Phallosan Clinical Study - A Breakdown & Summary of Facts

This is a beautified and simplified version of the official phallosan clinical study. All the data included here is unchanged from the original. The purpose of writing this overview is to make it easier to understand what results were found, without reading the entire 36 page technical, medical document.

I excluded several diagrams covering aspects of the participants that I found irrelevant; weight, age, erection strength and duration, and ejaculation frequency. There was little or no change to these measurements from the beginning of the study to its end. I focused primarily on showing the average change in penis size because ultimately that data is most important when making a decision.

I encourage you to read the official clinical study, it gives a slightly more specific picture than I do here, albeit much more complicated. Okay, lets get going;

Purpose of the study and who conducted it

Dr Clemens Tilke (left)
Dr Clemens Tilke (left in blue)
  • Purpose of Clinical Study:  To determine whether a (statistically) significant change in penis girth and length can be identified after using Phallosan for six months.
  • Study Authored By: Dr. Clemens Tilke
  • Study Completed:  April 15th, 2005
  • Length of Study: 6 Months

Who were the participants?

Twenty-four patients in total were included in this study, however two dropped out and five never returned for their final measurement.  Data from these men is excluded. That makes seventeen total people testing out the Phallosan forte for themselves

Patients: 24
Dropouts: 2 (excluded from analysis)
No Follow-up: 5  (excluded from analysis)
Analyzed Participants: 17

The study covered a wide age range; the youngest being 20 years and the oldest at 68 years old.  The average age of all seventeen people was 41 years old.

Age Range: 20 - 68 years.
Average Age: 41 years.

Penis Length Results (3 and 6 months)

Shortest Longest Average Length
Starting Length 8.70cm 12.30cm 15.50cm
3 Month Check 10.50cm 13.40cm 16.00cm
6 Month Check 11.00cm 14.10cm 16.50cm


These results were interesting to me, because the smallest participant achieved the largest gains.  This could be caused by a few different things.

First- a longer penis means less tension applied by the Phallosan (unless you adjust it properly for your height).
Second - maybe the man with a smaller penis is more motivated than the man with a large penis, so this person put in more time wearing the device.

The results confirm Phallosan forte does increase penis length.  In three months' time, the 17 men measured experienced an average increase in penis length of 1.05 cm.  At the six month mark the average increase in size measured 1.78 cm (more than half an inch).  See the chart below:



Penis Girth Results (3 and 6 months)

Here are the participant's measurements before the study, three months in, and at the final six month check.

Smallest Largest Average
Starting Numbers 9.50cm 12.70cm 10.60cm
3 Month Check 9.50cm 13.50cm 11.30cm
6 Month Check 9.70cm 13.50cm 11.40cm


Even though Phallosan does not claim to increase girth, in clinical studies it did.  I charted the growth below, or see pages 8, 9, 10, and 11 in the official clinical study PDF.  Keep your eyes on the blue, that represents the average girth of the group.

  • Green represents the smallest girth participant in the group.
  • Yellow represents the largest girth participant.
  • Blue represents the groups average.

After three months the average girth of participants increased by 0.64 cm, and 0.80 cm after six months.


So how long did these people wear the phallosan?

I included this because a lot of people ask how long results will take.  For me- I did not care how long it would take. If I could gain one full inch, in my mind I didn't care what I had to do or for how long I had to do it.  I believe that is why I have achieved the results I have.  Keep your eyes on your goal and how you will feel once you have achieved it - rather than on how tedious the process of achieving it may be.

The participants were all required to wear the stretching device for a minimum of 2 hours per day. On average it was worn for more than six hours per day.  The most time spent in one day stretching was 10 hours, and the least time reported for one day was two hours.

Id like to add a comment here; I have looked over a lot of clinical trials, and read about how they take place.  Most of this information is independently reported by the participants.  That means these guys were asked by the doctor how long they wore the device every day.  For that reason, I'd wager these numbers are on the high side.

So does this mean phallosan works?

Yes. This clinical study reports that (at least within this small test group) it is a device capable of producing significant change in penile length, and measurable changes in penile girth.  Based on the numbers for girth, I don't recommend making phallosan the primary tool you use to grow your girth.  For length I highly recommend it though. Phallosan forte is prescribed by doctors (in Germany and Switzerland, maybe others) for three medical issues:

  • Micropenis (penis measuring less than 2.5in erect)
  • Peyronie's Disease (penis that bends to left or right)
  • E.D. (weak erection strength)

My thoughts and recommendations

If you have not yet read my review of phallosan, check it out here. I highly recommend phallosan to almost everyone who asks me via comments. It's a comfortable stretcher to wear, easy to use, and you can sleep with it on without worrying about discomfort or penis injury.  If you want to learn more and you have already read all the info I shared from my experience - Go to phallosans official website.  They have a lot more information and charts you can view to help make a decision.

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