Compare Male Edge Packages Side-by-Side

I personally bought the green "Extra Retail" package, but after getting it and needing more padding and a new strap after three months I wish I went with the "Pro Retail" deal.  Especially since Male Edge is one of the more affordable extenders that is still a certified CE Medical Grade Device.

However, each package is made for a different person with different goals.  The PRO Package is always going to be the best bang for your buck, but maybe you're like me and also want to get a kickass color. Lets take a look at the three package variations offered:

Male Edge BasicBasic

The basic retail deal is the most affordable, costing $170 bucks. The basic extender package comes in blue and white, and with a matching blue and white zipper case. It also includes the ruler, and mini instruction booklet. I think this color looks like crap, and I wouldn't order this color even if it was the best package they offered.  Luckily, its the cheapest entry level setup and comes with;

  • One Comfort Strap (you are going to need more than one)
  • Male Edge Extender (in Extremely Fugly Light Blue and White)
  • Zip Case
  • Ruler
  • Instruction Booklet

Male Edge ExtraExtra

This is the one I personally ordered to give this extender a test run, cost me $195 bucks. Green is my favorite color, so it stood out to me. This package, like the other two, comes with a matching zippered case in black and silver.  The zippered case is really nice, made of leather and its actually hard unlike some of the crappy carrying cases I have seen.  Its a classy ass case- and in the Extra Retail case is;

  • Male Edge Extender (in Green)
  • Two Comfort Straps
  • Ruler
  • Instructions
  • Foam Padding

Two comfort straps is a good amount, but they do get worn out and sometimes dirty, where switching to a new one is faster than cleaning a dirty one.  Especially since most guys wear these at work, throughout the day etc... and you don't want to be in the bathroom trying to wash a strap when other people walk in.  I say you need at least two.  The foam padding included is used to wrap around the extender or around your penis head to keep a more comfortable grip on your dick.

Male Edge ProPro

This is the best package they offer, and it comes in the badass red and black, and costs $221 bucks.  You pay a few dollars more, but this extender is WAY more affordable that any other on the market.  If you read my review, you know it was made by the same folks over at Jes.  Pro Retail comes with a matching black and red zippered case, and more comfort tools.

  • Four Comfort Straps
  • Four Foam Padding Sets
  • Carrying Case
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Wrapping Gauze
  • Ruler

Now the wrapping gauze you can picking anyplace that sells first aid supplies, but the foam inserts help a lot when stopping skin pinching and they are circular- I haven't seen them sold anyplace local.  The four comfort straps are nice, especially as a backup like I said above.

Colors and Comfort Options

I realize the color of a product does not affect its effectiveness in the least, but since the Male Edge brand of extenders is so affordable I recommend you go with the Pro Retail package. Being the top of the line Male Edge Extender they sell, its still less than half the price of some other extenders on the market. It just makes more sense to take the best package available.

Male Edge Pro Gauze  Male Edge Pro Foam  Male Edge Pro Comfort Strap

The extender packages primarily differ in color, and comfort options.  Believe me- a guy who has personally tried over 14 different penis extenders and reviewed them all. The level of comfort WILL BE the PRIMARY factor that determines the level of success you achieve.  Nobody, man or woman, will use any product long term if it's use causes pain or discomfort.

The foam padding eliminates most all pinching, and the gauze coupled with the foam pad just about takes care of everything.  They seem like small, insignificant additions, but after wearing Male Edge for 10 hours for several days a week you'll be wishing for some type of padding for comfort.

Male Edge CTA

So which color is right for you? Red, Blue, or Green?

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  1. I'll comment first- obviously like I said I went with the green. My eyes are green, and it's my favorite color. Wish I went with the pro package though.

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