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November 15th, 2018
Penomet is a great hydropump for guys with a starting girth over 6in. Its super lightweight, and that makes using it in the shower easy. Because the cylinder is designed larger, the Penomet is not the best for for all guys.

Penomet is a competitor to the more well known Bathmate pump, and is growing in popularity quickly. I bought the premium edition for this review, and I will cover the following aspects (which I know to be important for a new pumper):

  • comfort level
  • vacuum strength
  • minimum and maximum girth
  • minimum and maximum length
  • valve quality
  • weight and ease of use
  • my before and after pictures
  • quick look at the warranty and guaranteed offered
  • is it worth the money?


Penomet is a twist on the traditional design, but still every inch a penis pump. Its appealing, just looking at the sales page enticed me enough to buy one, if only to review it. It's simple, designed to work in the bathtub or air, and have no moving parts. The suction gaiters are comfortable, even more comfortable than another popular brand.

About Hydropumps + Benefits

I have owned and used a lot of different penis pumps, and in my experience water based penis pumps (hydro pumps) are much more effective for permanent size increases than their air based counterparts, this is because the heat of the water relaxes and expands your blood vessels for the duration of the pump, which means

  • you can skip the warm up and warm down recommended when using a traditional pump
  • you get more oxygenated blood flowing to your penis
  • longer lasting increase in size
  • increase in length and girth quickly
  • stronger erections from improved blood flow

The gains made will last anywhere from 4 - 6 hours starting the first time you use it. This is in contrast to other penis pumps that don't take advantage of warm water, and require weeks to create gains that last for more than a few hours. The penomet is the largest water based pump available, which makes it suitable for everyone regardless of your size.

Penomet now comes in a variety of colors.  I am not really sure why they did this, but there must have been demand for it.  Personally I still recommend the clear one, you want to see the results you're getting live not have a pretty colored penis pump.  Either way, here are the colors now offered:

penomet colors (green, purple, orange, blue, pink, clear)

“The pump is designed to allow a minimal compression force, while achieving maximum expansion, encouraging maximum penis growth and minimum discomfort. The more water is forced from the Penomet, the more the penis is encouraged to expand and the higher the hydro force vacuum that’s created. The more you use the Penomet the bigger the vessels become, allowing more blood to flow and fill the tissue. It’s like body building for your penis."

Overview of Penomet Premium

The Penomet is sold in three different packages, the Premium, Extra, and Standard. The premium edition comes with 5 different strength, medical grade, silicone "gaiters" which control the force of the water being pumped into the tube. After purchasing you'll want to follow an exercise routine to maximize the gains you get. Penomet gives you one after purchasing (available on my site as well) and they recommend using different gaiters on different days to avoid your body getting accustomed to one pressure of pump. The 5th gaiter included is labeled the "force 80" and is the strongest pressure they make, and is only included if you pickup the premium edition.

If you are enlarging your penis using this pump and you plan to use it regularly (you will, its super easy to use, feels great, and the results really do show super fast) then you need to work your way up to the higher suction force. You can choose between blue or clear colored tubes, and the gaiters are pre-color coded for easy identification. They include a bottle of gun oil shine, its a premium lubricant that you will use if you choose to pump outside the shower or bathtub. Most people don't though, the heat of the water improves the results so much its not worth anyone's time to.

The premium edition will run you $297 bucks. The penomet will enlarge your penis in 15 minutes, for up to 8 hours. That means if you are having a lady caller visiting, just use the penomet before she arrives. There is no other pump out there that can create these kinds of results, do your dick a favor and give this one year satisfaction guarantee a try.

Penomet Extra & Standard

The extra package comes with three gaiters and a two year warranty. The shipping charges are a little less when you buy a lesser version of the product because of the weight difference. The standard edition comes with one gaiter (the lowest force), and a one year warranty. They say each pump package comes with a different level of support, but they offer everyone the same assistance. You are basically paying for the gaiters when you pickup the premium edition, and you are going to need them anyway. The removable gaiters is what makes penomet so great, its completely upgradable so you never have to buy another pump again, just buy new gaiters.

I personally go with the best package just because they offer a better warranty, and whether it works great or fails completely I know the fault was not on my end because I went with the best. In the case of Penomet there are a few good reasons to go "all in" but regardless Penomet is the pump I recommend most.

The Penomet is the largest pump available, meaning it can accommodate almost any sized penis.

Which Version Should I Purchase?

UPDATE: I have expanded on this to make the benefits of each package more clear, learn what each penomet package comes with here.

The Premium edition Penomet is the best bang for your buck, if you are debating buying the Basic or Standard edition of Penomet I recommend you go with the Bathmate instead.  Penomet is awesome, but you want all the strength gaiters, and prem customers will soon be getting access to a special members only area with 50% off ALL items as well as a place to discuss your routines with other Penomet users.

The Penomet team are building a members area called MyPenomet (see update), and you get access with the Premium Purchase only.  Additionally guys, the gaiters are sold for upwards of 50-60 dollars each, so if you go with the basic version you will wind up paying more in the long run.  Its just smarter to take advantage of everything you can with this deal.

Penomet Specifications

  • Unit Diameter is 2.46 inches (6.2cm)
  • Max Girth/Circumference is 7.67 inches (19.5 cm)
  • Unit height uncompressed is 10.62 inches (26 cm)
  • Max penis length is 9 inches (23 cm) when fully compressed
  • Gaiters are Medical Grade Silicone (Made in Japan)
  • Tube is Polycarbon Plastic (Made in USA)


How Penomet Works & How To Use It

Penomet is used primarily in the bathtub or shower, but can be used without water as well. All you do is fill it with hot-warm water, place it over your penis, and press it against your pelvic bone to create suction around the penis. Excess water spurts out from the valve on the top of the pump, and the soft silicon gaiter works to hold the pump against your body even when you aren't holding it in place. Here is quick video showing how to use Penomet:

My Personal Experience

First time I used the penomet I used it in the bathtub, but these days I just take a 20 minute shower instead. Using it in the bathtub will keep the water in the tub hotter, but you cannot realistically run a bath everyday without being the most water wasting person on the planet. Its also the only water based penis pump that CAN be used while standing up. I needed the force 75 suction gaiter for the shower, because the weight is so much more when filled with water and hanging from your body. No water leaks out as long as you keep the pubes shaved clean, or at least trimmed. So if you have a secret garden downstairs you'll need to do some yard work before using it.

The pump is strong, and it feels good with the warm water. I sometimes start out with a completely flaccid penis, run the shower and once the water is warm I fill up the pump tube, and then put it over my penis. It always gives me a natural erection when I first start pumping. After 15 minutes I take it off and have a much thicker and longer flaccid penis, and for me it lasts about 6 hours. First time I used it I didn't see much difference in my erect penis size, but after about 5 days of using it everyday I measured a quarter inch increase in girth after my daily pump. So expect erect gains after your flaccid gains, not before.

Overall its a great water based penis pump, and it's completely idiot proof and simple to use. Its made strong, comes with a great warranty and guarantee, and over time it will give you permanent increases in size.

Click Here To Order Penomet Now

Before and After Pictures

Since the penomet uses the power of water and heat to accelerate permanent gains, a ton of before and after picture results are available, even from people who have only used it once or twice (remember the results in 15 minutes claim? Its legit). Full Size Before and After

This is my before and after photos. My first time pumping. You can view the full resolution images on the review page.

Are Penomet Results Permanent?

Penis Pumps generally do not guarantee long lasting or permanent results, but the penomet does; they claim it will create long term gains with regular use. Its true, earlier I said the power of the warm water creates improved results. If you read around on forums where people are dedicated to pumping, you'll learn without a warm up for 15 minutes and a warm down for 15 more your results wont last long. Its true, and the penomet can create longer lasting pumps in a short period of time because it warms you up while your using it.

So in the short term your going to see fast results, but they wont last for longer than 8 hours or so. That means if you want to keep that pump going you need to continue use everyday. Long term results will begin to cement themselves after month three. They promise 1-3 inches of length gain and 30% in girth from regular use. I think most people will only see about one inch in length, but the 30% in girth is under what you can expect if you use it properly and follow the workout program they include.

From The Manufacturer;

“Generally, most individuals can gain between 1-3 inches in length with a 30% increase in thickness. People who are much smaller, flaccid, seem to get the fastest, most noticeable results; Generally, after between 1 to 3 months, the length will start increasing anywhere from half an inch upwards and the more you use it the fatter and longer your penis will appear.”

The Warranty & Guarantee

There is a three year warranty with the purchase even the basic Penomet pump, so if it breaks or one of the gaiters tears from use you can get a replacement. Its not going to break though, this is made strong with thick plastic and really durable rubber for the gaiters. The guarantee they offer is almost absurd, one full year (365 days) to test it out and if you dont think it works for you or it won't work for you (also pretty unlikely) you can return it and get your money back.

Penomet 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping is discreet, of course, but not free. Its 20 bucks to ship the penomet to you in a plain brown package with a tracking number. I live in the states, and it took two days for me to get my package, all discreet and left by my door with no signature needed.




  1. Hey Greg remember me? I emailed you about it working and you asked me to take before and after pictures. I tried emailing you back - I took the pictures you can use on your site if you want.

  2. Do you use the penomet or the bathmate? Which do you think is better for long term results? I want to go from 5 inches to 7 inches, and Its hard for me to believe a pump will do that much for me. thoughts?

    1. Whats up Josh - I have used them both, and they are both good products. Penomet is much more comfortable because the gaiters are made of silicone vs the hard rubber the bathmate uses. The penomet also has a gaiter system, which ensures it wont be made obsolete like bathmate does to all their old pumps. So obviously the penomet is the best bang for your buck because its upgradable making it a long term tool for your enhancement. You will see gains in length with the pump, but they are minimal. You should check out the sizegenetics review here if you want to gain length. I personally use both, its a great combination exercise.

      1. with a 5.7 erect length penis and 5.9 inch erect girth would could i realisticly could gain in a 6 month period just an idea of what i could see?

        1. Depends if you are using a penis extender or a penis pump. Extenders can give you huge gains in 6 months, up to an inch or more. Penis pumps work for length and girth, but definitely focus more on girth than anything else.

          So it really depends what your personal goals are dude- are you looking to add length, girth or both? How much time do you have, realistically, per week, to invest in yourself? How much money are you comfortable spending to improve your penis size?

          Hit me back with answers to those questions and I can help you better. I can point you in the right direction but not without knowing a little more about your personal goals.

        1. You can use the pump sleeves with Penomet as well. Tell me what you mean when you say it will not seal. Do you mean the sleeves wont create an air tight seal around the goliath gaiter?

  3. Sir,
    I’m interested in buying the Penomet Penis Pump. However, I do have few questions. Could you please assist me in answering them?

    1.Can I use the Penomet Penis Pump with no water? (I am deployed overseas where we have shortage of water/showers.)

    2. If i use it in my room would that leak water or?

    1. Hey Ray- Yep you can use Penomet without water, but water is what makes it so effective! So when you can, try and use it with water. If you use it someplace not in the shower area, it wont leak water from the valve (top of the pump) but it will be hard to use just filling it up with water and pressing it against yourself without spilling. I think the Bathmate might be a better fit for you since you are in a place where you are keeping it private. Bathmate is one piece, no removable parts. Both accomplish the same thing, the Penomet is just a better value when you go with the best package.

  4. Hi Greg,

    You're awesome for taking the time to answer so many of our questions here. I'm trying to select my first pump, since I've never used one before. I won't be using it in the bathtub, only in the shower.

    I'm debating whether to buy a Penomet Extra which is $210 delivered approximately or Bathmate Hydromax x40 which is $199 (free shipping).

    Which one to choose? I also have some questions for you please:

    1. Why should I be concerned about 50% off lifetime discounts if I were to buy the Penomet Premium when I can buy the Penomet extra? Penomet Extra is $100 cheaper than the Penomet Premium and is only missing the 60 and 80 gaiters which you could buy later. I have a feeling you might say 50% off of future products, but I probably won't be purchasing another product in at least a year or more. Why would I need to? Why should I worry about that now? Who knows how the market will change and what will be available by then from this vendor or any newcomers.

    2. How much are each of the gaitors for Penomet (regular pricing) + shipping and where do you buy them since I did not see them listed on the site?

    3. Do you prefer the blue or clear for the Penomet?

    4. How much force does the Bathmate have in comparison to the Penomet?

    5. Why doesn't the Bathmate need different gaiters to yield comparable results to the Penomet?

    6. Is the Penomet due for a design change or new release any time soon?

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hey Rico- Good questions man. The Penomet Premium extra gaiters are strong, and the stronger the gaiters the better pump you'll get. Most people continue pumping after they get started, its pretty fun and seeing the results keeps you going, so the premium package is pretty sweet for the gaiters being released in the future.

      1- You are right about not knowing what will be available in the future, but I can assure you Penomet isn't going anywhere (nor is Bathmate). They just released the online measurement tracking system for tracking growth, new gaiters coming and they have plans to release new larger tubes too. So when you reach your goal size, or fill up the 9in tube you have- rather than buy another pump at full price you can pickup a new larger tube for cheaper. You'll be surprised at how fast you start filling up the cylinder, if you pump daily you get results pretty quick.

      2- The individual gaiters right now cost between 50-60 dollars from customer service, but I believe they have plans to adjust the pricing down the line to make them more affordable. I covered a little about the benefits of the premium package vs. extra and standard here. The individual gaiters will be available for purchase soon on the Penomet website, but currently the only way to order more is over the phone @ 800-350-3924.

      3- I personally like the clear one because I like to see the results while I'm pumping. The blue is cool but I find the ruler engraved on the pump tube more visible with clear plastic, as well as my manhood being more visible.

      4- This is a really smart question, and I'm glad you asked it. I can only share what has been shared with me, and I have to disclaimer this by sharing that I am still waiting for the official test certificate from Penomet Customer Relations - however this information was passed on BY Penomet Customer Relations (Dave Collins) so I believe it to be valid:

      Penomet Standard (Force 70 Gaiter) = 1.39 psi = 95.8 mbar (Tested)
      Bathmate Hercules = 1.10 psi = 75.8 mbar (Tested)
      Hydromax X30 = 1.43 PSI or 98.54 mbar (Not tested, calculated from Hydromax claims)

      HydroMax was not officially tested, but based on Bathmate claims it is a little stronger. Seeing as how Penomet is upgradable, and stronger gaiters will be available soon, it would appear Penomet is the winner. Now- I am not saying the Bathmate is crappy product, I use both pumps. The Penomet does feel stronger to me but only when I use the red gaiter. I may do a test myself so I can post my own results, but until I have time to these results will have to suffice.

      5- The Penomet gaiters are removable, but that isn't a claim that it's better in any way, it’s just a feature they thought people would like. Personally, I prefer products I can upgrade, rather than replace because I am kinda cheap. The results are very similar between the two pumps. Penomet went with multiple gaiters so new pumpers can build up to that higher pressure. It's common for a guy to try out a new pump, and its to strong right off the bat, which can cause fluid retention or blisters. The lower strength gaiters ensure you are pumping intelligently without risking any damage to your penis. They also can be used in the exercise routines.

      6- I have heard Penomet may be releasing an affixed gaiter pump sometime in the future to compete with Bathmate. It makes sense they would continue to produce both styles. Those who prefer to upgrade can do with the original Penomet, and those who like the affixed gaiter system can go with that. HOWEVER this is speculation from what I have read on forums, and heard from customer relations. They are keeping most new developments under wraps.

      Again those were awesome questions man, I’m glad you asked them. Some other people might be wondering the same things but didn't want to take the time to ask. If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot me a message here.

      Bottom line- the Bathmate pumps run between $150 to $200 and Penomet runs from $127, $197, and $297. With how close the pressure tests are, I would say the smartest decision you can make is to purchase the pump you can afford, and suites you better.*

      *I will make one exception to that statement though; I have had issues with the Bathmate while taking a shower. The air lock valve frequently leaks air causing it to lose suction while standing. This is common enough that I have a few comments from Bathmate users stating the same. So if you plan to use the pump standing up while taking a shower, the Penomet will fit that style of use better. It’s a more minimal design, and has a different valve system that wont leak regardless of position.

      PS: I personally reached out to my Penomet rep and requested official responses to numbers 4 and 6. I know the information is important to you, so give him a day to get back to me and I will re-edit my reply if any of the information I gave to you was incorrect or out of date. I am confident about my other answers, but I don't want to give anyone bad information. I'll also shoot you an email myself once I hear back, just incase you aren't notified by my blog of the comment update. 🙂

      1. Thank you once again for your time, research and valued input.

        I heard (unofficially) that there's a new Penomet coming out with revised gaiters, new packaging, and a strap in a matter of weeks.

        I'm going to wait a bit. I might just buy the new version.

        Sorry for taking so long to respond back.

  5. Sir,

    Thank you for answering my questions however i had one more question.
    Should i get any massage oil or anything else along with Penomet pump to increase faster? i think i can afford as long there is no side effects. Thank you again

    1. You can use any lubricant you choose, try and make it water based. So which pump did you decide to go with?

  6. Curious. I sent Penomet customer service and email asking if it was possible to purchase individual gaiters. Their response: "Unfortunately, we don't sell the Gaiters for the Penomet separately. If you do want the additional Gaiters though, you can upgrade your package to either the Penomet Extra Package or the Penomet Premium Package if you'd like. It's simple to do this as you just need to pay the difference in price for your existing Package to the Package that you'd like to upgrade to." Is this customer service agent misinformed or what?? I find it strange that they didn't mention anything about selling individual gaiters now or in the future.

    1. That is odd, I have seen many peple discuss ordering gaiters via email and on the phone, myself included. I'll contact my penomet rep and ask myself. Here is a screenshot of one guy who emailed them as well.

      You can see they want $70 a pop. This is another reason I recommend the premium package, it just makes more sense. Did you already purchase a different package and are trying to upgrade? I'll see what I can do to help, let me know your situation Lee.

      1. I saw that email screenshot but I wanted to ensure that I could in fact order individual ones which is why I sent my own email. I haven't purchased anything from Penomet as I wanted to do proper research first. I have to say all the varying information they're giving out is worrisome. I also just saw your comment on Mike Salvini's Bathmates and Penomet size comparison video: "The new gaiter is given to all premium customer for free?" Was just about to ask him the same question and then I saw your comment! I would have thought Penomet would advertise such a deal but they seem all over the place as far as communication goes.

        Thanks for the quick reply!

        1. Yea they want to keep the new gaiter under wraps it seems. The Green Hulk right, haha. I have asked Penomet myself as well, and was told what I know "sounds accurate" but they want to keep everything quiet until the launch. I know they already do promise the new gaiter to premium members, that is confirmed. I also know the Gun Shine oil you get with the premium edition is required to clean those silicone gaiters - so if you go with a cheaper package for whatever reason (dont recommend it though) pickup that stuff on amazon. Its only like 5 bucks a bottle I think.

          Penomet also verified to me they know the website is confusing. They are having a new one designed right now to remedy that issue, which will explain all the things were wondering about here much more clearly. I have the penomet premium myself and I like it a lot, mostly how minimal it is. The bathmate hydromax series weighs a f**k-ton and is hard to use standing up. Have you checked out mypenomet yet? It's a work in progress, and will launch with the new website - but you can register for free now.

          I wish I could help you more, I think customer service is kinda left out of the loop on the new stuff too. What I know for sure is premium customers will get membership access to a special backend, and the lifetime discount on new gaiters which is nice. 🙂

          EDIT: Thanks for verifying my email reply plugin is working too.

          1. I initially wanted to buy the standard Penomet and possibly upgrade with the force 80 gaiter in the future. The premium package is mighty expensive and I'm not sure if I'd get much use out of the two gaiters weaker than the standard. I AM very tempted to just go with the premium package though after reading reviews.

            That's good to know about a new website coming. I also thought they were going to announce the Penomet Plus in April but I'm guessing that will be mentioned on the new website?

            Thanks again for such quick responses! You've been extremely helpful.

          2. No problem at all man 🙂 I keep my finger on the pulse as much as I can. The penomet plus or penomet 3.0, whatever they decide to call it, is likely going to be a larger tube. The gaiters are the key selling point, and if you go premium you get all the gaiters anyway. That's my take anyhow! One thing I can tell you, after you go premium it's not something you'll look back on and say oh shit I wish I didn't go premium, I hate having the strongest gaiter. haha

    1. Hey Luc- I do 15 minutes of Penomet in the morning, followed by jelqing for what I guess would be about 5 minutes. After that I am good and pumped, which makes wearing sizegenetics so easy. So, I strap it on and im good to go for the day.

  7. Ok quick question. I'm about 8 3/4 in length with a curve to the left.(I may be under shooting, I haven't measured since my 1st year out of high school and I'm in my 30's now) which would you recommend for my size, the Goliath or Penomet?

    1. The x40 or the Goliath, or the Penomet. The Penomet is awesome IMO, You can use it standing in the shower.

    1. What do you mean, like a routine? I always recommend manual exercises with the penomet so you can get as big as possible.

  8. Hi.
    I have the first bathmate, and it work great, I was looking at the new pumps and found that the penomet has really good opinions!! so I bought the one that comes with 3 gaiters, after trying it, I felt more pressure with my old bathmate than the penomet with 75 gaiter. i dont think I am doing anything wrong, but better i ask.

    1. Et- That's a good observation- A few people have questioned how much pressure the bathmate has compared to the penomet. The RED Force 80 gaiter is the one you need to feel the full pressure, but even with that suction level it may not feel as intense and heres why;

      - Penomet uses soft, medical grade silicone gaiters. They don't feel as hard against your pubic bone, and create a more even vacuum than the Bathmate Hercules model.
      - Penomet gaiters are designed in low to high vacuum pressures so you can perform different exercises and mix up your routine. For example, if you pump with the force 80 one day, the next day you would use the half strength gaiter to prevent discoloration while still filling those tiny tears you made with enough blood to expand.

      There have been a few vacuum pressure tests done, but nobody has done one with both pumps filled with water- which is how the vacuum is made with hydropumps. I will make my own pretty soon, to clear the air on the subject. Most people say the Penomet gives them an equal or greater pump but it feels weaker, and thats a good thing. Since you have them both, do a test 3-4 hours apart. Bathmate first, then Penomet and then post back and tell me which you feel is more powerful. I hope that helps answer your question, and seriously do the test man, and post back I am sure other people want to hear the results too!

  9. Hey Greg,

    I have a question on the Penomet and was wondering if I can get some help.

    I've been using the Penomet for about 2 weeks. I was reaching the end of using the blue gaiter when the Penomet completely stopped giving me that strong suction. I didn't change how I used it; it just stopped. I thought I had to use the black gaiter now, tried that, and it still didn't work. I tried all gaiters, and nothing. I called Penomet to have my tube replaced, and they sent me a completely new package of all gaiters, tube, and gun oil shine. I tried using the black gaiter with the new tube, and nothing. They did tell me if I still experienced no suction again, to contact them again.

    Do you have any idea what might be the problem? They told me there might be a crack and that's why they sent me a new one. But my new one doesn't work either. I don't see how I'm doing the pumping wrong as I was doing it correctly before.

    Thanks for any input.

    1. Dan - Sorry for the late reply bro! I went on a mini vaca with my Fiance. It sounds like the valve is broken. Have you checked that out to see if its leaking air? I haven't experienced it myself, but check the valve and get back to me. If it's an issue I can help with I will!


      1. Hey Greg,
        Nice to see you're back! I actually tried the new gray gaiter that came to my house with the same tube and it worked, so it must have been a bad gaiter. I haven't tried the new red gaiter yet. I wanted to, but I got pretty bad fluid retention from overdoing the gray gaiter. I guess I got too excited I was finally able to go up from the black one! I am uncut so where the foreskin is is where all the fluid gathered up and is a giant bulb now. Do you have any suggestions on a remedy? It has been three days now of giving the pumping a rest and I think it is slowly going away, but I can't be certain. I'm especially worried, since I just met someone and I want to go further in bed, but now I have this giant embarrassing bulb!

  10. 7-10-2013. Attempted to call Penomet to upgrade.....well it has been 26 min on hold and no answer......not a happy customer.

    1. Ill forward this over to the penomet guy I talk to. Have him email you. Weird man, I know they just changed their packaging so it looks awesome and are preparing the launch for the new penomet. Might be thats why they are busy.


      1. Thanks Greg....Hmmmm sounds like they need to get it together. Other online Penomet forums are complaining of the same problem.

  11. PENOMET Customer Service Sucks! Great product but CSR suck! I ordered my Penomet on May 22, 2013. I received it promptly. I love my pump. After 3 calls and over 20min plus waits, I finally got someone live. I requested to upgrade from my standard to Extra....(that would mean more money) the CSR could not confirm or deny this would take place. She said that if it could happen, it may take a week. When I ask how I would know, she said that I may get an email confirmation or a call. REALLY! REALLY! Guys, just order the premium at the beginning. This will say you a great deal of frustration and in the long run....the money! Just another satisfied customer with Penoment.

  12. OMG...Penomet finally responded. I received an email today, that I have been upgraded and my additional supplies are on their way! WhooooooHooooooooo! TGIF

  13. Greg, what is the longest time you have pumped? I am comfortable at 15 min with no problem. Just throwing it out long everyone is pumping.

    1. Hey Jeff - I haven't heard of a blue spot, but I have gotten red dots and sometimes larger more bruise looking spots. It just means you need to pump a little less intense. Make sure you are jelqing before and after pumping too, for at least 2-3 minutes. It helps a LOT with providing fresh oxygenated blood to the penis. That helps prevent injury, etc...

    2. Hey Jeff,
      Just to add...just in case someone is taking a daily aspirin or blood thinner can also contribute. Just my thoughts as a healthcare person. I agree, might be too much intensity.

  14. Hi Greg,

    I have read some of these information and I interested purchasing "penomet pump" however i have few question:
    1. Which website I should buy it with discount? Please provide me the link.
    2. Which pump size is good for 5.5” erected size penis?
    3. Is there any video how to use the pump, since most of videos from your website removed due to some violation of YouTube terms of service.

    1. Hey Ray - Actually dude they stopped issuing discounts on the Penomet once they got their new website up and running. I guess its not such a new product anymore so they dont need to market it as hard. If your penis is 5.5 erect, I would stay away from Penomet and use the Bathmate x30 (or the Bathmate Xtreme if you have the cash- They are extensive as shit but damn its a good pump). I will be putting up new videos, I havent been very active on my site lately so I didn't even realize they were taken down. Thanks for letting me know though.

      1. Hey, thanks for your response. I remember I asked you before and you suggested to get the Penomet and I have already gotten the Penomet Premium for three hundred bucks. I've been using it for the last three weeks. You have recommended a different now. I just want to know what the difference is between the Penomet and the one you have recommended?
        Thanks man!


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