A Closer Look at the Penomet Gaiters

The Penomet makes use of interchangeable Medical Grade Silicone Gaiters for pumping. They are the only pump to use medical grade silicone, and its much softer and easier on your skin than the harder rubber competitors use. Penomet made their gaiters removable to add value to your purchase - rather than your whole pump becoming obsolete when you need more suction, you can just pick up a stronger gaiter.

I love the idea, and it makes much more sense to me than buying a pump with a fixed rubber gaiter which, if it tears, renders the whole pump useless. It also means you can upgrade your penomet whenever they release a more powerful or differently shaped gaiter.

All Five Penomet Gaiter Strengths


The Difference Between The Gaiters

Currently they have 5 different strengths available, I discuss and make use of all five in the exercises section.  Here is a closer look at each of them;

Purple Force 60

Force 60

The Force 60 gaiter is the lowest strength available, and is for beginners and first time pumpers. You dont want to start off with the strongest pump you can because you could damage your penis, get water retention, or cause physical pain. These are risks associated with traditional pumping much more than with water based pumping with the Penomet because of the gaiter system. Its purple, and slips over the bottom of the tube like the other gaiters.

Blue Force 65

Force 65

The Force 65 is the next step after using the beginner 60 strength. It is blue in color, and is not a very strong pump but its more powerful than the 60. The varying strengths are used to build you up to the powerful pumps, as well as to alternate between different strengths during your exercise routine to give your penis some variation.

Black Force 70

Force 70

This is the middle strength gaiter currently out. Color is black, and it comes with the Penomet Extra and Standard packages. This is my favorite pump to alternate with the force 80 pump below.

Grey Force 75

Force 75

Force 75 gaiter comes in grey, is one step away from the strongest pump and is only available when you purchase the premium package. This is because most people wont need the stronger strengths unless they plan to use it daily and are expecting girth gains more than one inch.

Red Force 80

Force 80

This is the strongest gaiter, comes in RED, and if you bought the premium package like I did then you will find yourself using this one the most. Its harder to push down because of the thickness of the gaiter. It gives you an awesome pump, but should only be used after you have worked your way up. This is, like I said above, to avoid blisters etc...


Switching Gaiters Only Takes A Second

The gaiters all snap on easily. The Purple gaiter is very thin vs the red gaiter being very thick- so the red force 80 requires a bit more of a push to snap it on. I recorded a quick video to show how fast changing gaiters is with the Penomet.


My Favorite Feature...

I think my favorite thing about the penomet is just that its upgradable. I don't want to spend 300 dollars every-time a better pump comes out, and with the gaiter system rather than buying a new pump you can just pickup the newest gaiter. Its a great value.


  1. Greg,
    Just in case I dont see or hear about the change, can you drop me a line when the gaiters are sold individually?

    1. Hey Freddie - I don't think they offer that anymore. Ill check on that right now, I went premium so I got all mine up front. I was previously told yes you could, but it looks like they may have changed that. Update you here in this comment in about a day.

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