Official SizeGenetics Video Guide DVD

This is the official video guide provided on the SizeGenetics DVD Included with purchase.  It is only viewable on windows based computers, leaving folks like me who use a Mac out to find it elsewhere.  So, I converted it to play online and provided it here for everyone to access.

I did NOT record this video, this is the instructional video included on the DVD that comes with the SizeGenetics package.


This guide shows how to use the strap, noose, as well as the comfort materials provided. Its a generic explanation showing how to use it on a dildo, for reference purposes.  Also included on the DVD is the manual and a free gift offer.  I provide HD videos showing how to use the device as well, which I think is more helpful. But you can see how simple it is to use here, and I don't want anyone wondering what they missed because it wouldn't play.

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