A Closer Look at Male Edge's Unique Extension Arms

The Male Edge extender has a completely unique self contained extender bars. While other extenders make use of small metal additions that screw into one another, Male Edge pioneered the first self contained extension system.

Compared to the traditional metal bar system, I think its pretty efficient. It saves a lot of time, and unlike the bars you aren't required to remove the male edge to add length. This saves you from losing precious stretching time that is ultimately responsible for the lengthening of your penis.

A Closer Look at the Male Edge Extension Bars from Gregory Lancaster on Vimeo.

Benefits of Male Edge's Unique Extender Arms

  • Extender head piece is reversible because it snaps on, making it an easy match for any guys who have a clinically defined micropenis. 
  • Adjust tension without removing the whole extender.
  • A completely self contained system which means no small parts to misplace.
  • Fastest  and easiest extender to use when it comes to sizing adjustments.
  • Penis attachment can be strapped onto your penis before applying tension
  • Extends to accommodate penises up to 9 inches in length
  • All plastic design wont set off metal detectors in airports and other secure areas.

My Opinion After Using Male Edge

The extension arms are an awesome innovation, and it makes for a more compact and self contained package.  Great for travelers who want something portable with no small parts. The only thing I hate about this system is the skin pinching.  When snapping the head piece to the extension arms, your penis shaft is very close to the bars and snap-on side of the extender.  This is hard to explain so I took a picture for reference;


I realize this isn't a huge deal, but occasionally you are going to put the extender on in a hurry and pinching your skin between two hard pieces of plastic hurts like hell.  The extension arms (or bars) could be farther apart as well. Other than those things I think the extension arms on male edge are a really cool feature that make it great for travelers.  Especially with its all plastic design.  If you haven't already read my whole review on male edge, you can do so here.

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