Phallosan forte review:The stretcher that destroyed all other stretchers in clinical trials (and in comfort and wearability)


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November 15th, 2018
Phallosan forte is comfortable, easy to wear, and works on proven principle of traction to enlarge your penis. I tried it, and I am still using it today.

I am excited to share the Phallosan forte with everyone who reads my blog.  This penis stretcher is future of penis enlargement, I am sure of it. In this review, I will cover:

This review is written by me, Greg. I have been using phallosan for about a year now. I share my experience using phallosan here for anyone and everyone considering adding length to their penis.  Phallosan works, and it's comfortable and easy to use - and I share why, how and lots of pictures in this review.

The Phallosan Forte is known as an "All Day Stretcher" or "ADS" for short.  An ADS will increase penis length primarily, with minimal focus on girth.  This is true of all penis extenders.

Why do I recommend Phallosan forte?

A lot of the male enhancement products I review get two thumbs down.  Thats because they suck, are uncomfortable, or are just a straight up bs gimmick.  I highly recommend the Phallosan forte because it's the most comfortable and wearable product available right now.  You can wear phallosan several different ways and each is comfortable and unobtrusive.  I wear phallosan while running, walking the dogs, lounging on the couch, cooking, and sleeping.

Phallosan can be worn safely while you sleep- without having to sleep strictly on your back. I love Phallosan, it's the one lengthening device comfortable enough for all-day, every-day use.  It's also the only stretcher out right now that you can start using without worrying about hiding it or adjusting it constantly to maintain a comfort level.

Phallosan received FDA Approval on November 4th, 2013. You can view their listing with the FDA here.

How is the Phallosan forte different from a regular extender?

If you have tried a penis extender and given up (like I have in the past) then listen close. The Phallosan Forte is NOT a penis extender, it also doesn’t have any rods or nooses, comfort straps, or anything that wraps behind the head of your penis.  That is the primary difference, the way friction is applied to your penis to hold it in place.

Putting on the Phallosan forte in 18 seconds

Phallosan stays attached using a specially designed suction cup (called the "bell") that fits over your penis head, coupled with a soft rubber skin that rolls down over the shaft.  The bell creates a vacuum, holding your penis with no physical friction. Compared to a regular extender, it's easier to put on, easier to take off, and able to be worn for long periods of time without discomfort (for real).

Is the amount of tension adjustable on the Phallosan?

Phallosan can apply just as much tension as a regular extender can, the adjustments are made differently though.  I used sizegenetics for over a year and adding more tension involved twisting the tension screws. Not to hard, but adding more length was a little time consuming- take off the extender, remove the plastic noose attachment, and screw on more extenders bars.

Adjustment Strap for creating and changing tension

If you want more tension with the Phallosan, just adjust the strap the same way you adjust a strap on a backpack or duffel bag.  Putting it on and taking off is also much faster.  There are so many differences I wrote a separate piece for those of you who have used a regular extender in the past and know the little annoyances involved with them.

How long before I see results?

I have touched on this concept in other posts - The concept of traction has been proven to work. Not by Dr.Bullshit who works for Penis Enlargement Industries LLC. By real doctors in a clinical setting, with real patients. But something most people don't understand is that traction therapy TAKES TIME!

The 1,000 Hour Rule states that for every 1k hours of extension, one inch of length will be gained.

The ONLY way to out that time under your belt is for the device you use to be comfortable enough to use it regularly.

How comfortable is Phallosan?

Phallosan is VERY comfortable. It is so comfortable I can wear it all day long without any pinching, and without my head slipping out. Comfortable enough to wear everyday until you see the results you want, without negative side-effects.  Phallosan can also be worn at night, something I always tried to do with my extender but could never sleep more than a couple hours without pain or slippage.  The phallosan strap ring (the part that goes around the base of your penis) is padded, and fits over all three bell sizes allowing for fast removal, should you need it.

Attaching and Adjusting Phallosan

The sleeve condom is very thin. I haven't had any tears yet, but I suspect sooner or later they will wear out and I will be buying replacements. I hate to speak poorly of any aspect of my new favorite stretcher, but I think the quality could be a little higher here. Replacements are $26.00- so they should be treated with care.

A video explaining how to use Phallosan forte

Phallosan guarantee and warranty

Phallosan-WarrantyPhallosan Forte is a new company, and as of this review they do not yet offer a money back guarantee.  I cannot see why a person would want their money back unless their stretcher arrived defective - which they DO guarantee a replacement for.  However, I hope in the future they implement the same policy that several more established brand have - 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. As for promises from the company, on the Phallosan Forte official website they state:

With PHALLOSAN® forte the penis can be lengthened by 0.8-1.2 inches in only a few months.

This is based on a minimum of 8 hours per day of use. Less than that and no one can guarantee you gains. In clinical trials they were required to wear the Phallosan for at least 8 hours per day. Either way, I know this statement to be true. Gaining an inch in length is easy, just put the time in.

As for the warranty, Phallosan forte is covered by a two year warranty on all parts excluding vacuum condoms and protector caps.

Shipping and delivery privacy

I received my Phallosan forte package in a plain brown box. Completely discreet, which is really important to me because I live in an apartment complex and my packages often are left with the front office. Shipping took four days to Sunny Southern California. Delivered via UPS for me, but they also use FedEX, USPS, and DHL.


Phallosan bills your credit card as "Orbisan Ltd". No suggestive names, and no references to any male enhancement company. Generic billing to keep your privacy safe.

Whats comes inside the box?

Inside the box you will find:

  • Three (3) "Bells" (Small, Medium and Large)
  • Three (3) Pre-attached Condom Sleeves
  • Three (3) Bonus Condom Sleeves (if you order via my link below)
  • One (1) Adjustment Strap
  • One (1) Suction Pump
  • One (1) Protector Cap (penis head comfort option)
  • DVD and Instructions

A special offer for free spare parts

I mentioned earlier that I was not satisfied with the quality or price of the condom sleeves. The people over at Phallosan agree with me, and are offering anyone who orders from this website a free package of three extra condom sleeves.  Pretty sweet deal, and a completely fair offer considering all you had to do was read this review.

Saves you $78 dollars total, and the trouble of ordering more sleeves should they rip or tear on you for any reason. It works like this:

  1. After you receive your package, try on all three bells and determine which size is right for you 90% of the time. That means non-erect, shrinkage state of your penis.
  2. Then you come back here and click here to email support, or just store the email address "" now in your address book.
  3. Email support and tell them you would like to get your three free condom sleeves in X size, and reference my site.

They will confirm with you, and then send you a tracking number for the free sleeves.

Click Here to Order Phallosan forte (and get the free sleeves)


  1. Great article & thanks for sharing. I have to ask though about your personal gains and would also like to know how long you have been using the device on a consistent basis.

    1. I'm wondering this too. I would like to be able to wear an extender while I sleep (if at all possible), and the Phallosan looks like the best for that. But I also want the one which is going to work the best, regardless if I can wear it while sleeping.

  2. Your link to the FDA website is broken, but I did go to the FDA website and find it. The product is legitimately on the FDA approved list.

    1. Hey Matt- You're right dude, I checked it and this is the new link. here But look what it says the device is for... Wtf? Its either a mistake, or I dont know what else it could be.

  3. Hey Gregory,

    Thanks for your reviews. Which extender do you recommend for length gains? Size genetics or Phallosan?

    Which is more discreet to wear during the day?


    1. I recommend SizeGenetics if you have a curved penis. Otherwise, Go with Phallosan. I say this because they both are not easily hidden during the day. Sizegenetics can be hidden if you wear baggy jeans, but Phallosan you can just wear at night so you dont need to hide anything. Plus phallosan is way more comfortable than anything else out there. Only downsize is the condom sleeves tear occasionally. Go with phallosan man, and any other questions hit me up.

  4. Hey,

    I already own the SizeGenetics and wear it dilligently for at least 8hours a day monday thru friday.

    I'm thinking about purchasing the Phallosan and wearing it during nighttime while I sleep for 8hours.

    This would make it possible to reach 1000 hours of stretching and gain 1 inch in 2.5months, if wearing both devices 6 days a week.

    Would this be possible / realistic?

    1. Dude I dont know if that is safe man, I would stick to one device. While you are wearing these things (stretchers / extenders) you have to maintain a healthy bloodflow. Phallosan makes that easier than most, but it still has a learning curve. Using both, essentially never giving your penis a break seems like it would be overkill. I say choose one method and stick with that.

  5. Hello,

    I looked up on the FDA website and it states the device is for penile rigidity. What is it for? Is it for lengthening or something else? Please reply before I buy.? I would rather have your telephone number for me to call you.

    1. Hey B- That is an excellent question and your answer lies deeper in the FDA's documents. Taking an excerpt from Class II Special Controls Guidance Document: External Penile Rigidity Devices via the FDA Guidance Documents:

      External penile rigidity devices are devices intended to create or maintain sufficient
      penile rigidity for sexual intercourse. External penile rigidity devices include vacuum
      pumps, constriction rings, and penile splints, which are mechanical, powered, or
      pneumatic devices

      After reading over the whole PDF, it looks like that essentially means the device is used to increase the size of your erection, or at the minimum aid in your ability to achieve one.
      Kudos for doing your research, in searching for an answer to help you, I learned a lot as well. Im going to summarize a lot of this information into a checklist since its a little technical for most folks.

      As for your decision to order it, you are right to be skeptical man. There are so may scams in penis enlargement it's become a joke. Stretching and penile exercises do work though, I know from experience. But my experience is not evidence, the clinical trials carried out by doctors are the real evidence. Check them out on the phallosan forte website - it produces better results than any other extender for sale right now.

  6. Gregory which one do you recommend? This one or the size genetics? I'm 6ft tall I'm an over weight guy but working on it. I'm approximately 6 inches in length and quite thick usually I get compliments of "you feel bigger than you are" or "you ban a nice sized penis" from women however just like any other male out there I'd love to be 8+ inches.

    I was looking at the hydromax x40 and then I came across your reviews they've been incredibly helpful. But your reviews on the hydromax stated its more for girth than anything. While girth would be nice I'd prefer to be longer.

    What were the gains on this particular device as opposed to the other stretcher size genetics? What is your current size? Do you have any recent photos that display gains. Also are the stretchers 100% permanent?

    I saw you said you're on Facebook how does one search for you there?

    1. Hey dude - I definitely recommend the Phallosan over any extender right now. Its the most comfortable, and the only extender than can be worn safely at night without setting alarms to check your blood flow. You'll gain a bit of girth if you focus on length just because when cells divide they tend to divide in more than one direction.

      About my own pictures, I do have newer pictures but I have not had time to upload them. I haven't had time to update the blog until very recently - just started replying to comments again. Ill get them up soon - I am currently using the Phallosan as well. If you pickup the Phallosan and wear it at night, every night (try attaching the ring to your foot rather than wrapping around your waist) you will see results. I don't work for the company, but as a third party who uses it personally - you will gain an length.

      The gains are permanent, but it takes time. You'll see an inch gain in your first month almost guaranteed. But it wont last if you stop there, it takes several months for your body to realize this is a permanent change and adjust accordingly. The first inch is always the easiest, it's from whats called your "inner penis". Its length that you have already, you just gotta "pull it out" so to speak.

      Reaching 8" from 6" is completely possible if you are in a situation where you can use the stretcher every day. Let me know if you have any other questions, I am happy to share advice from my experience.

      1. Thanks for the reply. The one thing I noticed it there really aren't a lot of before and after shots for this product you'd think that if the product is SO great that people would be flaunting the results all day every day. Do you have a link to any result photos or videos? Also do you still use the pump? That thing kind of scares me. How long are you about now length wise? How long have you been using the phallosan extender? What was your length when you started out?

    1. Does it? Shit man I'll get on fixing that today or tomorrow. Sorry about that, have not been maintaining this like I should.

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