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December 19th, 2014
The MaleEdge penis extender looks awesome, but it only makes use of the Strap to stay attached to your penis. Less options, and it slips off a lot. Not a terrible choice, but I don't recommend it either.

MaleEdge is a sister company started by the people over at JesExtender. That means you get the same CE Medical Certification, and all the same extensive research and development. If you read the JesExtender review you know that they are the original innovators in this field and conducted most of the research proving that mechanical penis enlargement works. MaleEdge is an example of how they are aiming to continue innovating new designs for different people. While I think they did an amazing job with their first rendition, this new take on their classic leave much to be desired.

The Double Refund Guarantee is Back (and the Warranty)


I previously said only one company offered the double refund guarantee, but now they have extended the same promise to the MaleEdge brand. The guarantee says if you don't grow in length AND girth by following the routine they provide, you will be given double your money back.  To be eligible for this guarantee you must take before pictures, and log your progress with a ruler showing your progress. You can use our forum to log your results, share your experiences, and ask any questions you have have. MaleEdge is a new twist, on a proven product, by an established company with over 10 years in the male enhancement business.

The warranty is one year longer than the industry standard of one year, two years from the date of purchase.  If it breaks, cracks, falls apart, springs wear out, whatever you can imagine happening - its covered as long as it hasn't been two years since your date of purchase. That's important with this extender, because it is made entirely of plastic, making the likelihood of it breaking very high.

Male Edge Before & After Photos / Real Results


male-edge-strapsWearing The Extender

The Male Edge Extender utilizes the silicone strap system over the traditional and more common silicone noose.  Which method is better will always be debatable, but the general consensus is straps are a safer, and more comfortable alternative. They provide a wider area for friction and more even pressure distribution on the glands of your penis. This minimizes skin pinches and reduces the chances of your penis head slipping out after extended use. The straps coupled with the included gauze and padding guarantee its a comfortable and secure fit the first time.

Any of their extenders can be worn by those with a micro-penis, in contrast to other companies that offer a micro-penis device by request, and charge you additional money for it. This is credited to the design of the Male Edge reversible head piece. Also unique to Male Edge is the the pull and snap support rods, which completely change the way you adjust tension, and makes it a hell of a lot easier to pee while wearing the device. While I love the idea of getting rid of the rods (I lose smaller pieces sometimes), making a device that is molded from plastic and utilizes flexible parts for snapping means there is a much greater risk of something coming loose or unsnapped.

Correcting Peyronie’s Disease

If your penis curves to the right or left, you have bent penis aka Peyronie's Disease. A lot of men find themselves insecure about it, and don't realize its completely treatable with a penis extender. The Male Edge extender is effective in treating penile curvature, and complete correction can be achieved in 2-3 months of following the routine provided.

Design and Packaging Quality

The Male Edge comes packaged in a retail store style box, which was different but makes me think they have hopes of making it available at sex shops or possibly drug stores. Inside the packaging is a zippered leather box with the male edge logo embossed into the top. The straps, base, and head piece inside all come encased in sanitary plastic sleeves and packed neatly into their respective storage spots. A CD containing the digital manual, exercise routines, instructions for use, and video guidance, is behind the strap on the top inside of the box, along with a measuring ruler for tracking your progress (to ensure the double money back guarantee, its important to take the 2 minutes a week and log your results).

This extender comes in three variations, the Basic, Extra, and Pro. Generally, with penile extension devices, a major selling point of the premium or deluxe package is the ability to extend to longer lengths. For example, a basic package would let you stretch to 7in, while the pro edition includes more extension bars allowing you to stretch up to 10in. That's not the case with the Male Edge, because this extender does not use rods. Instead it uses a pull out system with small notches that snap in place. The maximum size you can extend to using Male Edge is 9 inches.


The quality of the device overall is below my expectations. This is a great looking enhancement tool, the most aesthetically pleasing one I have seen to date. I even like how they went the extra mile to develop this new mechanism for adding length. This is a great extender for someone who will be wearing it in a more private environment, with less movement and friction. To much movement and the front piece strapped around your head comes loose from the bars, and you have to reattach. This DOES however make going to the bathroom, and taking breaks so much easier its almost worth the annoyance of it coming loose.


Privacy and Shipping Information

Shipping is included in the purchase price and made through UPS or USPS. Delivery is made in a plain brown shipping box.  All orders placed before 1PM CST ship the same day.  To keep anyone from asking about the charges on your credit card they bill all orders as "GJ Global LLC". They ship to over 150 countries around the globe, and they will deliver to a PO BOX, which means you don't ever need to explain what came in the mail to a significant other or a roommate.

Staying Motivated and Tracking Results

MaleEdge offers "My MaleEdge" online tracking system to their customers. Its a nice back-end, and allows you to see line graphs of your progress, enter your exact measurements into a log book, and ask questions to other members, as well as the support staff.  Its important to realize this is a commitment to yourself, and to use every tool as your disposal when taking on any type of self improvement.  Whether you utilize our forum, the support community provided by the vendor, or a third party penis enlargement group, you have to see other people getting results to keep yourself wearing the device.  Wearing this stretching device 8 hours per day requires commitment, and its easy to be committed to something when you can visually see its paying off for other people as well. Get involved in some forums, and get started using manual exercises even if you cant afford to pickup an extender right now, this stuff has been proven effective and it works for everyone if you stick to it.




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