extender, and know nothing about it other than they will make a couple bucks for getting you to buy from their website.

I highly recommend you read over my review here, I cover important information about how I made it work for me. You can also see my HD pics of the ultimate package.

MattersOfSize Unboxing and Overview

This video is essential, and it's by a great guy who is trustworthy. His name is DLD (double long daddy) and in this video he shows you exactly what comes in the ultimate package, explains it a bit and covers how after purchasing you get full forum support etc...

To get the discount, use the coupon code ECON8 when ordering.

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