How to Clean the Penomet Using Gun Oil Shine

Penomet Care- Gun Oil Shine BottleKeeping your Penomet clean ensures you wont lose suction over time, and guarantees a long gaiter life.  Because the gaiters are medical grade silicone, cleaning them with the included Gun Oil Shine is required.  The Penomet is a high end penis pump, one of the best you can buy.  So don't neglect it because "don't feel like cleaning it". Use the Gun Oil Shine to clean the gaiters regularly. Using soaps that dry out the natural oils in the silicone will shorten your pump life.

The Gun Oil Shine included with the premium package requires no water, so you can clean the pump cylinder and gaiters anywhere.  I had a couple guys overseas ask about the Penomet and if they could use it without water, and how they would clean it.  Gun Oil Shine works with any pump, so I always recommend it especially if you are in a situation where you would like to keep your penis enlargement routine private from the people you live with.

The cleaner also conditions the gaiters to keep them flexible, soft, and working like the first day you used them. Soap buildup is not your friend with any hydro pump.

Attention Penomet Standard and Extra Owners:
If you don't have gun oil, or you ran out you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to buy it from Penomet directly.  You can buy a bottle from Amazon for $8 bucks.

Washing the Gaiters and Cylinder

  1. Shake up the gun oil shine bottle well, you want it to spray out foam. (giggity)
  2. Press down on the dispenser so the foam cleaner is directly applied to your gaiter and tube.
  3. Use your hands to rub the cleaner on the inside and outside of the tube, as well as the gaiters.
  4. Use a paper towel or bath towel to wipe off the cleaning foam.

If you choose to use Vaseline or lotion to create a better contact against your pubic area, ensure you scrub that part of the gaiter until you feel confident there is no buildup left over from your pumping session. Left over buildup on the base, over time, will negatively affect the vacuum strength each gaiter can provide . This is true for all penis pumps, not just the Penomet.

The Penomet tube is dishwasher safe, but the gaiters are not.  So if you are doing a load of dishes, rather than use more cleaner you can drop it in the washer.  It's a durable cylinder but I still like to baby mine. I like to keep it scratch free so I can see inside while pumping.

Caring for the Valve

The valve is the top button on the cylinder that allows air and water to escape when you compress it against your body.  Keeping the valve free from any soap buildup or dirt is important. Again, this goes for all penis pumps not just the Penomet.

  1. Spray Gun Oil onto the valve on both the outside top, and inside top.
  2. Press the release button a few times, while rubbing the cleaning foam into the valve.
  3. Put any gaiter on the pump, and (with the valve still soaked in gun oil) press down against your stomach or a flat surface.

This sucks the gun shine oil inside the valve area, and breaks down and removes any dirt inside.  No water is needed, after 2-3 compressions wipe the pump off and finish cleaning the gaiters.

Important Care Tips:

  • You should clean the gaiters after every use to ensure they are always conditioned and soft.  This will prevent cracks, tears, and ensure they don't lose any suction.
  • One bottle of Gun Oil Shine will last you a long time. A few compressions of the dispenser and you have enough to clean all the gaiters and the tube.
  • If you missed a day of cleaning, then leave the gun oil on the gaiters for 15-20 minutes after rubbing them clean with your hands. Ensure you get in-between all the folds of the gaiters while cleaning. After 20 minutes they will come out looking and working like brand new.

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