PeniMaster Pro: Belt & Rod System review:The only truly complete system, PeniMaster holds its own against all competitors


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November 15th, 2018
PeniMaster Pro is comfortable, and gives the user enough options to wear the device a different way every day of the week. I recommend it because I love using it myself. I have been wearing it everyday since I began testing it for review purposes. Wearable at night safely makes PeniMaster Pro the best extender I have used to date.

Penimaster Pro is one of the penis extenders that I personally think is incredibly well designed, and recently switched to wearing it exclusively.

It is developed by the German company MSP Concept GmbH & CO. KG.

Penimaster PRO is a blend of SizeGenetics and Phallosan in one package. You get a comfortable suction attachment system to grip your penis head, and the option of either a strap or extender bars to apply tension.

Available Packages / Which I am Reviewing

I usually find it rather annoying when a company creates so many varying packages, but in this case the packages are put together intelligently. You have the following choices when ordering their device:

  • PeniMaster Classic
  • PeniMaster PRO Basic
  • PeniMaster PRO Rod System
  • PeniMaster PRO Belt System
  • PeniMaster PRO Complete Package  *Best*

I am reviewing the complete package here, so you can select which package is best for you and save some money if you don’t need both systems. Below is a picture of the complete system I received.

Putting PeniMaster PRO to work

This system has a lot of small parts, but it’s pretty damn easy to use. You first select either the straw or the hand pump.  The straw should be used in situations where you cannot keep the hand pump with you (ex. workplace).

Then you attach either the rods or strap (rods for home use while not sleeping, strap for everything else). More on the differences in a minute.

Thats it, attach the glands chamber, connect to your selected traction method, and go about your life.

Attaching the vacuum glans chamber

First thing I did when I received everything was test out the vacuum chamber.


The glands chamber can be attached via the hand pump, or the straw. The straw is ideal in my opinion, because it can be removed quickly if you need to use the bathroom, or get a boner, etc…

Here is a gif of me attaching the glans chamber (using both the straw and hand pump) to my head.

This thing is comfortable, and fits like a dream.Only complaint is I'd prefer a clear chamber for assessing my penis’ health status without removing it.

The included comfort gel is intended to be applied to your penis head before attaching the chamber. It is a clear, thick, almost sticky substance that really does make wearing the glands attachment more comfortable, and ensures an air tight seal. A little bit goes a long way too, you wont need a refill of this stuff for at least 6-8 months.

Using the extender rods

This is where my interest in this extender peaks. Phallosan is a great vacuum based extender, but tension is limited to the strap. That’s not a problem for a newbie, but for an experienced stretcher like myself it presents as a limiting factor for growth.

Penimaster’s combining the comfortable vacuum attachment with the traditional bar extension system is genius. I can apply an insane amount of tension with this thing. I believe this device will allow me to gain more length, and faster, than any other penis extender out there right now.

Using the extension bars has its downside as well, but ideally the stretching bars would find it’s way into your daytime routine, since sleeping with the bars is difficult and dangerous. That’s not to say it cannot be done, I did it for a year. I just don’t recommend it now that better options are available.

Using the belt strap

The strap is similar to other systems I have reviewed. Comfortable, and easy to connect and disconnect from the glands. Again, here is a short video showing how everything connects together.

The belt strap does not provide as much tension or stretching power as the extender rods, but it’s has a much less limited range of motion. It is best used for sleeping, or during the day if you are required to walk or run around a lot. If you have a desk job, the extender rods all day would be a better choice.

My Experience Wearing PeniMaster Pro

Okay, so after giving this extender a good test run for a couple of weeks, I love it. It’s comfortable, no pinching during application or removal. It’s designed in a that the opportunity for pinching to occur is nonexistent - that makes it easier to wear long term, and quicker to put back on after peeing.

How it feels and how well it works

The extender rods that work with the vacuum head attachment is what really makes Penimaster Pro shine bright. No other extender can apply as much traction / tension. The strap is nice for night use, but damn I didn't realize how weak the straps were until I used Penimaster Pro.

The first 15 minutes

While stretching your penis, you'll find that after a few hours you can physically feel the stress being applied to your ligament. That is true for any strap-based device. But because I can apply immediate force with the penimaster pro rods, I get that fatigued feeling in 15 minutes - and can continue stretching for several more hours.

Right away I also noticed how little I felt the extender on my penis, despite so much tension being applied.

Here is a gif of me removing penimaster pro after a 15 minute session.  (Sorry about the orientation)

Walking and Running

When using the bars my range of motion is severely decreased. It becomes difficult to jump, run, or even maneuver myself around people without looking strange. This is true of any rod based extender - so I can't knock Penimaster Pro for this, so I just wear the elastic strap if I will be moving a lot. I work at a computer though, 90% of my daytime I have the rods attached.

When I am using the strap though, I can run and walk like I have nothing on. It’s accommodating even in tighter fitting jeans. Here is a picture of what the strap looks like on and off, under different clothes.

Packaging and Storage

About the storage box that the kit comes with. Normally, the storage case is a gimmick. It’s an easy way to make one package look fancy and another look “basic”. It’s a psychological technique to make people spend more money when the packages are the same. Thats why I always recommend guys buy the basic version - except this time.

The Penimaster PRO is completely different than its “basic” counterpart, the vacuum head attachment and the elastic straps aren't even offered in the basic package. Neither is the plastic storage case, which I have found particularly useful. Its got a hand grip and snaps to keep it closed. I grab it in the morning when I wakeup, and carry it back downstairs before I go to bed.

This probably sounds unimportant - but you have to keep your shit together in one place if you're going to use it consistently. I speak from experience- this is a frequently overlooked factor.

A word about the quality / durability

Penimaster Pro comes with a couple of really small parts and pieces, which I find annoying. That aside, the penimaster is made strong. I know this because I dropped the glands attachment and stepped on it with all my weight (while trying to avoid crushing my chihuahua). I thought I was fucked, but it survived 190lbs.

I have not done any official lab strength tests, but I have tested and used a lot of male enhancement stuff over the last couple of years and I feel like I could break nearly all of them with my bare bands. So I was impressed that the Penimaster Pro survived.


I still prefer the head attachment be clear- but that issue aside, I have zero complaints. Penimaster Pro has become my primary stretcher, replacing a few others I have reviewed and used to alternate between.


Check out PeniMaster Pro on their own website HERE

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